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  1. 1. About Us Nourish International invites students at colleges across the country to be a part of the solution to global poverty. By running ventures throughout the year, Nourish chapters earn money to conduct community development projects. Over the summer, students from Nourish Our mission is chapters travel abroad to to eradicate partner with local communities in poverty by implementing these solutions. Last summer our engaging chapter traveled to Peru! students and empowering communities. Contact Us Nourish International Theresa Schmidt
  2. 2. Nourish International Hunger Lunch Hope for Africa? “About 11.6 million Africans have been forced from their homes by wars and other conflicts, according to the United Nations.”-CNN Many displaced Somalis are fleeing African countries, “are expected to to Dhadaab, a refugee camp in sign a pledge to help the displaced Kenya. The camp with facilities across the continent, according to only designed for 90,000 people, the U.N. agency for refugee issues” houses 280,000 refugess. (CNN). If successful, this will be the first agreement that gives countries The continent of Africa is home to Angelina Jolie visited the camp last the legal obligation to aid refugees almost half of the displaced people month and observed that, "The across Africa. The special summit in the world. (U.N.) Many countries toilets are already overflowing. will focus on root causes, have been criticized for failing to There is not even enough space for prevention, and solutions for take care of refugees or internally trash dumps, so people are living displaced persons. displaced people. amongst the garbage." This Summit has the potential One of the worst conflicts in Africa These types of conditions in provide the help that refugees are right now is the civil war in refugee camps are not uncommon. desperately awaiting. Somalia, which is forcing many In an attempt to improve the Somalis to flee. A report was just circumstances for the millions of released from the Oxfam displaced throughout Africa, the international that harshly African Union is meeting October criticized the Somali government 19 for a weeklong conference. and even accused it of abandoning its people who are internally displaced.