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What we do at Abacus

  1. 1. IT Infrastructure Simplified... Count On It! 770.738.1101 www.abacusllc.com
  2. 2. INTEGRITY | HONESTY | RESPECT ABACUS REPRESENTS A DIFFERENT WAY OF DOING BUSINESS. TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE & SUPERIOR SUPPORT ARE ONLY THE BEGINNING.Abacus is focused on solutions that solve the issues of our clients. It is composed of 60+ full -erhouse.
  3. 3. At Abacus Solutions we form relationships with our customers as an IT strategic advisor. We believe that “simple is brilliant”, and we work to prove it. ABACUS SOLUTIONS CORE COMPETENCIESVIRTUALIZATION BUSINESS CONTINUITYOur virtualization solutions allow you to utilize the capacity of your data center while Having a reliable business continuity solution keeps your data center running and your datadrastically reducing the number of servers and storage units required. We have experience protected. Our engineers work within your company’s RPO and RTO objectives to architectin the complete spectrum of virtualization technologies and vendors, so we can find the the best solution that ensures your business remains operational despite planned orsolution that best suits your environment and specific needs. unplanned downtime. DISASTER RECOVERYENTERPRISE STORAGE • Our DR solutions establish a plan for, and mitigate the situation in case of disaster.Our Senior Engineers come up with solutions that store data without adding a surplus of • Our engineers plan, configure, and deploy a disaster recovery solution within yourextra storage systems to the data center. Management, configuration, training, and scalabil- environment to ensure it operates successfully, before encountering a disaster.ity planning are all standard across every storage solution we sell. As a vendor agnosticcompany, our solutions are packaged with the storage system that works best for your REPLICATION • Doubly protect stored data by replicating it and sending it to a remote storage site.needs, not the manufacturer’s. • Our engineers can architect a solution that includes storing replicated data at a remote site hosted by Abacus Solutions.NETWORKSECURITY, OPTIMIZATION, LOCAL, WIDE AREA, ENTERPRISE EMAIL ARCHIVE & DIGITAL RECORDS RETENTIONThe company’s network is vital to daily business. The Abacus engineering team provides It is imperative that companies comply with all legal requirements and guidelines regardingassessments, architects WAN and LAN solutions, and develops network solutions that work archiving business related emails and documents. The EMA: Enterprise Managed Archivewithin your business needs. We ensure that you can access information quickly and appliance, introduces a simple, easy to implement, comprehensive solution to protect yoursecurely. critical information and make it available to your entire organization at a moment’s notice. Abacus Solutions info@abacusllc.com www.abacusllc.com Toll Free: 800-481-8619 Fax: 770-738-1110
  4. 4. SOLUTIONS IT I N FR A STRUC TU RE SI M P LI FI ED... CO U NT O N IT!SPECIALIZED SOLUTIONS NETWORKING• Email Archiving, Database Systems, Virtualization or Backup & Recovery • Large selection of equipment from all the major manufacturers• Complete Business Continuity Services also available • Solutions available in WAN, LAN, Security, & Wireless Technologies• Industry-Certified Turn-key solutions • Full suite of enterprise products and services• Maximize your ROI with the best available technology at a fair price • Experienced team of certified network engineersINFRASTRUCTURE REFURBISHED SYSTEMS• Specializing in Virtualization • Specializing in Servers, Storage, & Networking Products• Full support of most major back-office applications • Massive selection of equipment covering all major manufacturers• Complete turn-key solutions, everything included. • Product specialist ready to assist you• Our experts can help you make the most of your infrastructure dollars • Personalized service specific to customer needs • We offer the best value for your used equipment www.abacusllc.com • info@abacusllc.com • Toll Free: 800-481-8619 • Fax: 770-738-1110
  5. 5. FOLLOW THE ABACUS SOLUTIONS AN UNPREVENTABLE DISASTER DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A DISASTER FOR YOUR BUSINESS... Recovery Why wait until disaster strikes to realize how important backing up your data is? Let the Abacus Solutions Disaster Recovery Specialists customize a strategy that works with your business needs. We ensure that you are covered for multiple types of failure scenarios PLAN PROTECT RECOVER including planned and unplanned events, such as updates and/or data corruption problems. Contact Us Today!1-800-605-5446 [toll free] 1190 Kennestone Cir NW www.abacusllc.com [website] 770-738-1110 [fax] Marietta, GA 30066 info@abacusllc.com [email]
  6. 6. Networking Solutions WAN/LAN WIRELESS SECURITY• Large selection of equipment from all • Provider of solutions from key market • Certi ed engineers to assist in assess-major manufacturers leaders ing, planning, and securing network resources• Customized networking solutions to • Full planning and implementationmeet your business and technical services from single building to • Latest technology solutions that easerequirements campus-wide deployments management while adding new func- tionality• Additional cost saving options avail- • Upgrading legacy wireless deploy-able using our wide selection of refur- ments • Comprehensive security planning andbished products recommended technology tools to • Advanced wireless design expertise safeguard your network (VOIP, 802.11n, Warehouse implemen- tations • Array of latest solutions that covers remote sta including branch o ces and telecommuters www.abacusllc.com • info@abacusllc.com • Toll Free: 800-481-8619 • Fax: 770-738-1110
  7. 7. PROTECT YOUR DATA STORAGE SOLUTIONS • Creative and simplified network storage solutions • Refurbished and new equipment available • Vendor neutral approach • Technical support from concept and design to • Comes with manufacturer warranties and liscenses implementation and integration • Maintenance and financing options • 30-day warranty on all refurbished products Contact Us Today and Let Us Find Your Storage Solution EMC NetApp Xiotech Dell HP IBM Brocade Pillar Nexsan770.738.1101 [phone] www.abacusllc.com [web]770.738.1110 [fax] info@abacusllc.com [email]