PRSA Boston Hosts Crisis-PR Competition


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PRSA Boston Hosts Crisis-PR Competition

  1. 1. PRSA Boston Chapter Volume 48, Issue 1 PAGE 1 PRSA Boston Hosts Lerbinger has provided public relations MONTHLY Crisis-PR Competition and crisis communication counsel to corporate clients throughout the world. PROGRAM He is former president of the Public Thursday, January 10, Professor Lerbinger to address Relations Society of America's New 2002, 6 - 9 p.m. "Crisis Management in the Age of England chapter and former trustee of Terrorism" the Foundation for Public Relations LOCATION Research and Education. Dr. Lerbinger Head-to-head contest to solve case is a recipient of PRSA's Distinguished Sheraton Four Points, study; audience joins in voting win- Waltham Educator Award, marking his dedica- ners tion to education and public relations. PROGRAM A fundamental tenet of crisis ma n- Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind oppor- PRSA Boston Crisis agement is “be prepared for any- tunity to experience this crisis in a PR Case-Team Com- thing.” What better way to hone your laboratory environment, so the next petition PR skills than to observe a pair of cri- time you face one “in the wild,” you ses unraveling before you, live. can avoid being the Weakest Link. COST Join PRSA’s Boston chapter on WHAT: PRSA Boston Crisis PR $40 members; $55 Thursday, January 10, 2002, as two Case-Team Competition non- members. teams of PR practitioners confront not WHEN: Thursday, January 10, only the press, employees, the public, 2002, 6 - 9 p.m. RESERVATIONS stakeholders and a nasty public rela- WHERE: Sheraton Four Points, tions crisis -- but each other as well. Waltham Advance registration is required. RSVP by COST: $40 members; $55 non- It’s a PR version of TV’s Survivor. members January 8, 2002. Send Each team will be briefed at the start a check, payable to of the program, and has a limited time REGISTRATION: Advance registra- PRSA/Boston Chap- to develop plans to deal with their tion is required. RSVP by Tuesday, ter, to Paul Wetzel, particular crisis. Only one team can January 8. APR, Chapter Admin- win -- and the audience joins in as- istrator, 45 Broad sessing the merits and effectiveness of Send a check, payable to PRSA/Boston Street, Boston, MA the crisis responses. Chapter, to Paul Wetzel, APR, Chapter 02109, no later than Monday, December Administrator, 45 Broad Street, Bos- Moderating the competition is Bos- ton, MA 02109, no later than 10, or, email: ton University College of Communi- January 8, email:wetzelpaul@msn. cation Professor Otto Lerbinger. Au- com. Master Card and VISA are ac- Master Card and thor of The Crisis Manager: Facing cepted. VISA are accepted. Risk and Responsibility, Dr. Lerbin- ger will discuss crisis management in the age of terrorism. Professor NOTE: No-shows will be billed. If you must cancel your
  2. 2. Volume 48, Issue 1 PAGE 2 The Upcoming Year By Jeff Seideman, APR, President, PRSA Boston Challenges always seem to present opportunities. As I take over the reins of the Boston chapter of Locally, by converting almost entirely to electronic PRSA in 2002, I’m cognizant of the fact that our in- communications, we’ve slashed about 25% from dustry, as well as the society, has been hit hard by our annual expenses. We’ve also located less ex- the recession. I doubt there’s a single local firm that pensive meeting and catering space for our hasn’t had lay-offs, reductions by attrition or other Waltham meetings and we’re looking to do the significant cut backs in the last year. same for our in-town get togethers. So, even though times are tough, and we granted our first Yet, despite the havoc these employment issues ever educational subsidy this past year, we’re still would be expected to play on mem- “in the black.” bership, both the Boston Chapter and the national society appear to be sta- Letter Of course, this has been a group ef- ble. Yes, we’ve had turnover, but fort. I’ve been fortunate over the we’ve also had new members joining from the last three years, as I became more and lapsed members returning to keep president active in the organization, to observe our chapter membership around 450 and learn from the skills, wisdom, and national membership at just under 20,000. and insight of three outstanding PRSA leaders: past presidents John Sheehan, Ann Getman and I think the only reason for such stability in difficult Howie Sholkin. Look for their fingerprints on times is relevance. What PRSA provides, locally anything we do right this coming year. and nationally, is relevant to its members. It might well be professional development activities, which For 2002 the Chapter is fortunate to have the ser- saw a record number of PD courses, programs and vices of president-elect Barbara Wellnitz, who will attendance across the country this past year. It succeed me in 2003, new Vice President Steve might be networking at meetings, as friendly com- Quigley and returning Treasurer Burt Peretsky, all petitors on the playing field become friendly col- of whom I’ve known and worked with for a num- leagues in the job hunt. It might be APR accredita- ber of years. New to me, but highly regarded, will tion, which will be significantly revamped this com- be John Boyle as secretary. They’re a great group ing year so applicants will be able to take the exam of dedicated, volunteer PR people, as are the rest anytime, at one of the nationwide chains of test of the directors, delegates and committee chairs preparation centers. It might be Tactics newsletter, and members. Keeping track of everything and keeping us up-to-date on the latest issues and deve l- adding his own invaluable insights and historical opments in our field. It might be…well, it just perspective will be chapter administrator and na- might be fun and stimulating to hang out with fellow tional delegate Paul Wetzel. practitioners at our monthly program meetings. Thanks in advance to the entire 2002 leadership Our challenge in 2002, both locally and nationally, team, our sponsors, vendors and members, for will be to keep things relevant and to keep the or- what I know will be an outstanding year of growth ganizations fiscally sound. In a recent leadership and opportunity for our profession and the Boston conference call giving us a taste of what’s to come Chapter of PRSA. I look fo rward to working with in the Annual Report, we learned that new financial all of you. management people and procedures have turned an “in the red” organization into an organization that Sincerely, just returned $900,000 to the budget. Very defi- Jeff Seideman, APR nitely a revitalized, fiscally sound organization.
  3. 3. Volume 48, Issue 1 PAGE 3 Cheers! Fifty Chapter members, friends and sponsors celebrated with style and plenty of cheer at the December holiday party. Laughter and friend- ship filled the room. The evening offered a welcomed break from the pressures of the past three months and a chance to catch up with friends. Howie Sholkin offered special thanks to board members, committee chairs, volunteers and sponsors who worked so well together dur- ing 2001. Members of the board chipped- in to present Howie with a gift for the extraordinary hard work and leadership he brought to the Chapter throughout the year. Cheers to all. "Changing of the guard:" Howie Sholkin con- gratulates newly elected chapter president Jeff Seideman. "Wired" Meagan Ellis and Scott McKenna from Business Wire receive well-earned thanks from Howie for all the support they've given the Chapter. "Not since Thomas Jefferson dined alone…" Ann Getman and Howie enjoying the evening. Ever notice how outgoing and former chapter presidents smile more than incoming presi- dents?
  4. 4. Volume 48, Issue 1 PAGE 4 "Best creation yet" Julie Denehey and Amanda Coo- "Vaudeville bound?" Tom Nutile from Staples long join Chapter Webmaster, Milo Caruso and his and Howie hitting all the right notes - as usual. wife Sarah, while Audrey catches a few winks. Pro Bono Opportunity You Can Go Home Again The Keep Moving Program at the Massachusetts Take that Mr. Wolfe. Department of Public Health in Boston seeks a tal- ented and experienced individual to design an at- Pat Pollino, APR, Fellow PRSA, has built a ca- tractive graphic “how-to kit” to demonstrate all reer convincing journalist to profile his high- aspects of the program for replication in other powered clients at Mercer, Arthur D. Little and states across the nation. A second project is an im- beyond. Last month it was his turn. The Johns- pact 4-minute video focusing on men’s health town, Pennsylvania Tribune-Democrat, where messages, physical activity and including a celeb- Pat worked from the time he was a junior in rity introduction. We need a communications pro- high school until he graduated from University fessional who is creative, writes in a persuasive of Pittsburgh, turned the table on their former and simply stated style, will follow the project cub reporter. The in-depth profile includes through to completion and help create the Keep plenty of high praise from Pat's colleagues, Moving message into a social movement. The competitors and journalists with whom he has Keep Moving Program began in 1985, and cur- worked. A fitting tribute to a guy who has given rently oversees 150 community-based senior walk- much to PRSA and our profession over the ing clubs with 3,000 senior walkers led by trained years. peer leaders. Please call or email if interested in discussing the project further: Got Something to Say? Jan Marble, Director of Keep Moving Send it to: Tel: (617) 994-9808 Email: Jan.marble@
  5. 5. Volume 48, Issue 1 PAGE 5 Qualifications/Skills: Professional Connection • 6 - 8+ years of relevant corporate communications and media relations Fisher Scientific International Inc. - Manager, experience Corporate Communications • Bachelor’s Degree in Communica- tions, Journalism, Public Relations, As the world leader in serving science, Fisher Scie n- English or a related field. Masters De- tific International Inc. (NYSE: FSH) offers more gree a plus, but not required than 600,000 products and services that enable scie n- tific discovery and clinical laboratory testing services Qualified candidates, please FAX or e- mail re- to more than 350,000 customers located in approxi- sumes with salary requirements. No phone calls mately 145 countries. Currently, we are looking for a please. We are an equal opportunity employer, Corporate Communications Manager to be based M/F/D/V out of the Hampton, N.H. office. Additional Information Position Summary: Target salary range: $70,000 to $80,000/ year • Produce employee newsletter quarterly, Contact Information serving as managing editor. Sylvia Swartz • Evaluate and implement employee com- Executive Assistant munications initiatives. Corporate Communications • Assist in project management of annual Liberty Lane reports, including online versions: per- Hampton, NH 03842 form due diligence; coordinate and super- Fax: 603-929-2449 vise photoshoots as needed; proofread Email: copy. • Assist in drafting a corporate communica- tions/PR plan for 2002 to increase the visibility and awareness of Fisher Scien- Deadlines tific in key business media outlets. • Review and maintain written content on Everyone’s participation in News the corporate Web site weekly, specifi- & Views is encouraged. cally to the home page and newsroom Deadline for text is the 21st of sections. • Provide communications counsel and the month prior to press. guidance to content and design of all re- lated subsidiary/affiliated company Web BU's PRLAB sites worldwide. • Write, proofread and issue some non- Boston University's student-run public relations acquisition/non-financial press releases, agency is available to provide no-cost public rela- manage approval process with manage- tions services to government and non-profit clients. ment/officer team. Our student account teams provide clients with a • Write executive bulletins and other cor- full-range of public relations services. PRLab also porate communications. partners with its sister program at Boston Unive r- • Perform other tasks as assigned by the sity, AdLab, to provide advertising and design ser- Director of Corporate Communications. vices. Interested organizations should e- mail a brief project description to Steve Quigley at or call (617) 358-0066 for more information.