Crisis Plan


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Crisis Plan

  1. 1. CRISIS RESPONSE PLAN CRISIS TEAM COORDINATORS District Coordinator - Superintendent Assistant District Coordinator – High School Principal BUILDING LEVEL CRISIS TEAM Team Leader - Building Principal School Nurse Counselor Special Services Director School Secretary Transportation Director Maintenance Supervisor GUIDELINES FOR CRISIS TEAM: A. If notification of a crisis is received in a timely fashion, meetings of the crisis team will be at 7:30 a.m. on the next day in the room where faculty meetings are held (unless otherwise noted). B. If an emergency meeting is required the Crisis Response Team will meet as soon as possible. C. Faculty will follow guidelines as set forth in this plan. WHAT IS A CRISIS? A crisis in the Ralls County R-II District may be defined as “any significant event that dramatically interferes with the daily routine or operation of the school.” This event may affect students, staff, community or facility. The number one concern in a crisis situation is the safety and welfare of the students. We can generally characterize a crisis into two basic groups: 1. Those that are the result of human influence 2. Those which are the result of a natural disaster THE CRISIS TEAM’S ROLE 1. Assist in developing a specific plan for responding to the crisis. 2. Accept the responsibilities delegated by the coordinator or team leader. 3. Consult with and support the building’s staff in reacting to and dealing with the crisis. 4. Provide direct support services to staff and students in distress. 5. Make referrals to coordinator for those needing follow-up support from outside services. 6. Provide follow-up services as needed. 7. Collect information to use for on-going review of crisis plan. 1 Approved 12/14/06
  2. 2. CRISIS MANAGEMENT WORKSHEET 1. DATE: ____________________ LOCATION: ______________________ BUILDING PHONE NUMBERS Mark Twain Jr-Sr High School 267-3397 New London Elementary 985-5371 Center Elementary 267-3341 Transportation Department 267-3918, 822-2001 Maintenance Department 267-3284, 822-5363 2. TEAM MEMBERS AND PHONE NUMBERS Team Members Phone Numbers Superintendent Deanette Jarman 248-0825, 822-5345 MTHS Principal, AD, Paul Mensching 985-3934, 822-8435 MTJH Principal, Transportation Director Cheryl Mack 565-1008, 795-5857 Center Elem Principal Delores Woodhurst 565-3549, 248-7445 New London Elem Principal Kayrl Silvey 985-3181, 248-5974 Dir. Of Special Services Lynn Carroz 985-4742, 406-8418 Nurse Robyn Leake 221-2450 Maintenance Director Brad Smith 822-5363 High School Custodian Donald Fachs 822-3215 Billy Resor 231-5535 Center Elem Custodian Christine Smith 267-3820 New London Elem Custodian Noama Thorne 784-2256 Mark Twain Counselor Greg Gatson 594-3306 Elementary Counselor Diana Duckworth 267-9838 Technology Coordinator Kim Saunders 898-5595, 881-1500 Superintendent Secretary Diana Kuda 565-3311, 721-5351 High School Secretary Paula Evans 267-3921 Junior High Secretary Tami Williams 267-3726 Center Elem Secretary Sonya Campbell 565-3452 New London Elem Secretary Marilyn Oglesby 985-4466 Board Members Ron Evans, President 267-3636, 822-0918 Jack Young, Vice President 565-2733 Brian Hodges, Secretary 565-3532, 473-4384 John Huff, Treasurer 267-3372 Randy Anderson 985-4459, 754-0038 Steve Hardy 267-3310, 217-242-8567 Lynda Martin 565-3463 4. NOTIFICATION OF PARENTS ABOUT STUDENT LOCATION KGRC 1-800-900-1059 KRES 1-800-892-2300 KWWR 1-800-264-5997 WGEM 1-800-728-6600 2 Approved 12/14/06
  3. 3. KHQA 1-800-935-7670 5. MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENTS & RESPONSE Contact: Deanette Jarman, Coordinator, or in her absence Paul Mensching, Assistant Coordinator 6. LOCATION OF MEDIA POST Superintendent’s Office 7. PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR BUILDING SECURITY AS IT RELATES TO MEDIA Building Principal 8. ROOMS FOR GROUP COUNSELING Principal’s Office _________________________ Counselor’s Office _________________________ Nurse’s Office _________________________ Workrooms _________________________ 9. PROCEDURE FOR KEEPING PARENTS INFORMED _________ Letter home (depends on crisis) _________ Parent meeting (if deemed necessary by coordinator) _________ District Website (depends on crisis) _________ Media (if deemed necessary by coordinator) 10. METHOD OF SIGNALING CRISIS ______ Bulletin ______ Personal Note ______ Bell Signals – Short Blasts ______ Portable Bullhorn ______ Intercom ______ Emergency Calling Chain 11. LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES Missouri State Highway Patrol Ralls County Sheriff 1-660-385-2132 1-573-985-5611 Emergency Number Juvenile Officer 9-1-1 1-573-221-1182 Hannibal Police Department Northeast Missouri Narcotics Task Force 1-573-221-0987 1-573-221-5200 Bomb Squad Missouri National Guard 1-573-751-3313 1-573-248-2440 Missouri School Violence Hotline 1-866-748-7047 12. HEALTH/PHYSICAL CONTACTS Ralls County Ambulance Ralls County Health Department 1-573-221-5000 1-573-985-7121 Ralls County Children’s Division Audrain Medical Center 1-573-985-2911 1-573-582-5000 Hannibal Council on Alcohol & Drugs Hannibal Regional Center 1-573-248-1196 1-573-221- 6002 Hannibal Regional Hospital Perry Medical Clinic 3 Approved 12/14/06
  4. 4. 1-573-248-1300 1-573-565-2213 Center Medical Clinic Poison Control Center 267-3318 1-800-366-8888 13. MENTAL HEALTH AND COUNSELING/SUPPORT GROUPS Arthur Center Mark Twain Mental Health 1-573-530-5465 1-573-221-2120 The Youth Hotline Tresa Richardson 1-573-443-2120 1-573-248-2051/1-573-248-4838 Angie Barton American Red Cross 1-573-324-5655/1-573-822-0399 1-800-448-5433 Child Abuse/Neglect 1-800-392-3738 14. BUS DRIVER ADDRESSES AND PHONE NUMBERS Kevin Huse 51701 Hwy C, Center 267-3021. 231-6427, 231-6428 Dale Rucker 23260 Hwy EE, Center 267-3539 Jean Fowler 53744 Kingbird Lane, Center 267-3217 Tresa Lempka 18921 Cincinnati Rd, Center 267-3374 Lori Meranda 304 N Flowerree, Center 267-3279 Jeannie Morris 205 N Center St, Center 267-3060 Jim Taylor 22938 Hwy EE, Center 267-3800 Valeria Williams 45736 Hwy CC, Center 267-3701 Becky Wood 25744 Chickadee Dr, Center 267-3300 Frank Brock Perry 565-3555 Sam Mahood 28985 Hwy Y, Perry 565-3540 Angela Davis New London 985-5761 Jerry Distler New London 985-7751 Roger Majors New London 267-9832 Kathy Sanders 54621 Badger Rd, New London 267-3695 Charles Snell 20893 West Side Dr, Frankford 267-4841 4 Approved 12/14/06
  5. 5. ADMINISTRATOR’S CHECKLIST These guidelines are designed to help those involved in crisis situations. The suggestions are designed to be thorough, as well as flexible. USE YOUR JUDGMENT AND DISCRETION when determining their use. A. IMMEDIATE ACTIONS TO BE TAKEN _____ Principal or designated individual will verify information regarding emergency/crisis. _____ Activate building Crisis Response Team. _____ Secure the building. Activate a plan for knowing who is to be in the building. _____ Notify coordinator or assistant coordinator to determine need for assistance from other buildings or other resources. _____ Notify affected building where siblings are enrolled or other family members are employed. _____ In the event of death, remove name from class rolls and other forms of communication. Intercept any placement, discipline, scholarships or special testing notifications that might be sent to parents. Remove personal belongings of the deceased and keep in a safe place for the parents. B. CONTACT FAMILY _____ Communicate, as needed, with family members. _____ Ask what facts the family would allow to be discussed. (RECORD THIS INFORMATION) _____ Repeat the information back to the family in order to check for accuracy. _____ Determine the name of the family member who will serve as contact person for the family. C. ADMINISTRATOR’S RESPONSIBILITY _____ Use emergency calling chains to notify faculty before arrival at school and to inform them of a special meeting prior to school day (if emergency crisis is after school hours). _____ Meet with faculty as soon as possible after the event if crisis occurs during the school day. _____ Include in the faculty meeting: 1. A printed statement approved by the family to be read verbatim by the classroom teacher. Emphasize the need for hard facts – to reduce chance of rumors. 2. A handout concerning recommendations for dealing with a loss in the classroom. 3. Announce the plan for disseminating further information, i.e. notes in boxes, e-mail, etc. 4. The name of the person within the building who will have accurate information. 5. The area that will be designated as a work area for the crisis team. 6. The plan for handling the media, including the name of the district spokesperson. 7. Keep parents informed of any changes in scheduled school activities, i.e. letters, parent meetings, website, media, etc. _____ In the case of early release from school, the building principal will be responsible for supervision of students that are waiting for parent/guardian transportation. 5 Approved 12/14/06
  6. 6. CRISIS MANAGEMENT TEAM CHECKLIST _____ Designate a recorder _____ Identify students that might be a high risk _____ Determine number of stations and locations to be set up throughout building _____ Assign lead counselors for each station _____ If outside counselors or agencies supplement staff, provide documentation for them _____ Schedule daily debriefing to discuss progress _____ Provide family contact person with a list of possible resources, if needed FACULTY/STAFF CHECKLIST _____ Follow guidelines provided by crisis management team _____ Read prepared statement at designated time _____ Provide an opportunity for students to discuss the incident and express their feelings _____ Avoid focusing on rumors, inaccurate information, or irrelevant information _____ Identify students obviously in distress and refer them to an individual or group counseling activity _____ Shorten and re-structure assignments when appropriate. Postpone and reschedule tests as needed _____ In the case of early release from school, elementary teachers will be responsible for supervision of students in their class who are waiting for parent/guardian transportation. Secondary teachers will assist the building principal in supervision of students waiting for parent/guardian transportation, if needed, in the case of early release from school. 6 Approved 12/14/06
  7. 7. SPECIFIC CRISIS SITUATION CRISIS INVOLVING ARMED THREAT TO STUDENTS OR STAFF CODE RED: Any life-threatening situation where the staff and students’ lives are in danger is considered “Code Red”. Teachers will be alerted by an appropriate method that a code red situation is in effect. All doors should be closed, locked, and no one allowed in or out of the classrooms until code red alert has been lifted. CODE GREEN: In the event that the principal, or designee, should feel it necessary to evacuate the building in the type of life threatening situations discussed above the signal will be “Code Green in (location)”. Teachers will evacuate their students as quickly and silently as possible, avoiding the location of the crisis situation. WEAPONS Possession by Students • Adults will keep other students away from the student with the weapon. • Administrators or office personnel will call Code Red alert, if needed. • Principal will inform secretary to call 911 and contact superintendent. Secretary should not hang up, but stay on the line with 911 operator. • Remain calm! The faculty member on the team that feels he/she can best relate to that student should attempt to reason with the student, asking him/her to place the weapon in a designated location. • Keep the student in view at all times. Do not put yourself in a position where the student feels “cornered”. • Do not attempt to take the weapon by force. • Wait for the police to arrive. • If a student displays a weapon in the classroom, the teacher should notify the office by any means possible. The teacher should state the type of weapon. He/she should ask the student to allow the other students to leave the classroom, or ask if he/she would lay the weapon in a designated place. Removing students from the classroom should be the top priority! • Notify all students in gym, courtyard, or cafeteria to report to nearest classroom. All staff should make certain any stray student is brought into locked or secure area. • If necessary, all students will be evacuated to a designated area. • Notify parents. WEAPONS Possession by Anyone Other Than a Student • Principal will announce “Code Red”, if possible. If not, the secretary will call 911 and then announce “Code Red” • Superintendent’s Office will be notified. • Attempt to keep individual in view. • Remain calm! Attempt to reason with individual until police arrive. INTRUDER IN THE BUILDING OR ON CAMPUS An intruder is an individual appearing suspicious who has not followed established visitor procedures and rules. • Code Red as needed • Call 911 – make sure the operator understands that there is an intruder inside the school, whether the intruder is armed, his/her last known location, and any descriptive information available. • Notify all teachers you have an emergency situation. At that time, teachers should step into the halls to immediately clear them by directing students to the classroom. Teachers and students should move away from doors and windows and remain quiet and seated. 7 Approved 12/14/06
  8. 8. • Notify all students in gym, courtyard, or cafeteria to report to nearest classroom. All staff should make certain any stray student is brought into locked or secure area. HOSTAGE/BARRICADE SITUATION Hostage taking is a violent criminal offense involving the holding of individuals, or exercising or attempting to exercise control over the individuals by use of force or threat of force or by other violent behavioral/verbal actions. • Call 911. • Announce Code Red until law enforcement arrives. • If hostage taken by an armed person can be contained in one section of the building, students and staff should be evacuated to a safe area. • If safety permits, a crisis management team member will be directed outside the building to warn all approaching individuals of the crisis situation. SERIOUS INJURY OR ILLNESS TO STUDENT/STAFF DURING SCHOOL HOURS • If possible, the person should be moved to the nurse’s office. • Office will be notified and appropriate personnel will assist, as needed. • As needed, principal will instruct secretary to call 911. • Victim’s family will be contacted. • Superintendent’s office will be contacted. • Principal will activate crisis management team, if necessary. • Staff members may be requested to assist in student control, or in whatever capacity they might be needed. • If the injury requires hospitalization, principal or designee will accompany student if parent is unavailable. FATAL ACCIDENT AT SCHOOL In addition to the steps listed above for a serious injury or illness: • Crisis management team will be activated immediately and follow appropriate procedures. • Principal will contact the victim’s family in person. ABDUCTION The principal or designee will: • Call 911 and give the following information: 1. full name of child 2. age of child 3. description of child 4. description of assailant, including apparel and vehicle. State if it is a family member. 5. direction of travel. • Notify parents. • Contact superintendent’s office. CAMPUS UNREST (Non-threatening, not involving students) The principal will: • Contact superintendent’s office. • Inform law enforcement of the situation. • Remain calm. Picketing is not unlawful as long as it is peaceful and does not interfere with the rights of others. Picketing will be limited to areas that it does not interfere with the continued operation of school. • Alert teaching staff and students if there is to be a deviation in regular schedule. • Attempt to keep students isolated from picketing. 8 Approved 12/14/06
  9. 9. • Picketers who are not peaceful or who interfere with the operation of the school will be considered demonstrators and law enforcement police will be contacted. CAMPUS UNREST (Non-threatening, involving students) • Principal will contact superintendent. • Principal will make arrangements to hear students’ concerns. • Inform students that disciplinary action will be taken if picketing occurs during regular school hours. CAMPUS UNREST (Threatening, involving students and/or community) • Principal or designee will call 911 and contact superintendent’s office. • Keep students in classrooms. • Activate crisis management team. • Principal will make arrangements to hear concerns. • Students will be informed that disciplinary action will be taken if picketing occurs during the school day. BOMB THREAT As soon as possible, the person receiving the bomb threat should record the exact time and as much of the conversation as possible, using Form EBCC-AF (pages 13 & 14). Contact 911 immediately If the superintendent’s office receives the call they will: • Call 911. • Notify building principal. If the call is received at one of the buildings, the principal or designee should be notified immediately. He/ She will then: • Call 911. • Call superintendent’s office. • Activate crisis management team, if needed. • Evacuate the building using the fire drill procedure, if area appears safe. • Evacuate by bus to another location, if necessary, using the procedure on page 12. FIRE PROCEDURES Fire signal will be 4 short rings of the bell or the emergency fire alarm signal. Teachers will accompany their class to a designated area outside where they will remain until a long, continuous ring of the bell is given to re-enter the building. The designated area for each class is posted in individual classrooms. The primary objective is to get out in the least possible time and in an orderly manner. Teachers will be responsible to take roll after exiting the building to a designated area. TORNADO PROCEDURES The signal for a tornado is one long ring. Each classroom will have a tornado emergency plan posted. Students should move quietly to a designated area and assume the proper position on the floor. Students will receive instruction on the proper position prior to a tornado drill or by teachers in the safe area. 9 Approved 12/14/06
  10. 10. EARTHQUAKE PROCEDURES Take action at the first indication of ground shaking. An announcement will be made, if possible. During a moderate or major earthquake, falling objects are the greatest immediate danger to people in or near a building. During the earthquake, students and teachers will follow the procedures listed:  If inside, stay inside.  In classrooms or offices, move away from windows, shelves heavy objects and furniture (file cabinets, storage cabinets, TV/VCR etc.) that may fall. Take cover under a table, desk, or counters.  If a shelter is not available, move to an inside wall or corner, turn away from windows, kneel beside wall, bend head close to knees, and cover side of head and clasp hands behind neck.  If jackets or books are handy, hold these over your head for added protection.  In gymnasiums, move to a corner of the gym that has the fewest overhead objects (lights, baskets, speakers, dividers, etc.) and assume a kneeling position. Be careful of bleachers that might “extend” during a quake.  If outside, stay outside.  On the playground or enroute to and from the building, move to an open space, away from buildings and overhead power lines. Lie down or crouch low to the ground. Be aware of surroundings. After the earthquake, students and teachers will: 1. Evacuate the building using general evacuation procedures. All teachers should consider alternate exits if necessary. Students need to be directed away from broken or unsteady objects in the building and broken power lines or tree limbs outside. Teachers will take roll once outside. 2. If injury should occur, the teacher will send for help while someone is assigned to stay with injured students until help arrives 3. The school secretary will stay in the office to receive and send out important communications when the evacuation of the building begins. Special Emergency Procedures: 1. A designated person will shut off main electric supply, gas supply, and water supply. 2. The school nurse will report to the area of evacuation and assist with emergency medical treatment, if necessary. 3. The superintendent’s office will be the central information center and duties would consist of/but be not limited to: a. receiving injury report from each principal b. receiving head count from each building c. contacting emergency help or medical treatment d. assigning crew to search building for injury and damage e. receiving center for outside communication f. making decisions on temporary shelter and transportation. DEATH OF A STUDENT/STAFF MEMBER • Activate crisis management team. • In the event of a suicide, avoid discussions related to speculation on the causes of the death. Victims of suicide should not be glamorized or memorialized in a “heroic” sense. • Arrangements should be made for individual or group counseling sessions to assist in the grieving process. • If you feel a student needs to see a crisis team counselor, contact a member of the crisis management team. • If you need to talk to someone or ask a question, a crisis team counselor will be available. • Classroom activities may need to be altered, especially in the first few days after the death. If you have questions about a particular activity planned for your classes, consult with your administrator. 10 Approved 12/14/06
  11. 11. Evaluation Summary (To be completed by team during closure) School ______________________________________ Date _______________________ Principal ________________________________________________________________ Team Members: _____________________ ________________________ _____________________ ________________________ _____________________ ________________________ _____________________ ________________________ 1. Were the facilities provided (phone, rooms, etc.) suitable for service delivery? 2. Were staff members cooperative? 3. Was administration cooperative? 4. Was media involved in this situation? Yes ____ No _____ If yes, discuss the interaction the team and/or school had with the media and your perception of how this impacted service delivery. 5. Were students and student records accessible? 6. Did you feel this was an appropriate referral for the team? Yes ____ No ____ 7. Did you feel that the team’s delivery of services met the needs of the school? 8. Did you feel that your training prepared you for all aspects of this specific situation? Yes _______ No __________ If no, please discuss which areas you would like further in-service in and possible resources, personnel, etc. who could provide the training. 11 Approved 12/14/06
  12. 12. EVACUATION BY BUS TO ANOTHER LOCATION Building administrators will determine if it is necessary to evacuate the premises by bus. The transportation director or superintendent should be contacted to notify bus drivers. When loading buses, students will load by grade level so attendance can be taken on the bus and after unloading at the new location. The administrator should take the crisis plan notebook with the student rosters and emergency calling list. The administrator or school nurse should take any student medical supplies that are needed. Each evacuation site will have a crisis response plan and student roster with student names, grade level, and parent contact information. Once a month, the student roster will be updated with information on students who have enrolled or withdrawn. NEW LONDON ELEMENTARY • Students will be evacuated to New London First Baptist Church or Center Elementary, depending on the circumstances. • Contact Kevin Ford at New London First Baptist Church (985-7201 or 470-1736), if necessary. • Four buses will be used for the evacuation. The preschool bus will be needed, if preschool students are in attendance. • Drivers: Kevin Huse, Dale Rucker, Sam Mahood, and a New London driver. Two New London drivers will be needed, if preschool students are in attendance. (See page 4 for contact information.) CENTER ELEMENTARY • Students will be evacuated to Center Baptist Church or Mark Twain High School, depending on the circumstances. • Contact Dan Peters at Center Baptist Church (267-3948 or 470-5162), if necessary. • Two buses will be used for the evacuation, in addition to the preschool bus. • Drivers: Kevin Huse, Dale Rucker, and Sam Mahood. If additional bus drivers are needed, see page 4 for contact information.) MARK TWAIN JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL • Students in grades 6-8 will be evacuated to Center Baptist Church, and students in grades 9-12 will be evacuated to Center Elementary. • Contact Dan Peters at Center Baptist Church (267-3948 or 470-5162). • If possible, ten buses will be used for the evacuation. If there are not enough drivers available, a shuttle system will be used. • Drivers: Kevin Huse, Dale Rucker, Sam Mahood, and Jean Fowler (267-3217). Contact information for additional drivers is on page 4. 12 Approved 12/14/06