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7 Ways to Dramatically Advance Your Career


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Adapted from the book Smart Customers, Stupid Companies: ...Read my LinkedIn article of the same name:

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7 Ways to Dramatically Advance Your Career

  1. Bruce Kasanoff and Michael Hinshaw7 Ways to DramaticallyAdvance Your Career
  2. They didn’t waste time updating their resumes…
  3. The fastest way to advance your career is to driveinnovation, rather than fall victim to it.Copyright 2006 Rocket Raccoon
  4. 1. Eliminateyourindustry’spersistentpain points
  5. 2. Dramatically reduce complexity
  6. 3. Cut prices 90% or more… find a cheaper andbetter solution to an existing problemiNav X iPad app vs. Garmin chartplotter. Images from iNav and Overton.$49 $427 - $854
  7. 4. Make stupid objects smartPlantLink lets flowers text you when they need water.
  8. 5. Teach your company to talkApple, Google and Amazon are doing this already.Source: Ubergizmo
  9. 6. Be utterlytransparent… bemore open andhonest than anyof yourcompetitors
  10. 7. Make loyalty dramatically easier than disloyaltySource:
  11. Don’t bet your career on a companythat hasn’t changed its businessmodel since before cell phones wereinvented.Source:
  12. For more information…Based on this LinkedIn article: from Smart Customers,Stupid Companies by MichaelHinshaw and Bruce Kasanoff. You candownload the Introduction and 1stchapter for free here: to Flickr members John JackRice (cover) and Metro TransportationLibrary and Archive (#1).