Public Information Manager Position Description (doc 60kB)


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Public Information Manager Position Description (doc 60kB)

  1. 1. PUBLIC INFORMATION MANAGER POSITION DESCRIPTION & COMPETENCIES Position: PUBLIC INFORMATION MANAGER (PIM) Location: Reporting to: Group Controller (while a declared state of emergency is in force) As determined by CDEM Group (after the declared state of emergency has been terminated) and during potential declarations and events Direct reports: Administration and support staff Media staff V.I.P. Reception staff Public Enquiry staff Public Information staff THE MINISTRY OF CIVIL DEFENCE & EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT The Ministry provides a coordination role in planning for public information prior to, during and after an emergency. In a national emergency, the Ministry would activate a public information function in the National Crisis Management Centre, and liaise with PIM staff in the affected areas. The National PIM would, as required, issue media releases through the National Controller. Liaison with communications staff at a political level and with other central government agencies would also be part of the National PIM’s role. During any state of emergency (national or local), communication between the local/Group PIM and the National PIM is vital to ensure that the public information function is effectively managed and coordinated, and support provided as appropriate. LOCAL BODY INFORMATION: Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. OVERALL PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: The Public Information Manager’s role is to coordinate all aspects of public information including media liaison, information centres, public enquiries and reception of VIP visitors in accordance with the National Civil Defence Plan (Part 7). AUTHORISATION The Public Information Manager should be designated or appointed prior to any emergency event. The position does not carry any statutory powers, unless delegated by specific agencies, and the Public Information Manager remains answerable to the Local/CDEM Group) Controller while a declared state of emergency is in force. The scope of the Public Information Manager’s role will be shaped by the particular event. DESCRIPTION The CDEM Act 2002 requires local authorities to establish a facility to enable coordinated management, planning and implementation of CDEM measures during, or in anticipation of any state of emergency. The Public Information Manager is responsible for ensuring as part of the EOC planning, that a public information section is established and all aspects of public information are coordinated and managed. Part Seven of the National Civil Defence Plan outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Public Information function. Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. KEY RELATIONSHIPS: INTERNAL CDEM Local/Group Controller and team. The PIM needs to be part of this team particularly when key decisions are being made and need to be communicated. EOC Manager and key advisory and operational staff Planning and Intelligence staff Logistics staff Key administrative staff Key services, e.g. welfare and support services Recovery Manager PIM Assistants EXTERNAL News media -print, radio, television, Enquiry/ Information centre(s) Visitor reception centre(s) Local authorities (Regional and district councils, Territorial Authority Utility providers Central Government (relevant government departments – eg. Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Social Development, Child Youth and Family, District Health Boards, Ministry of Health, Te Puni Kokiri, Dept of Internal Affairs) Emergency Services Other CDEM groups and PIMs CONDITIONS OF APPOINTMENT (IF APPLICABLE): DELEGATED AUTHORITIES: STATUTORY POWERS: No statutory powers unless delegated by specific agencies. Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. ACCOUNTABILITIES AND TASKS Key Result Areas Accountabilities / Tasks ESTABLISHMENT OF PUBLIC  Establish a public information response within the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in INFORMATION RESPONSE conjunction with the CDEM Controller  Establish Public Information priorities in conjunction with the Controller and EOC  Ensure that all administrative and operational aspects are in place to coordinate the key aspects of public information - Media management and monitoring - Information Services - Visitor Reception - Public Enquiries – in conjunction with Welfare  Determine the operational and administrative requirements for each aspect above in conjunction with the CDEM Plan MEDIA LIAISON & INFORMATION  Establish early liaison with the key media locally (and nationally/internationally if MANAGEMENT appropriate)  Identify appropriate spokesperson to front the media and assist key CDEM personnel in their interaction with the media  Act as spokesperson for the controller and/or CDEM Group when and if required. GENERAL INFORMATION RELEASE Release approved, accurate and timely information to appropriate media and agencies Prepare accurate and informative media releases and information for the Controller and other key personnel as required  Manage and prepare release of information to the media during the recovery phase respecting the high level of community and political interest  Manage release of information to the Enquiry / Information Centre  Manage release of information that accurately informs and does not cause undue alarm or panic  Monitor published and broadcast information for accuracy. Correct serious misinformation as soon as possible Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. Key Result Areas Accountabilities / Tasks CO-ORDINATION AND LIAISON  Establish early liaison with any affected Local Controllers and the Group Controller  Establish early liaison with other local, regional and national PIMs to ensure a coordinated media response  Establish liaison with key Central Government, Local Government and non - Government agency personnel and ensure critical information is disseminated. ENQUIRY/INFORMATION CENTRE  Assist in the establishment of an Enquiry / Information Centre(s) (in conjunction with Welfare)  Maintain effective liaison with the Enquiry / Information Centre(s) and provide the Centre(s) with regular information  Assist the Enquiry / Information Centre(s) with the release and dissemination of information and press releases VIP RECEPTION CENTRE  Maintain effective liaison with the VIP. Reception Centre(s)  Organise VIP visits  Keep the controller informed of any actions regarding VIPs DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING  Undertake ongoing training and development, including exercises and simulations  Contribute to local training of civil defence personnel where appropriate Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. REQUIRED ATTRIBUTES TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE Experience in and extensive knowledge of media and public information management techniques and systems Knowledge of local and national media and information systems Experience in the preparation and presentation of media reports and releases Understanding of current civil defence emergency response and recovery practice Understanding of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act and all other associated legislation Understanding of CDEM Group planning, resources and network structures MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP Energetic and positive approach to problem solving, management and coordination Ability to make effective judgements and decisions considering implications and reactions Ability to inspire confidence among staff and the affected community COMMUNICATION Effective relationship and communication skills at all levels of the media, community and government Excellent communication skills – verbal and written and in a range of situations and contexts Ability to gather and critically discern information and present it in a clear and concise manner Ability to cope with stressful situations and present information within a confused and rapidly changing environment Ability to assist others in dealing with the media and public Ability to present a reliable, credible public image PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES AND ABILITIES Motivated to achieve and succeed in the position Degree of political insight and intuitiveness and understanding of the community and social environment Ability to present awareness and understanding of community values Ability to act calmly and wisely under pressure in stressful critical situations Awareness of own capacity and limitations and when to co-opt others to help as required Ability to gain the confidence and respect of local authority CDEM Group politicians, executives and participating utility operators Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. JOB COMPETENCIES AND INDICATORS Job competency Key behaviours / indicators (demonstrated by) RESEARCH AND PREPARATION OF Uses a variety of research and information gathering skills in order to prepare reports INFORMATION and releases Uses independent thought to challenge and seek out accurate objective information Consults widely and uses networks to gather and verify information Prepares reports and releases best suited for the mode of media and current situation. Prepares reports and releases for key personnel which are easy to convey and are appropriate to the person and situation RELEASE OF INFORMATION Only releases information as approved by the Controller Releases information that is accurate and timely in relation to the situation Critical and descriptive information is communicated in an appropriate manner Expresses complex ideas and concepts in a manner that can be easily understood Communicates information in a way that increases and builds positive relationships with key groups, the media and the public Provides effective advice to the Controller regarding the release of information RELATIONSHIP WITH MEDIA Maintains an effective working relationship with key media personnel Communicates information in a way that increases and builds positive relationships with key media personnel Manages intense media interest efficiently and effectively Ensures where possible key personnel are briefed before media events Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. Job competency Key behaviours / indicators (demonstrated by) GENERAL COMMUNICATION Builds strong working relations with external agencies and groups through effective communication Listens attentively and understands what other people are saying, including the undertones, nuances and body language Demonstrates integrity in all relationships and inspires confidence amongst CDEM staff, the media and the public Communicates information in a way that increases and builds positive relationships with key groups, the media and the public Uses a range of public relations skills to ensure effective communication Acts accordingly or seeks guidance or clarification before taking action in relation to Maori protocols and sensitivity Understands general principles underpinning Tikanga Maori INFORMATION CENTRE AND VISITOR Uses public information skills and leadership in order to assist in the establishment MANAGEMENT and operation of the Enquiry / Information Centre(s) Assists in the operation of the Enquiry / Information Centre(s) through the provision of timely and appropriate information Maintains close and effective working relationships with key staff at the Enquiry / Information Centre(s) Maintains a visitor control policy that ensures safety and appropriate response to VIP visitors UNDERTAKES ONGOING DEVELOPMENT Maintains and develops knowledge and skills through participation in training and AND TRAINING simulation exercises Actively seeks feedback, appraisal and opportunities for development Page 8 of 8