Inspirationsdag 24. april: IBM XWork server


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Inspirationsdag 24. april: IBM XWork server

  1. 1. Inspirationsdag 2013Optimér din forretning med IBM Notesv/Ole Kamp, TriBits
  2. 2. Hvad er en IBM xWork Server?• IBM® XWork Server enables you to quickly design, develop and deploy business applications for web browsers and mobile devices. It uses IBM Lotus® Domino® technology with XPages for rapid application development of business software with collaborative and social capabilities. IBM XWork Server requires no advanced programming knowledge and is well-suited to small and large companies.• IBM XWork Server features include:• Web and mobile application development tools that deliver rich user experiences with social and collaborative capabilities.• Lotus Domino and XPages technology that helps you create applications using a proven development framework.• XPages tools and controls that enable you to develop tailored web and mobile applications quickly.Inspirationsdag, 24. april 2013 2
  3. 3. Hvilke værktøjer kræves?The platform enables developers to leverage XPages technology fromIBM—a Java platform–based web application framework in IBM Lotus®Domino® Designer software—to build applications. XPages providessimple-to-use open-standards-based tools, allowing developers to usehypertext markup language (HTML), extensible markup language(XML), cascading style sheets (CSS), JavaScript technology andrepresentational state transfer (REST) application programminginterfaces (APIs) to build compelling web applications—withoutadvanced Java programming expertise.Developers can start building applications today at no charge bydownloading Lotus Domino Designer software for free, 24. april 2013 3
  4. 4. Eksempel på en xWork Server ApplikationVises af bl.a Jakob Majkilde og John Dalsgaardlige efter frokost.Inspirationsdag, 24. april 2013 4
  5. 5. Hvad koster en xWork Server• The license for IBM XWork Server 9.0 is now $1,000 which further makes the IBM XWork Server a very competitive platform for business web applications.• Maximum of four (4) Domino applications per installation of the Program.• Such applications are authorized to contain up to a maximum of four (4) databases.Inspirationsdag, 24. april 2013 5
  6. 6. Hvad må jeg og hvad må jeg ikke?• Replication of the Program is permitted only with Licensees corporate directory and the Program servers.• What this means is you cannot also replicate admin4, Domino Domain Monitoring, Directory Assistance or other system databases.• You cannot partition the code, nor can you replicate or cluster with other non-XWork server.• So things like name changes, collection hierarchies and directory structures will need to be stand-alone inside the XWork environment.Inspirationsdag, 24. april 2013 6
  7. 7. Hvad må jeg og hvad må jeg ikke?• Only allowed clustering from xWork server to xWork• Replication to non xWork server is only allowed with the Domino Directory• System files dont count in the total amount of databases used• If you want more than 4 Apps. You must buy one additional xWork server - but only 2 instance are allowed on the same machine.• Mail-in & Mail-out = OK• Access databases on other none xWork server = OKInspirationsdag, 24. april 2013 7
  8. 8. Spørgsmål?Inspirationsdag, 24. april 2013 8