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introduction to Businessyard coworking space in Egypt


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Introducing Businessyard coworking space in Cairo

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introduction to Businessyard coworking space in Egypt

  1. 1. August - 2013 introducing Businessyard Coworking
  2. 2. Businessyard? Tell Me More … Investing in People .. Investing in Communities Background Info Space Description Businessyard Persona
  3. 3. Businessyard Background Info The Parent Company, the coworking and the team
  4. 4. Our Mission is to identify and invest in technology-related start-ups by offering seed funding, mentorship and work space. As well as offering coworking space for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Businessyard For Technology Investment is a registered company as per the Egyptian law no. 59 year 1981. Company type: Joint Stock Company Year of establishment: 2013 Licensed Activities: Technology Development and Consultations, providing business services, subleasing of office spaces, training, events organization. Businessyard The company and the mission
  5. 5. Businessyard Coworking Businessyard Coworking is a proposed Coworking space targeting small business individuals, computer workers, independent coders, writers, small nonprofits and mobile businesses. The concept is to create an environment that takes the new Coworking trend and commoditize it using the best practices and policies by which big business operates. Additional concept benefits would take advantage of economies of scale that private individuals could not. We offer a varied set of space options and services which a small business or independent contractor need to perform at the highest level. There are low cost options from daily use to part‐time use of space to full‐time space and even offices in certain locations. Membership will make numerous services available to members which are needed to effectively succeed.
  6. 6. Why Egypt needs more coworking Every business needs to operate from somewhere and we believe that working at home is a wonderful answer for some -given Cairo traffic curse- but less productive for others and the lack of social and business interaction is detrimental and can have negative effects to the home-office worker. We provide inexpensive space from which to conduct business that provides value and leverages additional business services that will enhance any small business. The coworking concept will gain traction in our current economic downturn; we believe there is a need to help freelancers, independents and small businesses by providing space and benefits in the niche between home- offices and rental of executive suites or private office space. In a declining economy, small business runs on very tight budgets but still must present themselves as a high value, viable vendor of goods and services
  7. 7. Space Description Coworking Areas, Meeting Rooms and Recreation
  8. 8.  The entire space is air conditioned  Ergonomic chairs  Surveillance system  High speed Wi-Fi  Copy & printing service This is the main Coworking Area Accommodates 10 seats , and includes the main library and open storage corners. Coworking Areas
  9. 9. This is view for main entrance: Registration desks and waiting area. It also includes the copying and printing facilities, and to handle all the requests of the community members. This is the second Coworking Area Accommodates 8 seats , have white board and attached to the main coworking area. Coworking Areas
  10. 10. This is small meeting room that accommodates up to 6 persons. Businessyard interior design was made to allow morphing some coworking areas into meeting rooms in no time. This large work area is a 10 persons meeting room, equipped with white board and large screen for presentations. Meeting Rooms
  11. 11. The terrace offers amazing bird-view to Al-Mesaha square, overlooking the German Institute “Goethe-Intitut Kairo”. Businessyard has open-air spacious terrace ideal for socialization, chats, informal meetings, private discussions, phone calls and smoking. The Terrace
  12. 12. A special area is called “The Phone Zone” is set far enough from the coworking spaces, to help the members taking phone calls in privacy while not disturbing the coworkers. Businessyard also includes recreation room for relaxation, and to spice up the tough work days with some game challenges. Other Facilities
  13. 13. Businessyard Persona The space etiquette and friendly guidelines
  14. 14. Coworking spaces are not libraries, but they aren’t coffee shops either: You don’t have to whisper and then feel the guilt as what happens in the libraries. Greeting the coworkers is encouraged, short conversations are ok, and the very short phone calls are acceptable in the coworking areas. For anything else, please choose the appropriate facility [The terrace, the lounge, the meeting room or the phone-zone] The coworker is –by nature- a global worker: no matter how loyal you are to your home- land, someday you might be sitting in other coworking space in other city, seeking some help. So, just be willing to help. Collaboration …
  15. 15. You’re NEVER fully dressed without a smile: The least you can do to your coworkers is to share a smile. We understand that not every day is a lovely day, since we live here too! So, don’t push yourself to fake a smile, just remind yourself to make it whenever possible. Make the ‘Shareconomy’ work: Your desk is shared with you by a predecessor, and you will be sharing it with a successor. So, be kind enough to leave it clean and organized. Therefore food & eating is in the dinning & Kitchenette area Collaboration …
  16. 16. Use the universal Do-Not-Disturb tool: The magic do-not-disturb sign is your headphone! Putting it on means that you are concentrating and don’t want to be disturbed, even if it is switched off! The coworkers are speaker freakers! Yes we have phone zone& terrace area for your long calls, however we urge you to be kind to the environment; and put your phone on silent or vibrate mode, and don’t use the speaker phone option as most of the coworkers are “speaker freakers” The Environment …
  17. 17. Entrance of the terrace is from the Recreation Room We are trying to maintain the space as green as possible, so please think twice before printing The coworking areas are no-smoking Smoking is only permitted at the terrace The kitchenette offers hot and cold beverages at a charge, and it is the right place for food and eating The Friendly Guidelines
  18. 18. Our Final Message We hope to help inject some enthusiasm and energy into Egypt by corralling talented folks out of their homes and into one place to create an inspiring and productive working space of a good culture and values.
  19. 19. Thank You