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Pivot Yourself


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To find great success, startups pivot. To find great success in your career - and life - you may need to do the same. To find out how, read this:

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Pivot Yourself

  1. To achieve great success, many startups have to PIVOT away from their original idea. The same may be true for you.
  2. If being Batman does not work out for you, try Superman.
  3. If you would rather help someone than sell something, then help someone.
  4. If you crave connection, connect.
  5. If you long to make music a bigger part of your life, then do it.
  6. When the path you are on is taking you in the wrong direction, PIVOT instead of just being sad.
  7. Do not hang around and wait for someone else to change your life.
  8. “What, me?” Yes, you.
  9. Life is not etched in stone. You can PIVOT in a new direction.
  10. Do not lurk anonymously in your own fate.
  11. Even goofball ideas can sweep around the world.
  12. Even popular ideas can stand improvement.
  13. PIVOT away from your “fate”.
  14. Be smarter than others thought you were.
  15. Improve your life by improving the world around you.
  16. If you have a brain, you have reason to hope and dream.
  17. Dreams become...
  18. Reality.
  19. Be inspired by the world around you.
  20. Be inspired by the people around you.
  21. You need money, but you also need meaning.
  22. Do not be fooled. There is no one way.
  23. Do great things. PIVOT.
  24. All photos by Jaime Rojo. To learn more about the artists who created the art, visit Brooklyn Street Art. Created by ghostwriter Bruce Kasanoff. To learn more, visit