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Presentatie van Gabor Nyers

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Open Source SUSE

  1. 1. SUSE: Open Sourcewaarop je kunt bouwenOnderwijsdag, 22-maart-2012Gábor NyersTechnology Sales
  2. 2. Agenda “Open” in het Onderwijs Waarom Open Source? Waarom met SUSE? Vragen & Antwoorden2 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  3. 3. “Open” in het Onderwijs
  4. 4. “Open” open standaarden4 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  5. 5. “Open” open source software5 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  6. 6. “Open” sponsors techniek applicatie middleware open juridisch source software os licenties hypervisor hardware community organization6 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  7. 7. 10 jaar “Open” in Nederland en het Onderwijs Ecabo / Stichting Praktijkleren Deskundig- oprichting oprichting heidstraject OSOSS NOiV “Open Source” 2003 2008 2010 2002 2007 2011 GroenLinks Actieplan Petitie Motie Heemskerk “Weg met het “Software (“Comply or overgewicht...” open u!” Explain”) (Jan Stedehouder)7 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  8. 8. 10 jaar “Open” in Nederland Open Source Open Software Standaarden8 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Waarom Open Source?
  10. 10. Waarom Open Source in het Onderwijs? ICT Onderwijs BYOD Generieke Computervaardigheden Interoperabiliteit Delen vs. Verdelen Gunstige prijs/prestatie Banen Beveiliging10 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Waarom met SUSE?
  12. 12. SUSE geschiedenis en mijlpalen ®12 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  13. 13. SUSE vandaag ®13 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Waar zijn we goed in14
  15. 15. Partners Microsoft VMware Community Active Directory OEM overeenkomst openSUSE Documenten Virtuële Appliances Hyper-V integratie Document Foundation Geïntegreerd beheer OpenStack Server ...15 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Partners SURF Diensten SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop SUSE Linux Enterprise Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM Server + Desktop + Management Bundel16 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  17. 17. Voorbeeld oplossingen VDI appliance VDI server farm17 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  18. 18. Voorbeeld oplossingen Linux for Education Terminal server functie 50+ gebundelde educatieve programmas © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  19. 19. Voorbeeld oplossingen High Performance Clustering Huygens supercomputer bij SARA in Amsterdam Wetenschappelijke simulaties 106 nodes19 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  20. 20. SUSE Studio Bouwen van SUSE software appliances Eenvoudig Snel Gratis Appliance ontwikkelen in web browser20 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  21. 21. SUSE Gallery Gallery van SUSE software appliances Voortbouwen op werken van anderen Direct inzetbaar Eenvoudig te gebruiken21 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  22. 22. Productenportfolio22
  23. 23. Vragen?23 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  24. 24. For more information please visit our website: Thank you.24 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  25. 25. Corporate Headquarters +49 911 740 53 0 (Worldwide) Join us on: Maxfeldstrasse 5 90409 Nuremberg Germany25 © SUSE, All rights reserved.
  26. 26. Unpublished Work of SUSE. All Rights Reserved.This work is an unpublished work and contains confidential, proprietary and trade secret information of SUSE.Access to this work is restricted to SUSE employees who have a need to know to perform tasks within the scope oftheir assignments. No part of this work may be practiced, performed, copied, distributed, revised, modified, translated, abridged,condensed, expanded, collected, or adapted without the prior written consent of SUSE. Any use or exploitation of this work withoutauthorization could subject the perpetrator to criminal and civil liability.General DisclaimerThis document is not to be construed as a promise by any participating company to develop, deliver, or market a product. It is not acommitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. SUSEmakes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents of this document,and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.The development, release, and timing of features or functionality described for SUSE products remains at the sole discretion ofSUSE. Further, SUSE reserves the right to revise this document and to make changes to its content, atany time, without obligation to notify any person or entity of such revisions or changes. All SUSE marks referenced in thispresentation are trademarks or registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. in the United States and other countries.All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.