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Disaster Resource

  1. 1. Disaster Resource GUIDE Taking You to the Continuity Marketplace! Business Continuity Risk Management Crisis & Emergency Response Disaster Recovery Information Availability & Security 2004 Media Planner
  2. 2. What Makes the GUIDE Distinctive? A Vision for Continuity! We saw it coming... We were there when an industry was forming. Emergency management, disaster recovery and information security existed as distinct and parallel disciplines. Then a shift began that would bring together these three under a broader concept called "continuity" – business continuity or enterprise continuity. Today the movement continues toward a holistic view of continuity management – including prevention and preparedness as well as response and recovery. September 11th got the point across. Continuity is not just about IT recovery or even emergency response. A continuity program – whether corporate or government – must focus on the entire organization – from the boardroom to the mailroom. The Disaster Resource GUIDE was created to communicate this message. "Pulling it all together" has been the theme of 8 annual GUIDEs. We see it growing... UR CE RESO And the Disaster Resource GUIDE is at the forefront! The GUIDE reaches ASTER IDE D IS 2003 out with creative marketing strategies taking our advertisers to a much bigger GU audience. The GUIDE builds strategic alliances and partnerships, enabling our industry to grow. IG AT IO N RE SP O N SE RE C O V ER Y Covering the Bases M IT ES S RE D N PR EPA Disaster Resource GUIDE Since 1996 – the one-stop reference used all year long Continuity e-GUIDE A weekly email snapshot – featuring the best of the week’s news and information bal & Glo Local Public & Priva te Online GUIDE Working for you 24/7 Working Together tions munica ent Telecom Issues sponse Key Relationships anagem Facility ns & Re g&M unicatio Plannin Crisis Comm Huma n Conc erns Techno logy The GUIDE multiplies marketing dollars by developing strategic relationships. tion Informa Associations and groups throughout the world now distribute the GUIDE year-round. We partner with the most important publications to get the word out. The GUIDE is the only We exhibit at dozens of tradeshows and conferences all year long, taking comprehensive, annual publication your message with us! used all year long. Your company’s Cooperative Marketing Opportunities presence in the GUIDE is a MUST if Joining the GUIDE is not just about an ad placement. We offer: you want to reach the disaster response and business continuity – Literature displays at industry conferences marketplace. – Post-conference mailings – Joint advertisements in high profile magazines – Co-sponsorship of high profile electronic newsletters
  3. 3. Circulation Working for You The Online GUIDE in the Continuity Marketplace Immediate, Powerful, and Interactive. Working for you 24/7! 45,000 GUIDEs 30,000 readers via direct mail 15,000 through conference and association distribution (For a list of conferences and associations, please see appendix.) The GUIDE Readership is Unique Senior Executives… value the GUIDE for its “Big Picture” overview. The responsibility for enterprise continuity rests at the top of an organization. Executives ask the “whys” and “what ifs”. Executive leadership is paramount when dealing with strategic issues of integrity, availability, security and protection. Your banner ad here Practitioners… use the GUIDE for its meaty, practical and timely content as well Your banner ad here as thousands of resources for program management. Consultants, Job Title Analysts, Auditors Others The Online GUIDE readership is expanding every week! 3% 12% Coordinators, 25,000 unique visitors each month 35% Specialists Senior 75,000 page views each month 20% and Planners Executives Your advertisement or sponsorship on Disaster-Resource.com will give 30% unmatched visibility in the marketplace – and at an economical price. Managers and Directors Continuity e-GUIDE Weekly e-Newsletter Job Function Other The weekly Continuity Facility Mgt, Safety & Security 5% e-GUIDE provides a concise Risk Management 7% Business Continuity/ seven-day snapshot of our 7% 25% Disaster Recovery industry from around the world Emergency right down to the local level. Management 18% 20% Corporate & Each Wednesday, the 18% General Management e-GUIDE is delivered to more than 15,000 readers with Information Technology & Telecommunications responsibilities in business continuity, risk management, crisis management, emergency The GUIDE is Going Global response, information The 2004 GUIDE will include special sections featuring business availability and security. With continuity and emergency management information related to an “open rate” of more than Europe and Asia. 50%, the e-GUIDE is the place where the industry meets Partner with us to distribute thousands of additional copies of the on a weekly basis. 2004 GUIDE to Europe and Asia. For more information on getting the GUIDE to your clients in these regions of the world, contact Kathy Rainey. publisher@disaster-resource.com
  4. 4. Marketing Opportunities Companies with Solutions Back Cover Promo $475* Advertorial* for real world needs... visit them in the GUIDE and on the Web. @Backup Page 170 www.backup.com/corporate DCC (Dialogic Communications Corporation) Lakeview Technology Page 54 www.lakeviewtech.com The promo includes company name, Tell a success story, give technical Page 117, 119 Advantage International Media Recovery Systems, Inc. Page 55 www.advgroup.com www.dccusa.com Disaster Survival Planning Network (DSPN) Page 24, 27, 31, 45, 81 Page 77 www.mediarecovery.com MessageOne, Inc. page number for your ad, and your product details, etc. Choose a topic Agility Recovery Solutions www.dspnetwork.com Page 4, 5, 81 web address. Companies will be Page 81, 90 www.messageone.com www.agilityrecovery.com All Radios, L.L.C Page 170 Eagle Rock Alliance, Ltd Page 27 www.eaglerockalliance.com Plylox Hurricane Clips Page 13 www.plylox.com and give your perspective on it. www.allradios.com Emergency Lifeline Corp. Protiviti Inc. listed in alphabetical order. This “Advertising Feature” will be printed at Page 45, 117, 127 BELFOR USA Page 25, 28, 35 Page 99, 107 www.emergencylifeline.com www.protiviti.com www.belforusa.com FedEx Custom Critical, Inc. Rentsys Recovery Service Business Protection Systems Page 11, 27 Page 80, 99 International www.customcritical.fedex.com www.rentsys.com/recovery Page 25, 26, 27 www.businessprotection.com Crisis Care Network Page 24, 25, 45, 117 Fujitsu Softek Page 12, 55 www.softek.fujitsu.com Strohl Systems Page 6 www.strohlsystems.com opportunity available first to sponsors the top of the page or column. Iron Mountain Off-Site www.crisiscare.com Data Protection SunGard Availability Data Power Monitoring Corporation Page 108 www.datapowermonitoring.com/drg Page 55, 169 www.ironmountain.com KPMG LLP Services Page 2, 3, 55 www.availability.sungard.com Virtual Corporation of the GUIDE. After December 31, Full Page $4,595* Page 21, 24, 28 Page 43 2003, the promo is available first www.us.kpmg.com www.virtual-corp.net DISASTER RESOURCE PRESORTED Full Page Plus $4,275 GUIDE come, first served. STANDARD U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA ANA, CA PERMIT 1547 (combined with other display ads) P.O. Box 15243, Santa Ana, CA 92735 Change Service Requested Single Column $1,775 (in Directory Section) DISASTER RESOURCE GUIDE on the Internet www.disaster-resource.com Meet the Pros $725* UNIQUE PRODUCTS Unique Products $615* MEET THE PROS The following directory is organized by last name. Photo Directory of Authors, For Disaster Response This section features unique products For an extensive resume of each individual, please see the Online GUIDE. M EET THE PROS is a photo directory of consultants, Steve Craig, CBCP, CISSP Author Consultant Speaker L. Dain Gary, CISSP Author Consultant Speaker Mr. Gary has expertise Consultants & Speakers and services for disaster response. speakers and writers. It has been Industry leader in con- in developing corpo- created to link people. Those seeking help can locate individuals with expertise in the specific areas of Crisis and Emergency tingency planning and systems security; COO and Senior Consultant, Disaster Survival Planning Network, (800) 601-4899, rate information secu- rity strategies includ- ing Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) pro- 10-12 per page. Includes name, Reader Request #12 www.GUIDErequest.com Reader Request #37 www.GUIDErequest.com Ad is 1/8 page, 4-color photo with Management, Disaster Recovery, and scraig@dspnetwork.com gram. RedSiren, (412) 281-4427, Business Continuity. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS & RESPONSE PRODUCTS company name, telephone number, 50-60 words. 3 1/2”w x 2 1/8”h. dgary@redsiren.com For more information on these twenty- two individuals and others, visit the Jeffrey M. Dato, Nina Johnson • Disaster/Emergency Response Kits Online GUIDE. Here you will find pho- MBCP Consultant • Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) & CPR’s tographs, expanded resumes, details of Author Speaker • Biological Agents Respiratory Protection Kits Consultant Writer • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Equip (SCBA) educational credentials and professional email, color photo, and a 10-15 word Double ad option is available. Speaker • Respirators: Full-Face/Half Face, SAR’s, APR’s, PAPR’s experience, topics for speaking, writing, Developer and imple- • Mass Injury/Causality Recovery Kits and consulting, and much more. All aspects of enter- menter of compre- • Decontamination/Spill Clean-up Kits prise risk including hensive training pro- • 1st Aid Kits, etc. How to Get Listed... Business Continuity, No.95502-C grams for emergency We Customize Kits & Equipment & will gladly design a For details on how you can get listed, go to Crisis Management, Enterprise Resiliency, response teams, crisis management teams Call MEDPROTECT, INC. product configuration to satisfy your "Unique" require- www.disaster-resource.com/pros and High Availability. Senior Manager, and exercise design. JS Training Institute, (800) 945.4158 ments. Visit our web site at www.medprotect- description of topics and/or areas of Includes the same benefits as inc.com or call for brochure & pricing. KPMG, LLP, (404) 222-7378 (714) 375-0059. info@jsti.com jdato@kpmg.com Reader Request #107 www.GUIDErequest.com Reader Request #188 www.GUIDErequest.com Judy Bell, CEM Helgi Eyjolfsson Lyle Labardee Author Speaker Author Consultant Consultant Consultant Speaker Industry leader for the past 15 years, author and national Former Director General Security, now shares lessons learned in 20 years of real-life Speaker Founder and President of Crisis Care Network, the nation’s largest consulting. Includes the same 1/6 page ad. Space is limited. speaker; CEO and experience nationally private- sector provider Buy benefits as 1/6 page ad. Includes Senior Consultant, Disaster Survival and internationally. HE Consulting, dedicated to the delivery of on-site trauma s Planning Network, (800) 601-4899, (613) 545-5966, heyjolfsson@cogeco.ca counseling services. Crisis Care Network, se ga on od xic rb ho jbell@dspnetwork.com lyle.labardee@crisiscare.com to Ca rs ing Pont and Filteclud Du heat nt. in ide. l is ta Jean Bennajma Mike Fiebig Jim LaRue, MBCP, ox ia resis er Monmat me- fla Yours Author Consultant Speaker Designs & implements large-scale enter- Consultant Speaker Expert on electronics restoration, data recovery, document CISSP Author Consultant Speaker Proactive risk analyses expanded coverage in the Online EVAC-U8TM Smoke Hood Protects Against CO, Toxic Gases and Smoke Today! prisewide programs and mitigation tech- Small, light (11 oz.), easy to use. EVAC-U8TM’s sophisticated filter is effective reclamation, structur- GUIDE. against carbon monoxide and other potentially lethal gases created by fire. including corporate al drying and film niques, comprehensive Patented positive pressure Kapton® hood is heat and flame-resistant, protects approach and tools/templates/databases. media restoration. Electronic Restoration response and recovery strategies, site HIPAA head and eyes. ISO-9001 certified, sold in over 40 countries. Business Pathfinders, Inc., (804) 301-6403, Services, Telephone (616) 262-4800, planning. Pres. Dreamcatcher Disaster jbennajma@businesspathfinders.com fiebigdrydocs@msn.com Resilience, LLC, Telephone (248) 650-9900, JLaRue@dreamcatcher-dr.com 1-800-826-2201 www.emergencylifeline.com (a DuPont company) email: sales@emergencylifeline.com Reader Request #189 www.GUIDErequest.com 24 126 Quick Tab PLANNING & MANAGEMENT Companies Literature Displays With Products & Company Profile $895* Services to Help You We can help you! Do you want more information from these companies? Go to www.GUIDErequest.com Click the Reader Request # for those products and services – we’ll contact them for you. BUSINESS PROTECTION Business Protection Systems International (BPSI) is a leading global SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL $250 per Conference or 6 for $1,200 provider of business continuity planning solutions. Our trusted soft- 5041 La Mart Drive, Suite 130 Riverside, CA 92507 Tel: (909) 341-5050 Tel: (800) 594-3714 Fax: (909) 341-5049 ware and certified professionals have been helping companies create comprehensive business continuity plans since 1986. Our business focus and industry specific experience allow us to provide tailored solutions that meet companies unique objectives. See Ad on page 26. Reader Request # 29 Feature your company on the Quick info@businessprotection.com Tab pages. These pages introduce www.businessprotection.com CSCI 590 Danbury Road Ridgefield, CT 06877 Tel: (203) 431-8720 Since 1984 CSCI has been providing high-quality Business Continuity Planning Products to help you to achieve your Business Continuity Planning objectives - RecoveryPAC Windows and RecoveryPAC Web software for Enterprise Business Continuity Display your brochures in the GUIDE’s booth at select articles and nuggets in each of the Tel: (800) 925-2724 Planning and RiskPAC software for BIA and Risk Assessment. Fax: (203) 431-8165 Developed by experts and backed by 24 x 7 support and free train- industry conferences. Attendees will be given incentives info@csciweb.com ing, our products will help you to develop, maintain, and test your www.csciweb.com plans efficiently. Reader Request # 47 DISASTER MANAGEMENT, INC. Disaster Management, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in the 12321 NW 9th Street, Suite 100 Plantation, FL 33325 Tel: (954) 452-1091 Fax: (954) 452-1086 info@disastermgt.com development of Business Continuity Plans that include planning for your entire business – not just the technical aspects of your data cen- ter. As a smaller entrepreneurial company we pride ourselves in delivering quality professional advice that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the clients who engage us. Reader Request # 54 six categories. Includes company to fill out a form listing “Purchasing Priorities for 2004/2005”. www.disastermgt.com DISASTER SURVIVAL PLANNING NETWORK Disaster Survival Planning Network (DSPN) is a full-service consor- tium of experts, providing custom solutions in both public and pri- vate sectors. DSPN consultants work with clients to develop compre- name, logo, address, telephone, fax, Leads will be sent to you via email. 669 Pacific Cove Dr. Port Hueneme, CA 93041 hensive enterprise-wide business continuity plans. Services available Tel: (800) 601-4899 Fax: (805) 984-2601 staff@dspnetwork.com www.dspnetwork.com internationally. See Ad on page 31. Reader Request # 61 and URL and a 50 word description. Maximum of 12 companies (6 front, Article Sponsorship EAGLE ROCK ALLIANCE, LTD Eagle Rock Alliance, Ltd. is a fully independent management consult- 80 Main Street, 3rd Floor ing firm specializing in Business Reliability Planning (BRP) and IT con- West Orange, NJ 07052 sulting. Eagle Rock consultants have assisted hundreds of U.S. and Tel: (973) 325-9900 multinational organizations in the objective analysis and development Fax: (973) 325-5099 of enterprise-wide business continuity programs, and in the completion www.eaglerockalliance.com of related IT projects. Eagle Rock also provides staffing assistance, and 6 back) for each Quick Tab. Arranged research and benchmarking studies through its Contingency Planning Research (CPR) division. Reader Request # 64 FEDEX CUSTOM CRITICAL FedEx Custom Critical provides 24/7, nonstop, door-to-door, service 1475 Boettler Road Uniontown, Ohio 44685 Tel: (800) 762-3787 Fax: (234) 310-4152 customcritical.fedex.com in exclusive-use vehicles. We offer time-specific pickup and delivery throughout the United States, Canada and Europe -- even to remote locations. White Glove Services® provides specially equipped vehi- cles for fragile, high-value or temperature-sensitive freight. Air Expedite provides an array of expedited air solutions, for the fastest alphabetically, first 6 companies on Our advertisers have responded with enthusiasm to the delivery times. See Ad on page 11. Reader Request # 74 27 right hand (front) page. numerous benefits associated with this opportunity. For as little as $5,900 your company can have a 2-page spread. This includes a full page 4-color advertisement on one page What’s New! $945* and an educational article (written by your staff or author of what’s new We can help you! Do you want more information from these companies? Go to www.GUIDErequest.com EnterpriseContinuity.com A new web site exclusively for senior executives will be launched in September of 2003. Senior executives may not have time to read an industry publication but they are nonetheless interested in the issues of business continuity and crisis management. EnterpriseContinuity.com will offer a “big picture” view of the timely issues related to protecting the assets of the enterprise. Beginning June 1, senior executives may register for access to the new site. This section allows you to present new products and services. your choice) on the adjacent page. Articles must be educational, not promotional. Articles are subject to editorial Click the Reader Request # for those products and ser- vices – we’ll contact them for you. Go to www.enterprisecontinuity.com Reader Request # 182, www.GUIDErequest.com A 4-color photo with up to 75 words. board review. For half page+ advertisers. The Continuity e-GUIDE Coming soon… You can subscribe to our new bi-weekly e-newsletter. • Article features from the 10 industry magazines Includes the same benefits as a 1/6 One-page article $1,475 per page (600 words, 1 photo) • White papers & press releases • Expert analysis of risks • News from associations and organizations Signup today. Go to www.disaster-resource.com/eguide page ad. Dimensions are Two-page article $1,350 per page (1250 words, 1-2 photos) BOOKS… 3 5/8”w x 3 1/8”h. Your product will Starting May 1, 2003, you will be able to order books online through www.disaster-resource.com Three + page article $1,200 per page (1850 words, 2 photos) Reader Request # 183, www.GUIDErequest.com Reader Request # 78, www.GUIDErequest.com be included in What’s New in the Eight-page spread Ask about special pricing! Online Guide. Three Industry Publications Form Alliance Disaster Recovery Journal, Contingency Planning & Management and Disaster Resource GUIDE have announced the formation of an alliance for the purpose of expanding the continuity marketplace. Bonus: Your company will have access to the digital files at The inaugural project will be the creation of an information portal on the Web to provide practitioners with a wealth of resources, services and information. The portal will be achieved by linking all three publication websites, www.contingencyplanning.com, www.drj.com, and www.disaster-resource.com. Visit www.disaster-resource.com/alliance for more details. * Save 7%by December prices when you ad contract off dispay ad 31. Save 10% if no charge for the purpose of reprints. Reader Request # 111, www.GUIDErequest.com Reader Request # 184, www.GUIDErequest.com 12 fully paid by December 31.
  5. 5. Marketplace Prominence The GUIDE has prominence Become a GUIDE Sponsor in the marketplace. We are doing our job! Now is the time to be sure your company has prominence in the 2004 GUIDE. We invite you to take a sponsorship position by Readers and advertisers say, “I see the GUIDE everywhere!’ In investing a minimum of $10,000 in one of our 2004 addition to mailing 30,000 copies, more than 15,000 GUIDEs are marketing options. You can achieve sponsorship in distributed at the year’s strategic conferences and to members of numerous ways – image ads, advertorials, local and global associations and organizations. sponsored white papers, online banner ads, etc. • Complimentary home-page banner in the Online GUIDE • Complimentary “button” banner on internal web pages • Complimentary listing in the Back Cover Promo • One time complimentary list use of 5,000 contacts • One discounted sponsorship of e-newsletter • Courtesy copy (with a message from you) of the 2004 GUIDE sent to a group of your current and prospective clients Submit Content for 2004 Do you have an article to propose? Create an 8-page Spread • Articles that are informative, timely and objective • Editorial written for novice and experienced Include it in 45,000 GUIDEs! professionals as well as for senior management Order additional for marketing collateral! You can have an 8-page spread in the GUIDE. As a bonus, We’re looking for… we can over-run your section on press – the result: marketing – White papers collateral for a whole year. See suggested packages below. Call for over-run pricing! – Best practices – Case studies – Reports and surveys Marketing Packages (or create your own package) Contract by December 31, save 15%. Pay in full by December 31, save 20%! – Lessons learned – Trends in technology Package #1 Package #3 Image Ad, 2 pages $ 9,650 Image Ad, 1 page $ 4,825 Premium placement $ 445 Premium placement $ 445 If you have an article proposal Advertorial, 1 page $ 4,275 Sponsored Article, 7 pages $ 8,400 for the GUIDE… Sponsored Article, 5 pages $ 6,000 Quick Tab Spotlight $ 895 Please go to our website for article submission details. Quick Tab Spotlight $ 895 $14,565 www.disaster-resource.com/proposal $21,265 Call: 714-558-8940 Package #2 Package #4 Email: publisher@disaster-resource.com Image Ad, 1 page $ 4,825 Image Ad, 1 page $ 4,825 Premium placement $ 445 Premium placement $ 445 Best Value Advertorial, 1 page $ 4,275 Sponsored Article, 3 pages $ 3,600 Consider taking an eight-page spread Sponsored Article, 6 pages $ 7,200 Quick Tab Spotlight $ 895 in the 2004 GUIDE! Quick Tab Spotlight $ 895 What’s New $ 945 $17,640 Literature Display, 6 shows $ 1,200 $11,910
  6. 6. Advertising Rates & Data The Printed GUIDE The Online GUIDE Display Advertising Banner Advertising Benefits Home Page Top Banner • Placement in editorial or Directory sections – your choice • Specifications • 4-color ad at no additional cost, call for spot color rates 72 dpi, 468 x 60 pixels • Free listing(s) in the Directory of the printed GUIDE with modest animation. • Free listing(s) in the Online GUIDE, with logo • Advertising Rates • Free hot links to your web site and email 2004 Display Advertisers - • Free Web Links Directory listing $375 per quarter • Free “button banner” for advertising contracts of $5,000+ Online-only Advertisers - • Online Reader Response service $650 per quarter Rates are net. 4-color included. Home Page Side Banner Ad Sizes Free Directory Listings Rates • Advertising Rate - $250 per quarter Full Page (bleed ok) 2 Premium $4,825 Two Thirds (2/3) 1 Premium $3,445 "Button" Banner Half Page (1/2) 1 Premium $2,775 Each internal page has rotating One Third (1/3) 1 Basic $1,995 "Button" banners. Choose this One Sixth (1/6)* 1 Simple $1,275 option to link directly to your site. Web button should be 60 x 60 One Twelfth (1/12)* 1 Simple $ 700 pixels. Advertising Rate - $225 per quarter. *Available in Directory Section only. Premium Positions & Placement Continuity e-GUIDE Front inside cover $1,000 Back inside cover $ 775 e-Newsletter Sponsorship Adjacent placement: QuickTabs, Table of Gold Sponsor $100 cpm* Contents, Publisher’s Page $ 445 Placement in first 36 pages $ 325 Present your text message or banner ad at the top of the Color Wednesday update. Includes an 4-color included in the rates. CMYK only. PMS colors extra. expanded message on the landing page and/or direct link to your site. Display Advertising Discount for Early Signup If you contract by December 31 you will save 7% off above rates. Specifications for text advertisement: 225 characters and spaces Pay in full by 12/31/03, save 3%more! (save 10%total!) Silver Sponsor $75 cpm Present your text message in the second sponsorship position. Directory Listings for Products & Services Includes an expanded message on the landing page and/or direct A listing can include company name, address, telephone, fax, link to your site. email, web address and product description. The listing in the Specifications for text advertisement: 225 characters and spaces Online GUIDE has company logo and hot links to email and web Product Showcase $50 cpm site. Advertiser will also get a listing in the printed GUIDE’s Web Spotlight your product or service. Includes an expanded message Links Directory. Display advertisers receive complimentary on the landing page and/or direct link to your site. listings. See above. Specifications for text advertisement: 225 characters and spaces Size* Rate Online Sign-up* Conference and Seminar Spotlight $50 cpm Value (15 lines) $500 $400 Spotlight your upcoming conference or seminar. Includes an Premium (9 lines) $350 $280 expanded message on the landing page and/or direct link to your site. Basic (6 lines) $300 $240 Specifications for text advertisement: 225 characters and spaces. Simple (4 lines) $250 $200 Additional lines $ 30 $ 24 *Line counts are approximate based on character count. *Cost per thousand. Rates guaranteed for all contracts signed by March 1, 2004. Complete your listing online and save 20%. To sign up, go to www.disaster-resource.com/directory