Crisis Management Planning Creating a Preparedness Culture


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Crisis Management Planning Creating a Preparedness Culture

  1. 1. Crisis Management Planning Creating a Preparedness Culture Utilities and other entities are often among the Enterprise Management Solutions offers the tools, best prepared to address outages and other impacts experience, and best practices methodology to to operations due to weather incidents and other facilitate creation of a preparedness culture, the natural causes. But what about other business key to successful crisis management. As a division continuity challenges? Can you be certain your of Black & Veatch, EMS delivers seamless access entire organization, including functions such as to the engineering and business expertise critical finance, human resources, and communications are to understanding the utility industry. Clients of prepared for pandemics, terrorist threats, or other the Crisis Management Planning service report events that might be difficult to foresee? Would you organizational improvements in the following areas: know in advance if they weren’t? Organizations that have created “emergency operations” or ■ Engaged Senior Leadership “disaster recovery” plans often have done these ■ Preparedness Accountability with an individual or team of people who are the ■ Plan Integration process owners, and only ‘in-an-out’ participation ■ Trained Staff – Understand Roles & from others in the functional areas necessary to Expectations assure continued operations. The key to successful ■ Plans/People Exercised crisis management is to create a “Preparedness ■ Scalable Crisis Management Structure Culture” within your organization.
  2. 2. Business Continuity Planning - Assuring the The Process Continuity of Operations Preparedness Audit/Evaluation - What is your We will facilitate the audit of existing disaster current state of readiness? Black & Veatch crisis recovery and business continuity plans relative to management experts will evaluate your existing industry best practices, and alignment with internal emergency response and recovery plans to identify crisis management and emergency response plans. gaps based on our experience and those from past The following summarizes the steps we employ in events. What works and what doesn’t? the business continuity planning process: Development of a Preparedness Culture– Crisis 1. Business Impact Analysis – identifies, quantifies Management plans and organizations are at their best and qualifies the impacts of interruption of when each part of the organization understands their business processes. respective roles, responsibilities, and expectations for response to, and recovery from events that 2. Risk Assessment – identify the probability and threaten the ability to continue operations and impact of threats that can cause interruption services. Black & Veatch will help you with systems 3. Best Practice Analysis of Recovery Strategies – and processes to not only prepare the plan, but to develop for high priority processes, identify short drive preparedness culture within the organization. and long term recovery options, coordination and Implementation Assistance – A plan is only worth implementation of back-up procedures of IT and the paper it is printed on if not implemented facilities, identify procedure for disaster and tested. Black & Veatch can deliver industry declaration and escalation to mobilize back-up leading expertise in training, workshops, and facilities, rerouting communications, configuring implementation. We have the capabilities you need hardware/software, processes to manage retrieval to design and facilitate exercises which emphasize of critical hardcopy files. organizational preparedness. 4. Management Plan – outlines continuity of On-Going Facilitation – Best in class crisis operations (COOP) organization, staffing, management planning doesn’t stop with the logistics, communications, and capabilities implementation of the plan. Black & Veatch will relative to best practices. continue to provide support for organizational 5. Plan Maintenance – success of business improvement through periodic review and continuity planning relies on fostering a collaborative revision of plans and training of “Preparedness Culture” within the organization. mission critical personnel. For a successful crisis management planning, Black & Veatch offers the tools, experience and knowledge-capture to implement best practices in the industry. The Black & Veatch approach helps ensure that your crisis management plan will effectively guide your organization and minimize the impact on key processes. The following summarize Black & Veatch crisis management services which will support your goal of achieving and sustaining preparedness: Emergency Response and Operations Planning We will facilitate the audit of existing emergency response plans relative to National Incident Management System (NIMS), requirements, electric and water utility best practices, and alignment with internal crisis management and business continuity plans.
  3. 3. Pandemic Planning - Assuring the Continuity ■ Effective communications plan of Operations During Pandemic ■ Develop pandemic specific continuity of The nature of a pandemic crisis presents utilities operations plan to maintain delivery of essential with unique challenges such as extended work goods and services despite significant and absences, public panic, and general uncertainty. In sustained worker absenteeism a pandemic situation, the public relies on its basic ■ Monitor regional/national international pandemic infrastructures such as electricity, gas, and water to threat levels for trigger-point changes that will continue uninterrupted during this time of crisis. affect the business Black & Veatch offers pandemic planning services to support utilities to successfully respond to the ■ Coordinate with government officials and pandemic threat. community stakeholders to share planning, preparedness, response and recovery information The key elements of an effective Pandemic plan include planning, preparedness, response and Enterprise Management Solutions will bring to bear recovery. Essentials would also include: leading pandemic planning experts to assist your organization to develop an effective pandemic plan, ■ A process of infection control in the workplace or to simply review your existing plan, to help ensure ■ Establish internal surveillance protocols the continuity of your operations during a pandemic. to monitor the health of workers and business stakeholders
  4. 4. About Black & Veatch management, program management, construction Black & Veatch is a leading global engineering, management, environmental, security design and consulting and construction company specializing consulting, management consulting and infrastructure in infrastructure development in energy, water, planning. With more than $2 billion in revenue, the telecommunications, management consulting, federal employee-owned company has more than 100 offices and environmental markets. Founded in 1915, Black worldwide and has completed projects in more than & Veatch develops tailored infrastructure solutions 100 countries on six continents. The company’s Web that meet clients’ needs and provide sustainable site address is benefits. Solutions are provided from the broad line of service expertise available within Black & Veatch, Contact Us including conceptual and preliminary engineering For more information, please contact us at 913-458- services, engineering design, procurement, 3440, via email at, or on the web at construction, financial management, asset © Black & Veatch Holding Company 2007. All Rights Reserved. The Black & Veatch name and logo are registered trademarks of Black & Veatch Holding Company. Other services marks and trademarks included herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. 09/12/07