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Nourish In Depth

  1. 1. what we do<br />Nourish recruits, trains and supports US college students in designing, funding and implementing high-impact sustainable development projects. Working through chapters on their campuses, Nourish students gain invaluable skills and experiences in entrepreneurship, leadership, sustainable development, project management and cross-cultural interaction. <br />On campus ventures<br />During the school year, Nourish chapters run small businesses called Ventures. The most common Venture is called Hunger Lunch, a simple meal of rice, beans and cornbread sold at a high traffic area on campus. Ventures vary across campuses, but other successful Ventures include Pancakes for Poverty, Global Music Jam and Hold’em for Hunger.<br />Through planning, implementing and scaling Ventures on their campus, students gain valuable entrepreneurship, leadership and business experience. <br />In 2008-9, Nourish Chapters raised more than $50,000 in net profit through on-campus Ventures.<br />National scale, global impact<br />During the 2009-10 school year, Nourish will provide students on 29 campuses across the United States with the training, support and creative space they need to develop entrepreneurship, leadership and cross-cultural skills.<br />Using the money they’ve raised, Nourish Chapters partner with community organizations to fund sustainable development projects. Over the summer, Nourish students travel to work alongside members of the community in the implementation of the project. Through participating in this work, Nourish students gain experience with community development, social entrepreneurship, project management and working cross-culturally.<br /> <br />Since 2003, Nourish has sent more than 140 students and $140,000 to 22 communities across the world.<br />BA<br />Self-sustaining model<br />To provide for the continued funding of our work, Nourish Chapters invest a percentage of their net profit into Nourish’s National Office to provide for continued training, support and expansion.<br />The graph above shows the net-profit raised by Nourish Chapters, the expenses needed to provide training and support to these Chapters and the revenue provided to the National Office by its Chapters through profit-sharing we expect to see over the next several years.<br />In the 2008-9 school year, Chapters covered almost 6% (point A on the graph above) of the National Office’s expenses through profit-sharing, up from less than 1% in 2007-8. We expect this percentage to increase significantly as the Chapters we’ve planted over the past two years become firmly established on their campus. <br />When our Chapter Network’s annual net-profit reaches $200,000 (point B on the graph above), our Chapter Network will be completely self-sustaining, covering all of its expenses through profit-sharing.<br />Invest in our impact<br />The Nourish National Office needs funding to sustain its work founding Chapters and training leaders until the revenue streams from campus ventures can support the organization. We’re seeking dedicated, long-term partners who are committed to helping us provide value to our students and their Chapters.<br />Current Partners include:<br />Global Giving, iContact, Rileylife, Africa Rising.<br />For more information about partnering with us in our work, please contact James Edward Dillard at or 919.338.2599.<br />