Wiesenstraße 5 E-Mail: ajung@sicotec.com


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Wiesenstraße 5 E-Mail: ajung@sicotec.com

  1. 1. Andreas Jung, Dipl. Kfm. (42) Tel: +49 (2689) 959464 Wiesenstraße 5 E-Mail: ajung@sicotec.com 56276 Großmaischeid-Kausen GSM: +49 (172) 7244088 IT-Business Consulting / Program-Management / Service Management Profile • Project Management Large Projects (usually “Crisis Management”) • Organisational Design and Implementation • IT-Delivery/Contract/Sourcing Management • People Change-Management • “Disaster Recovery” of Projects • Coaching / Skill Development • Compliance & Quality Management • Documentation & Knowledge Management (incl. Executive Information Systems) Business Branches: • Retail & Wholesale • Telecommunication (Carrier & Equipment Manufacturer) • Consulting / IT • Public Sector (German Wood Industry) • Automotive – After Sales (Spare Parts and Service) References: 1991-2008 • DaimlerBenz AG Executive Information Systems • Mercedes Benz AG Project Manager Spare Parts (Marketing and Pricing) • Deutsche Telekom Delivery Manager during DeTeSystem spin-off (Order Processing and Sales Support) • Ministery of Agriculture Counsellor, Coach, Project Manager for Business Baden-Württemberg Process Implementation (Production & Sales) • DAF Trucks N.V. Project Manager Spare Parts Marketing and Pricing • DAF Trucks N.V. IT-Infrastructure architect • DAF Trucks N.V. Manager C/S-Operations / Network (In-sourcing) • Ericsson GmbH Coach: Outsourcing Set-Up Program Manager Intranet and Business Process Automation (for Business Support Functions) • T-Systems GmbH Coach for Project Management, Project Manager for Web-based collaborative Workspace Solution (Area: Project Management) • Ericsson GmbH IT-Service Delivery Manager (responsible for Germany, Austria, Switzerland) • Adidas Design of European IT Organisation • Metro Group Design and Implementation of the international Accounting Organization according to ITIL principles to optimize governance and compliance within the group • Metro Group Design of the International Platform for Demand / Requirements Management Others: Page 1 / 9
  2. 2. Andreas Jung Curriculum Vitae January 2008 • Languages • German – „Father tongue“ – grown up in Germany • English – „Mother tongue“ • Citizenship: German and British Page 2 / 9
  3. 3. Andreas Jung Curriculum Vitae January 2008 Customers: Period Customer 01/2007 – 01/2008 PricewaterhouseCoopers AG WPG 07/2004 – 12/2006 METRO Group 10/2003 – 03/2004 Adidas 01/2002 – 10/2003 Ericsson 04/2001 – 12/2001 T-Systems 02/2000 – 04/2001 Ericsson 01/1997 – 05/2000 DAF Trucks N.V. 11/1996 – 12/1998 Ministry of Agriculture, Baden-Württemberg Projects: Period Project Description 01/2007 Customer PwC AG WPG, Frankfurt to Project Name Demand & Supply Management 01/2008 Role Director Subject Demand & Supply Management / Demand & Support Organisation • „Running standardized accounting like a service organization.“ • „Steering IT delivery as a supplier.“ • „Separating functional and IT demand from supply.“ • „Standardisation is a means for reducing complexity.“ • „ITIL also works for accounting...“ (itSMF 2007) • „Documentation is the platform for any surviving standard“ • „Governance and Compliance need to be managed. Using the right process design they are “side effects” of efficient daily operations.“ Reporting to Senior Partner Consulting Germany Industry Consulting and Auditing Technology Business Unit Manager 07/2004 Customer METRO Group to Project Name Common Accounting (Design & Implementation of an 12/2006 international governance caretaker organization) Role Project Manager / Executive Consultant Subject Design and Implementation of a headquarter unit for manageing all operational accounting departments worldwide. Besides managing the operational accounting rules and standards, the maintenance and management of the central (single client) SAP system is the focus of this accounting governance caretaker. • Organisation design • Setup of all required tools and communication instruments • Documentation rules and tools • Recruiting support • Training and coaching of line staff (change management) • Support during initial year of operation “ITIL is a valid design template for accounting organizations.” Reporting to Senior Manager Common Accounting Industry Retail & Wholesale Technology Organizational Project Page 3 / 9
  4. 4. Andreas Jung Curriculum Vitae January 2008 Period Project Description 10/2003 Customer Adidas, Herzogenaurach to Project Name IT Europe Organization Consolidation 03/2004 Role Project Manager / Consultant Subject Creation of a concept for the adjustment of the IT organization to the needs of the globalization • actual state analysis • target concept • migration planning • design of structure and sequence organization • reporting and escalation lines • governance model Reporting to IT manager Europe Industry Fashion and Sports Clothing Technology Organizational Project 01/2002 Customer Ericsson A.B., Stockholm to Project Name Interim-Manager 10/2003 Role Service Delivery and Contract Manager DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) Subject Management of 2 Outsourcer changes • Contract Management and Implementation (finding a joined understanding of contractual content and spirit with each outsourcer) • Implementation of the business processes in interaction with the outsourcing partner • Filling contractual gaps by country additions (Contract Enhancements) • Demand-Management – Cooperation with business departments • Organization consolidation (Headcount reduction) • Monitoring of operational service delivery and penalties Reporting to Service Delivery Manager EMEA and Business Information Manager DACH Industry Telecommunication Technology SLA, OLA, Outsourcer Management, Contract Management, Business Process Implementation, Program Management Page 4 / 9
  5. 5. Andreas Jung Curriculum Vitae January 2008 Period Project Description 04/2001 Customer T-Systems, Frankfurt to Project Name Internal-E 12/2001 Role Project Manager Team and Project Work-Area (Interim: PM for entire Intranet reorganization project) Subject Overall project: Conception and creation of one joined Intranet as a communication and knowledge management platform for T- Systems after the fusion of debis, DeTeSystem, T-Nova, DeTeCSM, ... Subproject: Team and project work area • efficient method-supported project management work platform in the Intranet as "Work Anywhere" solution • creation of a platform for "knowledge management" • integration of the interests from the parts of the enterprise (debis, DeTeSystem, T-Nova...) • realization of the "Work Anywhere" technology as proof of concept Team size: over 30 (including internal suppliers) Reporting to CIO Industry IT / Telecommunication Technology MS-Project, Oracle 9i, Oracle 9i IFS, Netscape Directory Service (LDAP), Citrix Metaframe, NFuse published applications, MS Office, MS Project, Single-Sign-On (Netegrity), PMI-Methodology, Apache, TIBCO Portal, Java 05/2000 Customer Ericsson GmbH, Düsseldorf to Project Name Touch (me&more and BlueX) 04/2001 Role Project Manager Subject Re-Organization of the Intranet, Publishing workflow and introduction of Employee Self Service organizational and technical implementation of content management publishing processes as platform for knowledge management introduction "Employee Self Service" for IT and business support services Creation of a new Business Support Portal Turn key project from staffing, contractor-management, via conception to release to production and production startup support Project had already failed 3 times before and turned into a success within 9 months. Team Size: >40 (Body-Lease Resources from PwC, CapGeminiE&Y and Freelancers) Reporting to CFO, Director Marketing Industry Telecommunication Technology Teamsite, Intershop Enfinity, Oracle 8, OpenLDAP, Java, JRun, Perl, ColdFusion Page 5 / 9
  6. 6. Andreas Jung Curriculum Vitae January 2008 Period Project Description 02/2000 Customer Ericsson GmbH, Düsseldorf to Project Name Xenos 03/2000 (Xenos, Greek: The Stranger who becomes a friend by entering the front door as a guest) (and part-time Role Consultant/Coach support till Subject Setup of Co-Operation 05/2000) Establishing of handshake-rules during the start-up of the first Ericsson Germany IT-Outsourcing • SLA’s (review, corrections, additions) • Management Reporting • Handshake Processes • Communication Setup Main objective: Correction of default startup mistakes during outsourcing setup Reporting to Manager IS/IT Industry Telecommunication Technology SLA, Business Process Engineering, Workflow, Teamwork 01/1999 Customer DAF Trucks N.V., Eindhoven to Project Name Interim-Management und In-Sourcing 05/2000 Role Manager European LAN/WAN and NT Server Environment, Infrastructure Architect Subject Harmonization of the European LAN and WAN Infrastructure • Network-Redesign including Security setup (after the outsourcer had messed up LAN and WAN) • NT-Migration (with the outsourcer) • Implementation for all European locations (Headquarter and country organizations) Creation of a (DAF) internal department to replace the leaving outsourcer including transition management Reporting to Manager Infrastructure Industry Automotive Technology SLA, Outsourcer Management, Change Management, ITIL, Security Management, IT-Monitoring, Cisco, NT 4.0, Visio, Frame Relay, IP-Management 06/1998 Customer DAF Trucks N.V., Eindhoven to Project Name Various Infrastructure Projects 12/1998 Role Project Manager Subject • IT-Platform Migration for 24/7 Call-Centre Application (Vehicle Off Road Cases – International Truck Service) • SNA-Gateway Migration (Mainframe, 3270) • Mainframe replacement UK Reporting to Manager Infrastructure Industry Automotive Technology IT-Monitoring, Cisco, NT 4.0, Visio, Frame Relay, IP-Management 01/1998 Customer DAF Trucks N.V., Eindhoven to Project Name Interim-Management 05/1998 Role Application Architect for Aftersales Subject Software Architecture for Aftersales Systems (Service, Parts, Warranty) • Frameworks • Documentation Standards • Project Guidelines Reporting to IT-Director Industry Automotive Technology V-Sat, VB, Informix, C++, E&Y Navigator Page 6 / 9
  7. 7. Andreas Jung Curriculum Vitae January 2008 Period Project Description 01/1997 Customer DAF Trucks N.V., Eindhoven to Project Name Parts Marketing 12/1997 Role Project Manager Subject Planning and specification of a marketing and parts marketing and pricing system for DAF Trucks N.V.. (From the experience with the same project at Mercedes Benz – with explicit clearance from Mercedes Parts Division) • Spare parts pricing • Consistent pricing • Global recalculation • Special pricing • Competition Review • Marketing Analysis Reporting to Director Aftersales, IT-Director Industry Automotive Technology Target platform: Informix, E&Y Navigator Methodology, Business Integration Method (Anderson Consulting), CAP Gemini Visual Perform, ERWin, ABC Flowcharter, MS-Project 11/1996 Customer Landesforstverwaltung Baden-Württemberg to (Ministry of Agriculture Baden-Württemberg) 12/1998 Project Name FOKUS Role Coach, Project Manager, Quality Manager Subject Plan, Build and Roll-Out of a new IT-Platform (Application and Infrastructure) for the “Wood-Production-Management and Sales” in Baden-Württemberg (Ministerium Ländlicher Raum) - Disaster Recovery of the existing Project - Assessment of “As Is” - Introduction of Quality-Management / Project Methodology - Creation of a clear role and responsibility based work schema. - Agreement and Implementation of a clear change-request procedure between project and ministry - Functional and technical specification - Programming, Test, Release to production - Roll-Out In December 1996 the project had not delivered after 5 years duration and was considered a disaster. Due to the change in methodology the re-started project delivered a completely new Software within 20 months at 163 Locations and is in bug-free operations ever since. Project-Team: over 30 (internal and external) Reporting to Ministerium Ländlicher Raum, Baden-Württemberg, EBZI-Bereich Forsten Industry Wood-Industry (Agriculture) Technology V-Model, CapGemini Perform, Gupta (Centura Team Developer), SQL-Base, Novell, MS Office, ERWin Page 7 / 9
  8. 8. Andreas Jung Curriculum Vitae January 2008 Salaried Employment (before 1997): Company: debis/CAP Gemini 01/91-12/96 Job Title: Managing Consultant / Project Manager Projects: • Parts pricing (1996) Customer: DAF Trucks / CAP Volmac Role: Counsellor Task: Assessment of the reasons for the failure of the parts marketing project (CAP Volmac / DAF) • IT-Strategy (1996) Customer: Mercedes Benz AG Role: Consultant responsible for processes marketing and controlling within the spare parts area Task: Specs for an IT-Strategy incl. migration plan till the Year 2010 Team size: more than 50 People with Thyssen/Haniel, IML/Frauenhofer, HP, etc. • Parts pricing (1995-1996) Customer: Mercedes Benz AG Role: Project manager / Coach Task: Building of a new system for parts pricing Applications management Hot-Line Team size: 6-7 Team members • Parts pricing (1995) Customer: DAF Trucks / CAP Volmac Role: Consultant / Coach Task: Support in setup-phase of parts marketing project • Order processing and sales support (1994-1995) Customer: DeTeSystem GmbH Role: Project manager / Delivery Manager Task: Work flow organisation order processing Consulting in organisational topics Business requirements Implementation Applications management Help-Desk / Support-Organisation Team size: 25 Team members • Consulting during spin-off of a German Telekom doughter(1993) Customer: German Telekom Role: Project manager Task: Workflow organisation Order processing Business requirements Specs for IT-Architecture and LAN/WAN Team size: 10 Team members • Large project controlling system - Projektspiegel (1993) Customer: Siemens AG, Munich Role: Project manager / Programmer Task: IT-Specs Building Team size: 2 Team members • Marketing information System – TEMPUS MIS (1992-1993) Customer: Mercedes Benz AG – Spare Parts Division Role: Project manager Task: Business requirements IT-Specs Building Team size: 3-5 Team members • Executive information System (1991-1992) Customer: Daimler Benz AG Role: Team member / Manager sub-project Task: IT-Specs Realisation Team size: 4-8 Team members Technology: DB2, Oracle 7, Sybase 10, Informix 9, SQL-Windows, C, EIS, DSS, MIS, LU6.2, CICS, MVS, Windows 3.11, Win 95, RAD, IAD, Perform PM Methodology, ERWin Page 8 / 9
  9. 9. Andreas Jung Curriculum Vitae January 2008 Education: Betriebswirtschaftslehre, J. W. Goethe University Frankfurt a.M. 10/84-12/90 Degree Diplomkaufmann (Note: 2,0) Core Subjects: Production, Operation Research, Econometrics, Computer Science Page 9 / 9