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  1. 1. CRM CENTRE FOR RISK MANAGEMENT CRISIS & RISK COMMUNICATIONS March 30th & 31th, 2010 Instructor Dr. Vincent Covello The Centre For Risk Management has been offering excellent workshops in Crisis and Risk Communication since 1995. Designed for people who are in contact with the public or media, the workshop imparts skills essential to Enterprise Risk Management. These workshops are invaluable for those who are responsible for gaining public acceptance of major initiatives and for those who may respond to major industrial accidents and health, safety or environmental crises. The next workshop is scheduled for March 2010. Our principal instructor, Dr. Vincent Covello, will be offering his usual excellent workshop. This is what you will learn about: Communicating to an untrusting audience is one of the most difficult tasks you will ever face. If you do it ♦ how emotions affect comprehension and the role of crisis & risk badly, it could end your career. If communication in your risk management program. you do it well, your career could be ♦ the fundamental importance of building trust and credibility launched to a whole new level. ♦ how to identify specific audiences and target messages People today are cynical and ♦ public perceptions of risk and how to recognize and respond to suspicious of both industry and them government; especially concerning ♦ how to develop strategies for successful public consultation health, safety and the environment ♦ understanding the media, its needs, and the value they can serve, Your project may be in the balance and how to get your message across successfully depending on how you react and communicate in high concern ♦ how ethical risk communication can be used to enhance your conditions. credibility ♦ how to build a risk communication program within your organization WHEN: March 30th & 31th, 2010 (Crisis & Risk Communication Workshop) WHERE: The Greenwood Inn 3515 – 26th Street N.E. Calgary, AB COSTS: $1195.00 + GST CONTACT INFORMATION: Tel: (403) 874-5238 or (403) 803-2367 Fax: (403) 453-9108 e-mail: web: