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Response XL

  1. 1. Response XL Protecting Your Business from a Product Recall
  2. 2. Content 01 Introduction 02 Response XL – Our network and approach Razor AIM 03 Crisis and risk management consulting service Pre-incident consulting Live crisis response 04 The Response XL service
  3. 3. Response XL 01 We understand that protecting your business from product recalls requires more than an insurance policy. Being prepared to handle a product recall and managing the crisis is critical in protecting your reputation. Getting it wrong is expensive. More How Response XL helps you How Response XL delivers importantly, the damage to brand and to your business Predict and prevent… reputation can be irreparable. Being …problems before they arise. If your Different companies have different prepared and implementing the right customers tell you there’s a problem, needs when it comes to recall recall and crisis management systems it’s too late. Response XL can help and crisis management planning. are critical in protecting your reputation you establish early warning and Response XL offers best practice and bottom line. Our policyholders need identification systems. advice appropriate for the size of your access to best practice advice in risk company but also delivers world class prevention, recall planning and crisis Prepare… support irrespective of your size. response. Welcome to Response XL. …for the worst. Response XL helps prepare you for a crisis. Our service What is Response XL? provides you with specialist advice, from developing recall and crisis Response XL is an exclusive network plans, assessing the work flow and of specialist crisis, risk and issues systems of your business to full crisis management consultants available simulations. to our policyholders. In Europe our core consultant Razor heads up a Protect … network of specialist consultants and …your brand and reputation. organisations in different areas of Response XL is available 24/7 on a expertise relating to product recalls. priority basis to provide assistance These include PR firms, quality to you and your business during a assurance experts, malicious tamper live recall, whether it’s an accidental and security consultants, regulatory contamination, malicious tamper and legal advisors and product or an extortion demand. Specialist retrieval services. Response XL is consultants offer a range of services available to you in two key areas: from emergency lab testing to media handling. • re-incidentConsulting–crisisand P risk management consulting services provided to you by Response XL and paid for by XL Insurance. • iveCrisisResponse–the L policyholder has 24/7 priority access to Response XL in the event of discovering a potential recall situation. Response XL 24/7 Hotline UK 0845 053 2390 Outside UK +44 845 053 2390
  4. 4. 02 Response XL Response XL – Our network and approach Our network Razor Public Relations Ltd – Core Campden Chorleywood Razor’s other specialist operating consultant for the Response XL Food Research Association partners: network Razor has a network of operational partners offering specialised advice in risk exposure areas of your business, including: • ecuritymanagement–sitesecurity, S attendant risk reduction, personal safety, security consultancy and A full service communications Razor has a unique partnership with on-callhelpprovidedbyleading consultancy Razor specialises in crisis, CampdenChorleywoodFood consultants from military and police risk and issues management within the ResearchAssociation(CCFRA). backgrounds. food and drink industry. Razor is part of CCFRAistheUK’slargest theCollegeHillCompanynetwork. • oodlaw–expertstoanswer F independentmembership-based everything from regulatory queries Razor’s team of consultants has organisation carrying out research and to complex legal questions. helped leading food and drink brands development for the food and drinks to build and protect their reputations. industry worldwide. It is committed • ieldmarketing–physicalhelpin F AsamemberoftheEuropeanCrisis to providing businesses with the product retrieval or mystery shopping Management Partnership, Razor is part research and technical and advisory pluspost-incidentsupport. of a network that spans nine European services needed to ensure product • edicaltoxicology–advice,analysis M countries with partners in Scandinavia safety and quality. and breakdown of the impact of and South Africa. foreign body matter in a product. To Response XL Razor brings a breadth • mergencylaboratorytesting–advice E of capability. They have considerable and analysis of product contamination media relations expertise and a wealth and risk. of experience in managing the media implications of a recall. Response XL gives you priority access to these consultants. Our approach AIM s nes . us i s As se Our approach is to offer XL Insurance’s u r b te los ss yo itiga ing policyholders a 360º service. We will d m pr or oid n an sse a work with you to assess your current oc d u ons lp yo e dia and systems, identify gaps and help you av gn s e to osi ystems. manage the risk by implementing the to h E ng y AS G right solution. Managing the risk s NA implement soluti SE our current plans, MA SS AIM IDENTIFY Ide nti ns fyin lu tio gg g so w i t h a p s a n d o ff e r i n d . best pr in actice in m
  5. 5. Response XL 03 Crisis and risk management consulting service Pre-incident consulting Your initial contact with Response XL 1. Crisis management will be with Razor in an initial free consultation once your policy is in place. –Recallcrisissimulations –Productrecallsystems –Completecrisissystemreview –Productidentificationandtraceability XL Insurance will contribute a portion ofthepolicypremiumforpre-incident 2. Corporate systems consulting projects with Response XL. This may go towards any of the –Strategicqualityplanning –Qualityrolesresponsibilities services listed. You are also welcome to –Qualityvision –Regulatorycompliance purchase further Response XL services. –Qualityphilosophy –Supplierquality –Qualitymetricsreporting –Productdesignandtransfer The nature of these services depends –Qualityorganisationaldesign on your particular needs. We combine your expert knowledge of your 3. Quality training and development business with our experience of best –Qualityskillsetevaluation –Training practice to choose the services that –Developmentalplans –Statisticaltechniques are right for you. 4. Manufacturing systems –Processcontrols –Manufacturingprocesses –Allergencontrols –Measurementtestequipment –HACCP –Controlofnon-conformingproduct –Inspectiontesting – orrectiveaction/preventativeaction C –Sanitation –Handlingstorage Live crisis response The Response XL consultants are • ommunicationsexpertise–media C • onsumerhelplines–instigating C available to you 24 hours a day, scanning, press statements and helplines, writing scripts and handling 365 days a year via a 24/7 helpline employee announcements. feedback. in the event of an accidental • ediamanagement–runningapress M • eviewofrecall–aftertheincident, R contamination, malicious office to field calls, manage deadlines, running a review involving all parties, contamination or product extortion. oversee interviews and placement of and recommending improvements. In a recall or crisis you can choose recall advertisements. Response XL aims to help your recall to use Response XL for a variety of • ecurityconsultants–assistwith S team make the most appropriate services including: malicious tampers and extortion decisions and bring experienced • xpertsoundingboard–anobjective, E demands. consultants to the table as necessary. experienced third party with whom to • mergencylaboratorytesting E Our consultants are there to work discuss decisions. –accesstoworldclassorganisations alongside your recall team, not to • acilitatedecision-making–a F specialisinginpre-recalltesting. take over your recall. consultant can join your team to help • roductretrieval/on-shelfevaluations P facilitate discussions and enable you –fieldmarketingtotrackdownand to decide on action. remove product from the market. Response XL 24/7 Hotline UK 0845 053 2390 Outside UK +44 845 053 2390
  6. 6. 04 Response XL “I would, with no hesitation, recommend them (Razor) as THE business to work with in the development of business crisis and risk management procedures.” Technical Director, large UK food manufacturer The Response XL service Once your insurance cover is agreed and in place, you will be contacted by aResponseXLconsultanttoorganisetheinitialconsultation–whichwilleither be a visit by a Response XL specialist, or a telephone conference call. 1. Initial consultation Razor meets with you to: • iveyouaResponseXLinformationpack.Thiscontainskeyinformation G about our service and the 24/7 hotline • onfirmhowtheCrisisResponseserviceworksand,importantly, C the hotline number •Carryoutaheadlinereviewofyourcurrentrecall/crisismanagementsystems • iscussandagreehowthepre-incidentmoniesprovidedbyXLInsurance D will be spent 2. Pre-incident consulting • menuofriskandcrisismanagementservicesisavailable A through Response XL •AIM–our360ºconsultingapproach 3. Live crisis response •24/7hotline •PriorityaccesstoResponseXLconsultants •Specialistconsultantsavailabletoassistinallaspectsofyourcrisis •ResponseXL–theretoworkalongsideyourrecallteam How your insurance policy applies to Response XL • LInsurancepaysallcrisisresponsecostsfromdayone–policydeductible X does not apply. • otsurethatthecrisiswillbecoveredbythepolicy? N XL Insurance will cover immediate crisis response costs.
  7. 7. XL Insurance is a registered trademark of Response XL services are rendered pursuant XLCapitalLtdandtheglobalbrandused to the terms and conditions of the underlying by its insurance company subsidiaries. The insurance policy. In the event of any conflict XL Insurance companies are Greenwich between the services described in this InsuranceCompany,IndianHarborInsurance brochure and the underlying insurance policy, Company,XLInsuranceAmerica,Inc.,XL the terms and conditions of the insurance SpecialtyCompanyInsuranceCompany,XL policy shall prevail and govern. EuropeLtd,XLInsurance(Bermuda)Ltd,XL InsuranceCompanyLimited,XLInsurance Switzerland, XL Insurance Argentina SA CompaniadeSeguros,XLInsuranceMexico. CoveragesplacedwithLloyd’sSyndicate #1209 are managed by XL London Market Ltd and supported by XL corporate members at Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s ratings are independent of theXLCapitalgroup.Notalloftheinsurers do business in all jurisdictions nor is coverage available in all jurisdictions.
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