European Commission's role in bringing technology to support ...


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European Commission's role in bringing technology to support ...

  1. 1. European Commission´s role in bringing technology to support crisis management Seminar on Crisis Management and Information Technology
  2. 2. Security and the EC Second goal after enlargement in 2003 work program Protection of the citizen key issue Strong role in civilian crisis management, including civil protection Other topical examples: health security/bioterrorism, demining
  3. 3. Other types of activities relevant to security Humanitarian and development assistance Contribution to the EU roadmap against terrorism The link to justice and home affairs; drugs and organised crime
  4. 4. Further examples Transport security Energy security, including EURATOM and security of supply Information security; the critical infrastructure debate; cybercrime
  5. 5. Towards new tools for crisis management – important considerations Data protection EU security regulations The human rights, the rule of law including democratic control and the international legal system
  6. 6. The ”clash” of crisis management paradigms Crisis management configured as ”normal curve” military operation Crisis management focussed on conflict prevention Crisis management as counterterrorism operations Crisis management as generic CFSP work
  7. 7. Shortfalls in a dramatic crisis situation type 9-11 follow events/ developments through open sources digest and present this information facilitate work by services relevant to the crisis situation itself communicate with others protect sensitive messages concerning the security of personnel, etc Securing premises and external activities, including evacuation procedures
  8. 8. Short terms tools at headquarters Open source management software Tele- and videoconference systems Geographic information systems Secure communications Access control systems
  9. 9. Short term tools for the field GIS to support demining GIS to support damage assessment GIS to support aid workers and others in the field Cryptophones Satellite phones
  10. 10. Examples of major EU programs of medium and long terms importance The EU Framework programmes for Research – The European Research Area GMES; examples demining, food aid, hum relief information systems Galileo
  11. 11. Links to long term perspectives in other dimensions Vision 20/20 Star 21 The armaments debate The European Convention
  12. 12. Proliferation of alert systems in the EU Joint Situation Centre in the Council DG Relex Crisis room Civil protection alert system Health security network Radiological protection Euratom controls ECHO
  13. 13. Different but yet similar technological requirements Information software Communication means Orientation means Verification means including sensors Interoperability!