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  1. 1. Geo SCRIPCARIU - Customised, Extended Bio - Str.Sabinelor 123 Bl.119 Suite16 Bucuresti-5 050854 Mobile: 0745 - 09 61 91 Phone / Voice Mail: 021 - 410.54.15 (home) VoIP phone: 031 - 401.29.42 (SOHO) Skype & Yahoo ID: goodspindoctor E-mail: PROFESSIONAL AIM: Combine knowledge of best practices and extensive hands-on practice of state-of-the-art Marketing PR Communications, Advertising Management, Market Research, IS for Business, Project Management, Team Acting, Leadership, Romania and region-related Business Development - to achieve large scale professional projects. PERSONAL PROFILE: A self-starter and resourceful individual with strong analytical, problem-solving and decision making skills; an organized goal-oriented individual who performs well under pressure; ability to excel in a challenging and dynamic company; prioritize and coordinate workload to meet stringent output delivery deadlines; work well under pressure with little or no supervision; and adapt readily to the demands of the job. MARKETING PR COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: Oct 1997 - May 1998 External Affairs Manager with The Coca-Cola Company, Inc. in Bucharest, Romania Region (full Job Description available upon request) 1.Basic functions: Protect and enhance the image and reputation of the products and the business, and support the volume growth objectives in Romania 2.Duties and responsabilities (selection): 2.0. Plan, manage special events: Promotional campaigns for all the brands of The Company, marketing PR events, press conference, VIP visits, etc. 2.1 Monitor political developments: identify potential issues which could negatively impact the growth of the local business 2.2 Advise Region Management with the handling of any issues which become the subject of government interest of complaints 2.3Assist in and advise Region Management upon the development programs addressing environmental issues
  2. 2. 2.4Represent TCCC in appropriate pan-industry initiatives and panels 2.5 Create, develop, and execute communications strategies and plans in support of business/marketing plans and objectives 2.6 Cultivate, maintain active contacts with key media, handle and manage media inquiries, provide communications counsel to Region Management on communications / strategies / impact / opportunities and External Affairs issues 2.7 Ensure swift information flow to Region / Division / Group 2.8 Develop and manage Crisis Communications program 2.9 Manage agency(ies): include agency evaluations, selections, agreement, briefings, monitoring, etc. 2.10 Manage a large team, several key in-house accounts at a time, and a USD 500,000 departamental budget 3.Achievements: 3.1 Reviving the Romanian Soft Drink Association ( in an effort to leverage the portfolio of lobbying projects: lobbying against the excise duties for soft drinks, the HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) project (the lowering of the import duty with 30% for this strategic sweetener), the aluminium cans project, the labelling project (detailed report available upon request) 3.2 Establishing a strong network among Romania's media on behalf of The Coca-Cola Company 3.3 Activating the Public Relations aspects of many of the company's key marketing activities 3.4 Developing and executing very successful, large scale Marketing PR Communications campaigns for all the brands of the company (selection from picture & video archive available upon request). I would like to stress the “Prove You’re a Fan” promotion (related to the 1998 World Cup in France) for the Coca- Cola brand which was a great success despite being the first ever implementation (in any Coke country) of this campaign 3.5 Key-player in the process of coordinationg, gathering, structuring and communicating business intelligence about the main national competitor of Coke in an effort to re-engineer the 1998 Business Plan of the company as an “attack plan” against this national competitor. The Business Plan was presented in Bangkok to the CEO of the Company 3.6 Coordinated the implementation of the Coca-Cola customer relationship management system, still very much in place
  3. 3. 3.7 Implementing several high-visibility Community Involvement 3.8 Strategic planning for sponsoship activities highlighting Education projects as the main recipient (ASEBUSS, Junior Achievement etc.) May 1997 - Sep 1997 Public Relations Specialist with Financial Markets International, Inc. (USAID Capital Markets Consultants) in Bucharest, Romania - on a contract 1.Position responsabilities: 1.1Assist in developing and implementing CNVM internal press procedures. 1.2 Assist the CNVM in designing procedures regarding administration and communication with the national and local media 1.3Develop criteria and strategy for press releases 1.4 Establish contacts with the financial press. Design programs for placement of opinion articles in major Romanian newspapers; drafting and placement of broadcast commentaries by Commisioners during or immediately after news programming; efficient, informational responses to the business journalists and the financial press covering the Romanian capital markets 2.Achievements: 2.1 Public Relations and Crisis Management strategic planning 2.2 Initiated and developed a state-of-the-art, and the first ever world wide web site for the CNVM 2.3 Training the CNVM staff and corporate senior mananagement on how to effectively and pro-actively initiate, interact with and manage the relationship with media 2.4 Coaching the General Secretary Office of the CNVM in implementing its first Public Relations team Jan 1997 - May 1997 Public Relations Director with Booz*Allen and Hamilton, Inc. ( - USAID Capital Markets Consultants) - on a contract 1.Main duties: 1.1 Promote the mutual fund companies which belong
  4. 4. to UNOPC 1.2 Publicize the programs Booz*Allen was running in Romania in order to increase the demand for its services 1.3.Build public confidence in the use of mutual funds 2.Achievements: 2.1 Playing an integral role in leading the Media Relations, Public Relations, and other communications efforts on the project which supported the development of the investment fund industry in Romania 2.2 Conducted 5 public lectures at the American Center in Bucharest, 4 public lectures at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and numerous public lectures in Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj and Iasi, covering capital markets topics 2.3 Ensured wide national and local media coverage of high quality in the printed and electronic central and local media at public lectures, seminars and training programs, which helped at improving the image of the mutual funds industry and positioned Booz * Allen in a very prominent place 2.4Conducted media, PR and crisis management training for key UNOPC staff , SIFs senior managers and other selected funds executives 2.5Developed public relations and crisis communications plans for the UNOPC 2.6 Instrumental in successfully coordinating the PR aspects of a lobbying project aiming to introduce the concept of the private pension funds to the press, in order to help pass through the Romanian Parliament the Private Pension Funds Bill. Initiated a brand-new radio programme with the National Radio Chanell and co-producing a series on the private pension funds, as well as a series of articles in the speciality “Piata Financiara” magazine (clippings portfolio available upon request) 2.7 Successfully managed one localised Crisis involving the team leader of Booz * Allen, in an ongoing “Bigger” (mutual funds) ongoing Crisis ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: March - November 2002 Account Manager with SOFTWIN (, the largest Romanian software company 1. Position responsabilities: Direct Marketing Management on Global Markets (promoting the software outsourcing services of the company) as well as Business Development and Marketing PR
  5. 5. supervision of the activities performed by the Business Solutions department of SOFTWIN with an emphasis on promoting SAP Portals and SAP Business Intelligence solutions. 2. Achievements: 2.1 Closed sales of SAP Portals solution with the largest bank in Romania (Banca Comerciala Romana) - the first ever implementation of the SAP Solution in Romania 2.4Built partnerships in oder to sell outsourcing services on the US market; researched the opportunity to open representative offices in the Sillicon Valey and Virginia (US) 2.5Lobbyied the CEO of the company for approaching the Japanese Market. Edited for several months a newsletter with limited circulation which highlighted opportunities related to this highly competitive and selective market 2.6Supervised and contributed individually (with an emphasis on Enterprise Portals) in the writing of the Business Plan of the Business Solutions arm of SOFTWIN 2.7Led the training efforts of the sales force regarding SAP Portals and SAP Business Intelligence 2.8Developed, expanded the network of partnerships with various IT & C and consulting companies active in Romania Aug 2000 - Dec 2000 Account Manager with Bucharest J.W. Marriott Grand Hotel (during the pre-opening office period) I brought the first contract to the hotel prior to the Nov 9th opening day, issuing also the first invoice (No. 1 - and therefore cashing-in the first money in the history of this hotel. I handled as accounts all the banks, VC funds, investment funds, insurance companies, leasing firms, law firms, IT & C companies, Japanese firms, the Japanese embassy I constructed Events for various clients ranging from lavish Christmas parties to big IT fairs (ROCS 2000), and bank products launching OTHER MARKETING PR COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: December 2002 - present PR and strategy consultant Serving: • as Communications Consultant with the Romanian Energy Efficiency Fund (REEF). Ensured Media Relations support for the Fund on the ocassion of important events as well as Personality PR on behalf of the Executive Director of REEF
  6. 6. • as local Communications and Promotion Expert, a Phare project aiming to improve Energy Effciency at Local Level. I was so far instrumental in making the Strategic Communication Plan, which I am expected to implement on behehalf of our beneficiaries: the Romanian governmental agency dealing with Energy Efficiency and three independent Energy Management Agencies located in three different cities of Romania. Proposed to the beneficiaries (among more „classical” tactics) new, state-of-the-art Internet tools such as blogs, wikis, RSS feeds and forums, in order to effectively address internal and external communications concerns. Moreover I proposed Balance Scorecard Method based indicators in order to establish a benchmarking precedent, to measure and better manage the activity of the beneficiaries • as acting Managing Director an exquisite event company specialized in organizing Golf events, being at the same time the only publisher in Romania of a premium Golf centered magazine as well as importer of top-quality Golf equipment • as acting Country Representative an innovative Polish start- up company providing state-of-the-art (mostly entertainment oriented) applications for 2,5 and 3G mobile telephony, with a special interest for Vodaphone Connex • the leading Romanian IT&C and consumer electronics retailer, as PR Communications Consultant in charge with the design and implementation of the Strategic Communications Plan for the upcoming IPO of the company (which was completed successfuly in July 2005) • the largest Mall business in Romania. Worked as acting Communications Director. Supervised a team of six; re- engineered the strategic communications plan of the company; organized the Christmas Campaign which involved a large number of quality performing art partners • a dynamic Romanian real estate solutions company who needed its first Strategic Plan ever • three software companies. One project - started in January 2003 - dealt with an External Communications Audit for the largest Romanian software company • as acting Communications and PR Manager I drafted and proposed the Communications Strategy for a Swiss start-up aiming to develop a national network of retail kiosks based in Romanian cities with over 50.000 inhabitants • as Communications Consultant for a tri-lingual (German, English, Romanian) Internet portal targeted mostly at Germans and other Europeans willing to start businesses in Romania
  7. 7. Jan 1999 - Jan 2000 Independent Consultant (including PR), Tokyo-Japan. Produced TV programmes about Romania and giving lectures about Romania at universities and communities in Tokyo area. Also I have done a comprehensive research on the Japanese PR industry with the active support of the PRSJ (Public Relations Society of Japan). This included meetings and interviews with CEOs and top executives from the leading local (and a selected number of multinational) Lobbying, Governmental Affairs, PR, press agencies and media. Among the people I met was the legendary Sadami (Chris) Wada which was the main lobbyist of Sony Corporation (and later of the entire “Japan, Inc.”) in Washigton, D.C. May 1998 - Jan 1999 Independent PR Consultant, Bucharest OTHER MARKETING PR COMMUNICATIONS, SALES DEVELOPMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP EXPERIENCE: Dec 2000 - Oct 2001 Building a team and writing a Business Plan (ref: D67) for the tri- lingual Bucuresti-Tokyo portal site (, which was ranked among the top 20 from 290 entries in a contest organized by the Romanian-American Enterprise Fund (see Jan 1999 - Jan 2000 Independent Consultant, Tokyo-Japan. Projects with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency - a sort of “Japanese USAID” reporting to the Japanese Foreign Affairs Ministry) and JICA sub-contractors (OCDI, Pacific Consultants International, Inter-Techno), such as the master plan of the Constantza Harbor, the Constantza Harbor container terminal, the donation of medical equipment for the Bucharest emergency hospitals, the training of Japanese volunteers with diplomatic status, etc. Jun 1996 - Jan 1997 Marketing Manager with RTH Media (currently rebranded as 1.Main duties: Coordinating multimedia projects on CD-ROM, on-line Romanian business related on-line database ( 2.Achievements: Successfully complying with the core job requirements. Enlarging the market of the products of the firm by shaping a new business strategy oriented towards Web based applications: web sites and portal sites, e-commerce, etc. (such as the first site of the former President of Romania, the first Bucharest Stock Exchange web site, etc.) 1992 - 1993 Advertising Account Executive with Business World Corporation / "Nippon View" magazine, Tokyo -Japan EDUCATION: 1997 - 1998 Marketing PR Communications Training on: Public Relations, Media Relations, Crisis Management (with Larry Kamer and Mike Getto of
  8. 8. Kamer ~ Singer and Associates, Inc.), Investor Relations, External Affairs (with Pascal Marbois and Nina Andjal of the Eastern and Central Europe Division of The Coca-Cola Company in Vienna, Austria), Lobbying (with the American Bar Association and World Vision), Media Training (II) (with Burston-Marsteller U.K), Marketing PR Communication (with Bob Bertini - Chief Communications Officer, The Coca-Cola Comapany, Inc. - Atlanta USA), Advertising Agency Structure (with Alana Perez of OFC DMB&B), Internet Marketing PR, Comparative Public Relations (in Tokyo, with the kind personal guidance of the President of the Public Relations Society of Japan), etc. 1997 - 1998 HR Training on: Team Building (with Impact U.K), Coaching, Mentoring, Targeted Selection, People Management, etc. 1992 - 2002 Sales Training: Advertising Sales Management with Business World Corporation (Shiroganedai - Tokyo) Selling Mutual Funds Services with Booz * Allen & Hamilton Inc. Sales “2000” with Marriott International, Inc. 2002 Signature Selling Method with IBM Romania 1993 - 1997 University of Bucharest, Faculty of Japanese Language, Japanese Language (Non-degree student) 1988 - 1995 "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Information Technology, B.S. 1995. (Graduation Thesis on "A Database System for the Management of the Video Archive of the Romanian National Television) 1992 - 1993 Naganuma Nihongo Gakko (Tokyo, Japan), Japanese Language Certificate, 1993 SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Romanian, English (GMAT 600 points per year 2000), French, Japanese MEMBERSHIP AND AFFILIATION: Since 1997 Member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA -