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LESS... What Customers Really Want


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LESS... What Customers Really Want

  1. What Customers Really Want
  2. take less of your customers’ TIME
  3. Ask customers for less INFORMATION (and give them less info to dig through)
  4. require less EFFORT of your customer
  5. Stronger loyalty Higher sales Lower costs Faster reactions Giving customers less benefits your business, too.
  6. CustomerCompany Focus here Who benefits?
  7. Give customers one less problem
  8. Anticipate what customers will need
  9. Create a “don’t do” list of annoying tasks you will remove from your customer’s life
  10. Clone your best people. Automate practices that work best.
  11. Credits and Links By LinkedIn Influencer Bruce Kasanoff. Illustrations by Chris Watkins. This is a quick and simple version of a 28-page free ebook available here: Bruce is co-author with Michael Hinshaw of Smart Customers, Stupid Companies, available on Amazon: