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Evaluation q3

  1. 1. What kind of media institution mightdistribute your media product and why? Thomas Beckensall
  2. 2. This could be a Hollywood movie as lately there has beenmany profitable survival horror movies like residentevil, and silent hill. These have become popular becauseof there different concepts of the story. The horrorconcept normally plays on fear which emphasises thesurvival aspect. The movies that have these traits arenormally made into other media products too such asvideo games and other products. The reason that theyhave become so popular is that they are an easilymanipulated story and can have multiple spin-offs andsequels. The stories they are based on are made fromcliques, just to keep the target audience attracted, butthe writers find the ways in which the story can bemanipulated into something original.
  3. 3. This Film will be released only because of thedirectors doing because of him displaying his thoughtsand dreams to the viewers, mainly an art film. Thedeeper meaning to this is to encourage others whohave there ideas but not sure if they will beappreciated or not. This could be a revolution in themovie industry. The fact that the type of story andsetting is very similar to the type of films and gamesthat are released today, this would make a goodexample for a multimedia product. The simple idea ofsurvival is very renowned for the amount of films thathas been made.Most horror films release dates are based onsuperstition like the 6th June 2006 the filmOmen was released, but more frequently theyrelease films on Friday the 13th. This makes thewhole horror film seem more authentic to thestory. This is why I would release my film on adate much like Friday the 13th, or perhaps the21th December this year (21/12/2012)because it is about the end of the world aspredicted by Aztecs.
  4. 4. The way that Hollywood make their movies look as realistic and authentic as possible they like to spend time searching for an appropriate location to set the entire thing. Luckily for me I knew theexact place to set my opening sequence and how it would come off to the viewers. The setting I chosewas authentic but with the limited time I had, I didn’t quite get across the place and time that it is set. In the film the road they had to keep it within a budget and by doing so they just needed to find old destroyed places to film. This being an American film they could travel around and perhaps make thesetting which I did with putting torn black material draped over a gate to resemble the dark times. Theclothes in this setting would be old, torn, shabby, and a good choice of equipment to survive with, but as with other movies they tend to have them with nothing and make them feel as they will not survive the ongoing threat.
  5. 5. This movie, the DESCENDENTS, is a Chilean zombie art house film and is a low budget film whichmost are and although many people find it lacking in mise en scene. The story and setting cameoff rather well, they are many things that can be learned from the ways that directors make filmsfrom learning techniques made up by a ‘dreamer’. This is the way I would distribute my filmpossibly by director Jorge Olguin because he made a good impression with Descendants.Ghosthouse Underground was the distributer for this film, they mainly just put there filmsstraight onto DVD, My film would Possibly go straight onto DVD too as it is like descendants, alow budget film. Ghost house underground have a history of making low budget films.My movie will be an art house film because it is more too do with the director’s thoughts andfeelings on each of the characters stories, the main character is always about the dreams andambitions of the story. The intentions of an art film is more to do with the dreams of charactersother than the goal-driven story. Art films are aimed at small ‘niche’ markets and to those thatare only interested in that specific story. The art house movie is the best choice for my type offilm as I made up the story to go with it.