Nourish Exec Board Position Descriptions


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Here is a detailed description of each exec board position's job responsibilities.

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Nourish Exec Board Position Descriptions

  1. 1. Nourish International Executive Board Position Descriptions Executive Board Members are expected to attend weekly meetings and all fundraising events. We advise all new officers to attend the Nourish International Summer Institute at UNC Chapel Hill in the beginning of August. President: needs GPA above 2.00 Attends annual Presidents training at OSU Supervises the operations of the chapter (ventures and the summer project) Communicates with the National Office weekly and reports information about the budget, project and events Disseminates information, news and agenda from National Office Organizes meetings Coordinate mutually beneficial relationships between Nourish and other OSU organizations Implements NI national policies and OSU policies Applies for room assignments for meetings Communicates with NI’s OSU advisor Coordinates yearly officer elections Venture Director: Organizes and plans ventures (fundraising events) Coordinates volunteers Assign tasks for members to complete (coke funding requests, food donation pick ups) Applies for locations for ventures Responsible for all venture related tasks Seeks Donations to help with funding Negotiates with caterers and businesses Abides by food safety regulations Purchases necessary Hunger Lunch equipment Human Resources: Recruits new members and helps them find a place in Nourish Writes thank you cards to businesses and groups that provide donations Acts as the contact person for people newly interested in Nourish Encourages use of the Nourish network Maintains chapter listserv Sends email updates to members and Hunger Lunch customers International Projects Director: Researches possible projects and assists in choosing the location Prepares for the trip by researching language and cultural differences Coordinates Travel logistics (plane tickets!) Researches history and safety of the country Builds relationship with our partner
  2. 2. Analyzes impact and effectiveness of projects after they are completed and presents findings to chapter and national office Communicates with other NI chapters that are working with us on the project Treasurer: needs GPA above 2.00 Attends annual OSU treasurer training Sets up and manages the chapters bank account Keeps track of chapters budget and funding deadlines Balances the Google Doc Ledger Applies for funding from OSU and completes audits for each event Writes checks for expenses Deposits fundraising money into the bank account Marketing: Passionately advertises all Hunger Lunches and other fundraising events Learns and abides by rules for hanging flyers, chalking, tabling Submits announcements to SOURCE bulletin by Mondays at 5pm, Buckeye Net News by Tuesday at noon and Honors and Scholars Net by Monday Coordinates chalking before events Creates flyers and organizes volunteers to hang them Creates facebook events Makes and hangs signs to advertise for events Researches Newspaper ad possibilities in the Lantern and UWeekly Submits event announcements to campus calendars like the Lantern, UWeekly, the Ohio Union and the OSU main webpage Contacts other OSU organizations and presents at their meetings Presents at Greek chapter houses