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Checklist: How to Succeed on LinkedIn

Updated and expanded version of my popular checklist. Grow your career. Attract new customers. Downloaded many thousands of times.

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Checklist: How to Succeed on LinkedIn

  1. 1. Make your LinkedIn headline distinctive and clear ▶ 3-10 words (shorter is better) ▶ Not your job title! ▶ Be clear, not cute. ▶ Your headline should be self-explanatory when viewed by a stranger in search results 2. Use your LinkedIn Summary to tell people what you want to get paid to do ▶ First sentence explains how you help others, such as, “Clients call me when they need help with…” ▶ Second paragraph gives details to support your first sentence ▶ Third paragraph provides examples ▶ Say what you want to do now, not what you used to do 3. Publish at least two LinkedIn articles per month ▶ ONE message per article ▶ 400-600 words per article ▶ Headline tells readers what to expect ▶ Story delivers what headline promises ▶ Image enhances story ▶ Use the word “you” often ▶ Use short paragraphs ▶ Author’s credit at bottom should include 1-2 links and a reason to contact you 4. Expand your network ▶ Kindness first: every day, help other people before you do anything else ▶ Treat different people differently. Know what would be valuable to each contact, and try to provide it ▶ Be intellectually provocative ▶ Be memorable. Use pictures, examples, and stories How to Succeed on LinkedIn by Bruce Kasanoff v3.0