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Updated Nourish Overview


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Basic Nourish Overview Flier

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Updated Nourish Overview

  1. 1. About Nourish International<br />Our Issue <br />Global Poverty. In our world today, 840 million people are malnourished, 1.1 billion people lack access to clean water, and 8 million people will die this year because they are simply too poor to stay alive.<br />Our Mission <br />To eradicate poverty by engaging students and empowering communities.<br />Our Movement <br />Nourish International was founded in 2003 by Sindhura Citineni as the UNC student group “Hunger Lunch.” Incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2006, Nourish has since grown into a national movement, working with students on 29 campuses across the United States. This summer, 62 Nourish students to worked alongside with community partners in eight countries. In 2008, Nourish received the North Carolina Peace Prize for excellence in cross-cultural solutions and sustainable development.<br />Our Philosophy<br />Global poverty isn’t one problem, but a web of interrelated problems.<br />The greatest stakeholders in eliminating poverty are the people living in it.<br />Responsible development requires action today and a commitment for the future.<br />The key to overcoming global poverty is empowering community leaders who have sustainable, scalable solutions.<br />Our Position<br /> We connect students with developing communities worldwide to solve some of the problems caused by global poverty. During the year, Nourish Chapters run ventures on their campuses, earning money used to conduct community development projects. Over the summer, students from Nourish Chapters travel abroad to partner with local communities and implement these solutions.<br />Our Theory of Change <br />We attack the problems presented by global poverty in two ways: First, through our projects, where we invest in solutions today that help communities for the foreseeable future; Second is through our students, who carry with them the knowledge that they can do something about global poverty for the rest of their lives.<br />Our Impact <br />Since 2003, we’ve sent more than $140,000 and 145 students abroad to implement projects in 22 communities. <br />