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  1. 1. About Us Nourish International invites students at colleges across the country to be a part of the solution to global poverty. By running ventures throughout the year, Nourish chapters earn money to conduct community Our mission is to development projects. Over eradicate poverty the summer, students from Nourish chapters travel by engaging abroad to partner with local students and communities in implementing these empowering solutions. communities. Contact Us Nourish Theresa Schmidt International
  2. 2. Nourish International North Korea: Nuclear Program Learn more about the problem here: “The Korean War was the result of irreconcilable political differences between Communist North Korea and the US-controlled South” (BBC.) North Korea was established on September 9, 1948, on North Korea, which reacted by, “expelling after the end of World War II. The country soon grew international nuclear inspectors and declaring its communist roots, influenced by the Soviet Union. intention to revive its atomic weapons program” (Times.) “The subsequent Korean War was the result of Korea, operating in the same fashion, claimed to have irreconcilable political differences between “successfully conducted its second nuclear test, again Communist North Korea and the US-controlled defying international warnings” (Times) in May, 2009. South” (BBC.) The United Nations intensified North Korea’s sanctions, However, the dilemmas between North Korea and its including allowing UN members to inspect North Korean neighbors are still at large. cargo vessels. Other measures, such as the freezing of North Korean overseas bank accounts, have been taken In October 2006, knowledge of North Korea’s Nuclear by the international community. Weapon program emerged, causing tension across the globe. In 2007, there was discourse about North As of October 6, 2009, North Korea announced it wanted Korea dismantling their nuclear program, but this has direct talks between North Korea and the United States, not occurred. as equal partners. Despite international opposition, North Korea test- fired a ballistic missile in April, 2009. As a result, the United Nations Security Council tightened sanctions