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April 1st Powerpoint

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N I Meeting April 1st

  1. 1. + April 1st, 2010 OSU Nourish International
  2. 2. + Dr. V helped set in motion an international crusade against needless blindness. Dr. Venkataswamy Founder of Aravind Eye Hospital 7 minute video
  3. 3. + Executive Board Elections President Treasurer Ventures Director International Projects Marketing Director Human Resources
  4. 4. + Executive Board Elections  Elections will be held: April 15th  Any member may run for one executive board position  Full length position descriptions will be available on the Slideshare account  Executive Board Members are expected to attend weekly meetings and all fundraising events  We advise all new officers to attend the Nourish International Summer Institute at UNC Chapel Hill from August 5th-9th  If you are interested in running for a position, tell Mackenzie  Each candidate will give a short speech, then we will vote
  5. 5. + President needs GPA above 2.00  Attends annual Presidents training at OSU  Supervises the operations of the chapter (ventures and the summer project)  Communicates with the National Office weekly and reports information about the budget, project and events  Disseminates information, news and agenda from National Office  Organizes and plans meetings  Coordinate mutually beneficial relationships between Nourish and other OSU organizations  Implements NI national policies and OSU policies  Applies for room assignments for meetings  Communicates with NI’s OSU advisor, Debra Allen
  6. 6. + Treasurer needs GPA above 2.00  Attends annual OSU treasurer training  Sets up and manages the chapters bank account  Keeps track of chapters budget and funding deadlines  Sends monthly account balance to National Office  Applies for funding from OSU and completes audits for each event  Writes checks for expenses  Deposits fundraising money into the bank account
  7. 7. + Venture Director  Organizes and plans ventures (fundraising events)  Coordinates volunteer schedule for event  Assign tasks for ventures committee to complete  Coke funding requests  Food donation pick ups  BEN/ room requests for locations  Collecting prizes or donations for events  Responsible for all venture related tasks  Negotiates with caterers and businesses  Ensures that we are abiding by food safety regulations
  8. 8. + International Projects  Researches possible projects and assists in choosing the location  Prepares for the trip by researching language, cultural differences, history and safety of the country  Coordinates Travel logistics (plane tickets, etc.)  Communicates regularly and builds relationship with our partner  Communicates with the National Office and other NI chapters that are working with us on the project  Analyzes impact and effectiveness of projects after they are completed and presents findings to chapter and national office
  9. 9. + Marketing Director  Passionately advertises all Hunger Lunches and other fundraising events  Learns and abides by OSU rules for hanging flyers, chalking, tabling  Assigns jobs to Marketing Committee to complete  Announcements to SOURCE bulletin, Buckeye Net News and Honors and Scholars Net  Chalking before events  Flyers and Signs- (who is going to hang them up and where)  Facebook events and groups  Contacting other OSU organizations and presents at their meetings  Presenting at Greek chapter houses  Researches Newspaper ad possibilities in the Lantern and UWeekly  Submits event announcements to campus calendars like the Lantern, UWeekly, the Ohio Union and the OSU main webpage
  10. 10. + Human Resources  Acts as the contact person for people newly interested in Nourish  Recruits new members and welcomes them  Seeks collaborations or beneficial partnerships for our chapter  Writes thank you cards to businesses and groups that provide donations  Maintains chapter listserv  Sends weekly email updates to members and Hunger Lunch customers
  11. 11. + Summer Institute This year’s Summer Institute will take place from August 5th – 9th at UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  12. 12. + Moving Volunteers Needed
  13. 13. + Hunger Lunch Volunteers Needed  HungerLunches will be on Mondays from 11-2pm 19th April May 3rd May 17th May 24th
  14. 14. + Cultural Differences Discussion Group Our first discussion event, Marriage Across Cultures will be
  15. 15. + Intramural Sand Volleyball The Octopi Games are Monday nights at 7:10pm Fred Beekman Park First Game is Monday, April 12th
  16. 16. Volleyball Team T-Shirt Making Party This Monday at 5:00pm Mackenzie’s Place 1550 Neil Ave Apt E Corner of 9th and Neil 567-674-0448 + Please bring: Your $5 registration fee And a White T-shirt to Decorate
  17. 17. April TSHIRT PARTY 5:00pm 5th April Peru Meeting at 5:30pm 6th Cazuelas April 1st Volleyball Game 7:10pm 12th April Elections General Body Meeting 15th (7:30pm) + April Hunger Lunch 11-2pm 19th April Octopi Volleyball 7:10pm 19th April Octopi Volleyball 7:10 pm 26th Marriage Discussion April Event Coming Soon