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Evaluation q4 and q5


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Evaluation q4 and q5

  1. 1. Who would be the audience for your media product? Thomas Beckensall
  2. 2. The age and gender for my target audience will be more towards the teenage/young adult age group, and have more of a maleaction feel to it. This will gain an interest to younger audiences and will lead on to there friends because of there age they want tobe more social and this can lead to viral marketing , as they will tell their friends about it and word will spread. The style of myfilm is about survival, being one with nature you might say, it brings the idea of our basis survival instinct to reason and that iswhat boys of this age are normally growing out of that adventurous age, which means having a film like this will get theminterested in that type of thing again.The road is meant to appeal to 18+ this is mainly about a bleak outlook on what could happen to the earth, this is a story aboutgood and evil which is the appealing part of the story which addresses to all humans. The fact that each of the human groups goabout there own way of survival and there actions play a large part of that. The fact that very little is left alive on the earth andthe young boy doesn’t see it that way and is naive to think there is still joy. My film has similar qualities but is more about an urgeto survive, rather than keeping the hope there that there is a better place with shelter and food.Such films like 127 hours, Waterworld and Saw are all different concepts of a way to survive in different locations. 127 hours isabout one man surviving in one place for as long as he can, but with only one free arm. He is scared, alone and confused notunlike saw. Saw is a play on human survival and how far they will go to live, they are normally strapped down and they have tofind a way out, this means they are one for the most part and they have to think fast for their own survival. Waterworld is adifferent concept for survival as everybody are after one goal and that is to find dryland. The world that has been created is scaryas they have to live on rafts and boats which is scary enough when your at sea as there is the threat of drowning and the fact youtrapped in an open world, quite the opposite to saw.
  3. 3. How did you attract/address your audience? Thomas Beckensall
  4. 4. Having the opening sequence not state any true notion of the story means there is a lot unknown about it and this is to draw inpeople who want to know more. Youths of today often feel the need to have mystery in what they watch which has a twist to theend, unlike older viewers who like to see the same thing over and over. To attract the male gender I obviously had to involvesome action or violence of the sort, this is crucial to the genre.The generic conventions of this opening sequence is horror based, the dull outside setting is something that is used in many filmsbecause of the effects it has. The ending to the opening sequence leaves the viewer in suspense as the rest of the sequence didn’treveal that much about the story.I have shown this video to a few of my friends and they are fans of the horror genre and are very fond of zombies, they feel thattheir was not enough thrills or gore in the scenes shown. This was mainly because I tried to keep the film in the 15 age rating, butthere could of had some other parts like that and a steadier camera in the chase sequence. To keep with the target audience I didhave the availability to ask the audience I intended to make it for.
  5. 5. In the opening sequence there are many scary elements to it one being the fact that your alone the other is simply the monstersare after you. These factors are what makes it scary, not so much for the jumpy type of scares but it plays on the situation and theway you would act in these situations. In many horror movies there is often a chase sequence which is followed by a calmingscene, this is a contrast that makes the previous scene be remembered because the ‘boring’ scene is not as appealing. The fightscene was always planned to happen, because of the struggle to survive is always made apparent by the action.The use of camera in these sequences were put into good use as the fight scene had to have the same amount of camera time onboth characters to make the impression the fight was fair. The chase was in the ‘point of view’ perspective of the enemy, this givesthe main character more time to get across how he acts, moves, and also shows how the monster’s perspective and how they arestill in a human’s body, but just their mind has changed.The audience is put in the position of the survivor and how you would go about life in this world, they are put in the shoes of oneof the zombies and that only is to witness how the survivor will act with no obvious way to kill it. Making quick choices is what thestory is base around as it is survival. The audience are only witnessing the beginning of a survivor’s adventure in this over grownwasteland, they only see the start of the journey he has embarked upon. There is still a lot of mystery in the story, this is whatmakes the introduction to the title ‘REBORN’ more intriguing.