ESS Crisis


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ESS Crisis

  1. 1. TM ESS Crisis The Emergency Information System That Puts You in Control CRISIS MANAGEMENT
  2. 2. CRISIS MANAGEMENT ESS Crisis™ Sets New Standard of Excellence Now There is One Fully Integrated System That Can Help You Streamline Real-Time Crisis Response and Daily Operations When it’s your job to protect people and property from all Easy kinds of potential disasters, you need an information system An effective emergency information system must be easy to that can help you manage your operations as easily and learn and easy to use. Emergency Operations Centers efficiently as possible at all times. ESS Crisis™ is the (EOCs) are inherently stressful and often rely on volunteers breakthrough solution that streamlines management of both who must jump in quickly using your information system. real-time crisis response and routine daily operations. It saves ESS’ team of experienced crisis managers have engineered your organization time and money every day so you are ready ESS Crisis to be so intuitive that a newcomer can get started and able to save lives when disaster strikes. Here’s how... in just a few minutes. Just point, click, and type. The Most Comprehensive Flexible and Scalable ESS Crisis has been built by emergency professionals for ESS Crisis can be implemented as a hosted, on-demand emergency professionals. It supports all four phases of (subscription) or onsite solution. It can also be quickly comprehensive emergency management — mitigation, adapted to fit different public and commercial incident preparedness, response, and recovery — and it is designed to management structures. The Microsoft®.NET framework meet all requirements of the National Incident Management makes the system extremely flexible for easy expansion as well System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS). as integration with other local, regional and global systems. ESS Crisis provides a wealth of information resources and processes for effective emergency planning, training and Always Accessible exercising as well as the mission-critical functionality you As a fully browser-based solution, ESS Crisis can be accessed need to direct a real-time mobilization. anytime, anywhere by any authorized member of your team. With ESS Crisis, incident commanders can quickly determine If you choose to have ESS host your solution, you will feel which first responders or volunteers are available for confident knowing that your system is backed by one of the deployment, how they’ve been deployed, and when they can world’s most reliable hosting services. Whatever your be recalled. ESS Crisis tracks personnel training records, implementation, ESS Crisis puts cutting-edge technology at certification tracking, and health and safety information the fingertips of your EOC team and frontline emergency monitoring to ensure that only qualified team members are responders whenever and wherever they need it. assigned to an incident. And that’s just the beginning. ESS Crisis facilitates communications, manages task flow, tracks And Affordable resources, supports briefings to your chain of command or the ESS Crisis is ideal for organizations of any size and budget. media, and more. In short, it is the most complete crisis This powerful tool is available at a low initial cost and is management solution on the market. inexpensive to maintain. !"##$%&’()%*#+,-) ."##/,*) 0"##1’-) !"#!$%"&’()!%*!"+ 23)4&’5)#67,(89:’*) ;<!=<.>>? #;@0!@!ABC D"###C,E#6F)*&7 #GB**,&7-)%*#!#’%#$%&’()%*#HIJ)&*#B**,&7-)%*#6)&*’8%K ="##LM44)%*#H4N,%’O,*’8% U,4N)**RS87% $%&’()%*#L8--,%()4 ESS Crisis offers a simple user interface that makes navigation easy. Built-in incident logs and other reports make documentation easy, too. 800.289.6116
  3. 3. Putting the Most Powerful Array of Integrated Tools At Your Fingertips ESS Crisis puts a full spectrum of information tools at your command so YOU are in command when managing a crisis. Spatial Information To manage a crisis, you have to be able to see WHERE it is. ESS Crisis lets you do that and much more. ESS Crisis is tightly integrated with Microsoft’s Virtual Earth™ — online mapping with oblique (bird's eye), satellite and aerial imagery — so your data can be displayed on its maps/photos at any time. ESS Crisis also works with ESRI’s ArcInfo™ and other Geographic Information Systems. With this spatial data you can manage events far more effectively. For example, you can predict the level of response needed under given conditions by identifying geographically vulnerable facilities and reviewing hazard histories by type and intensity. ESS Crisis can also provide real time asset tracking by tapping into web-enabled, Global Positioning Satellite technology. Emergency Message Center ESS Crisis facilitates and tracks communications at all times. This NIMS/ICS-compliant system provides a full record of activities during both routine and crisis operations by automatically date stamping daily message traffic, and entering data into an incident-based operations log, including: personnel and resource deployments, completed SOPs, ESS Crisis, with its built-in interface to Microsoft’s Virtual Earth shelter openings, completed notifications, evacuated mapping (and ability to work with other GIS products), always facilities, and casualties/impacts. makes clear the relationship between information and location. Automated Notifications ESS Crisis is your mission assignment tool. It provides Briefings and Audits personnel with seamless, automated remote notification. Always be ready with the facts you need to update your chain Regulators and responders or key stakeholders who have of command (or the media) and document your operations. been identified in organizational response plans are quickly With automated status boards, SOP checklists, situation notified using text-to-speech technology. ESS Crisis and its reports and more, ESS Crisis captures and organizes detailed ESS Alert component send urgent notifications regarding a information about your operations so you can quickly, new incident to team members via desktop, laptop or a accurately present them to others during or after the event. Windows-enabled Pocket PC. Team members can indicate availability, and personnel records are updated automatically Assessment and Recovery with their status/availability to facilitate faster crisis response. Get your disaster recovery underway faster. ESS Crisis’ damage assessment forms and tables simplify collection of Task Tracking information from initial “windshield” surveys. Its damage ESS Crisis helps you make sure critical tasks get done. Crisis assessment tools are compatible with national standards for incidents unfold quickly, so you need an information system preliminary damage assessment reports. that is structured around your organizational workflow to track requests from tasking to close-out. ESS Crisis does These are just a few of the capabilities that set ESS Crisis apart exactly that. It stores, displays and dynamically tracks your from other emergency information systems. See for yourself... team’s progress in carrying out SOP checklists, including multiple concurrent, functional and hazard-specific tasks. Call 800.289.6116 for a demo.
  4. 4. Crisis Management Expertise and Technology You Can Trust Built on Proven Emergency Management Experience, Available in a Fail-Safe Internet Environment ESS experts have been designing, developing and deploying emergency management information systems for more than two decades. Emergency managers worldwide have trusted ESS software to help them address countless real-world disasters — small and large, human caused or natural — from the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing to hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We understand both the fundamental principles of emergency management and what it takes to apply them successfully in the course of your daily routine and real-time crisis response operations. ESS Crisis™ is the next-generation emergency information management solution that builds Snapshot of Our Clients on that tradition of excellence by providing even greater functionality and ease of use — ESS crisis management software any time, any where. solutions are used by all kinds of organizations, including: American Red Cross - Assured 24/7 Availability Orange County Chapter ESS Crisis is available as a hosted, on-demand Arizona Department of Corrections or onsite system. When ESS hosts, we use SunGard, a top provider with thousands Arkansas Department of Environmental Management of customers in 50 countries, to provide you access with safe, secure access through their Credit Valley Conservation - Canada redundant, highly secure network with: Delaware Emergency Management Agency • 100% Internet connectivity Service Level Gila River Office of Agreement featuring triple redundancy by Emergency Management three Tier-I Internet Service Providers Halliburton • Dual-level Firewall security system Mississippi Department of Health featuring Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall systems and a second security NCC - The Netherlands level utilizing Proxy Firewall systems Nebraska Emergency Management Agency • Two-level intrusion detection and New Brunswick Emergency prevention system Measures Organization • 100% redundant hardware systems with Newport News Emergency transparent failover for firewall security Management systems, intrusion detection systems, Oklahoma Department of On-Site Solutions database systems and application server Emergency Management Hosted Solutions systems. PetroChina Subscription Solutions ESS Crisis is the information system that U.S. Department of Agriculture you know will be there when you need it. U.S. Postal Service PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT 800.289.6116 HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGEMENT CRISIS MANAGEMENT © 2006 Environmental Support Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. — ES-ESS Crisis 1006