CMC - Volume 1 version 2


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CMC - Volume 1 version 2

  1. 1. Crisis Management Connections Summer 2008
  2. 2. FEI Behavioral Health Crisis Management Connections Experienced Leader in Crisis Management Services 24/7/365 Availability • Dedicated Service Activation Hotline • Immediate Incident Assessment and Response Recommendations Consultation and Support • Emergency Operations Plan Review • Emergency Operations Plan Development Support • Victim and Family Assistance Program Design and Implementation Support • Exercise Design and Facilitation Support Crisis Management Training Welcome To FEI’s New Client Newsletter • Customized Training for Company Executives and Crisis Response Teams W • Skill Development in Communicating with Victims and Families elcome to FEI Behavioral Health’s Crisis Management newsletter. Inbound Call Center Services The newsletter is published by FEI’s Crisis Management Team. Our relation- • Activation in 60 Minutes or Less ships with our customers and the collaborative nature of the emergency/crisis • 24/7 Operation During a Crisis management industry is rewarding and very important to all of us. This • Caller Assessment and Triage newsletter is another opportunity to communicate with our customers and • Capacity for 3000+ Calls per Hour facilitate continued awareness and education in the industry. Outbound Call Center The newsletter will be published quarterly and will contain updates on FEI’s • 50+ Individual Toll-Free Lines services and activities, provide valuable updates on the human side of crisis • Masters Degree and Above Behavioral preparedness and response, and identify some of the best practices in the Health Professionals industry. The newsletter will include updates on timely topics and case stud- • Family Notification ies on programs and responses. • Ongoing Communication and Emotional Support We want this newsletter to work for you and want to hear what interests you. If you have topics you would like to submit, please email us at On-Site Crisis Management Services • Experienced Crisis Managers to Provide Best Practice Consultation Thank you and we look forward to another opportunity to share information • Incident Management Support • Masters Degree and Above Behavioral Health Professionals • In Person Communication and Emo- tional Support • Post-Trauma Debriefing Services
  3. 3. FEI Crisis Management News Featured Article Notifying Employee Loved Ones: Are You Ready? O ne of the most difficult duties a company must undertake during a resentative from the company to ensure the employees and families know the company is taking the crisis is the notification of families of situation seriously and paying atten- employees involved. Notification tion to employee and family needs. could involve advising a family mem- If your organization has decided to ber that their loved one was on conduct notifications internally, how board a plane that has been involved well developed is your program? in an accident, potentially at a Have you provided appropriate in- work-site that has suffered damage formation and resources to employ- or been impacted by a disaster, or ees responsible for making notifica- among a list of employees who did tions? What happens after the noti- not report to designated assembly fication is made? areas following a building evacuation. Training Information available to the com- “For the un-prepared, pany at the time of notification may The task of informing a family mem- be specific and relate to a list of ber of a loved one’s potential in- confirmed victims and a declaration volvement in a crisis or disaster it can be a devastating of no survivors, or it could be very situation can be extremely difficult tentative and represent a possibility even for FEI’s responders who are that the loved one was at the loca- veteran behavioral health providers, experience.” tion or involved. Regardless of the trained in Crisis Counseling, and type of notification or information who work with people in crisis on a available, notification to families is an daily basis. Our counselors who emotional process and contact with have conducted notification during families doesn’t end after the initial FEI crisis activations indicate that phone call. while the overall response experi- ences are very rewarding, conduct- Many organizations feel a responsi- ing notification is the most difficult bility towards their employees and thing they have experienced in their want to conduct notifications inter- entire career. For the un-prepared, nally as opposed to a third-party it can be a devastating experience. vendor who may deal with families of customers affected by the crisis. When developing a notification pro- Most feel that it is more appropriate gram, companies should ensure that for the families to hear the news staff members assigned this respon- from someone they know or a rep- sibility receive the proper training Page 3
  4. 4. Crisis Management Connections—Featured Article (Cont.) and resources. Is your training pro- • Do you know that FEI can pro- gram providing the right informa- vide experienced responders to tion? Are you giving your employ- work with your staff as they ees the knowledge and skills they conduct notifications to loved need to ensure they don’t become ones? secondary victims? Continuity Of Care: It Doesn’t Don’t Forget The Process Stop At Notification Simply deciding that notifications will Once notifications have been made, be conducted by internal resources loved ones will likely have additional isn’t enough. Companies need to needs for information and support. pay attention to the operational For most of FEI’s customers, emer- process. The following questions gency plans assign notification re- will help you evaluate your program. sponsibilities to senior department • Do staff assigned responsibility staff. These individuals are also for notification know where or likely to have responsibilities related who to contact to retrieve Next to the crisis response. Will they be “Are you giving your employees Of Kin contact information? If available for follow up with loved they must contact a Human Re- ones? If not, what options do you the knowledge and skills they sources representative, is there have available to support families after-hour contact information moving forward? At the time of no- need to ensure they don’t be- available for key staff that have tification, it is important to let loved access to records? ones know who will follow up with come secondary victims?” them or who they can call with • Do you have forms or re- questions. sources available to track notifi- cations conducted? Review and Update Your Plans or Start Planning Today • Do notification teams have a designated location to conduct Contact your FEI account manager notifications? Is the location today to review your company’s suitable for the sensitive nature notification program and discuss of notifications? how FEI can support your program through training opportunities or • Is staff conducting notifications response resources. alone during the process? What if they need assistance? Page 4
  5. 5. Crisis Management Connections—The FEI Difference FEI’s Experience Is The Difference S ince 1979, FEI Behavioral Health has been an industry leader in be- to crises around the world. An ex- perienced consultant will work with a client to review their Emergency and operational within 60 minutes. The call center has the capability to handle up to 3,000 calls an hour and havioral health services through its Plan and provide recommendations utilizes an Interactive Voice Recogni- Employee Assistance and work-life based on best practices. Our focus tion (IVR) system to direct calls. programs. Currently, FEI serves 138 has always been on the human as- Our trained operators identify call- customers and its network of nearly pects of a crisis and our consultation ers who are likely to be affected and 10,000 affiliates covers over four will always concentrate on the best transfer them to our Outbound Call million lives. way to address the needs of persons Center. FEI began providing crisis manage- directly affected and families. We Outbound Call Center ment services through its employee recognize that every company is FEI operates its Family Information assistance programs in 1988 and has unique and every organization’s Center (FIC) from its headquarters become a nationally-recognized plans are different. We work with in Milwaukee, WI. Our center is leader in crisis management and clients to take their emergency plans staffed by Masters and Doctoral post-trauma debriefing services. FEI from concept through implementa- level behavioral health professionals. currently provides crisis manage- tion, including regular drills and ex- Our FIC Counselors will become ment services to over 60 domestic ercises to test and refine an emer- the caller’s ongoing connection for and international clients in the air- gency response plan. the response effort and will provide line, hospitality, entertainment, and Crisis Response Training emotional support and notification. government industries. An important aspect of FEI’s service FIC Counselors provide premium What distinguishes FEI from others to our clients is our extensive train- care and support to employees and in the field is our extensive experi- ing package. We work with our customers. ence, partnership approach, and clients to formulate customized On-Site Management Services training and consultation services. training suited to the unique needs FEI will deploy experienced Crisis 24/7/365 Availability of each. This can include training for Managers to provide consultation on company executives, emergency FEI maintains a dedicated service best practices and incident manage- response teams, and station training activation hotline, 24-7. One call to ment support. FEI will also deploy for airline customers. Current our hotline number will connect you trained mental health professionals training programs utilize role plays, with a Crisis Manager who can pro- to provide “psychological first aid” activities, and tabletop exercises. vide immediate incident assessment to those affected by the crisis. They and response recommendations. Inbound Call Center will assist families with logistical and Consultation And Support The “front door” for any crisis re- emotional support. FEI will also sponse is the inbound call center. provide post-trauma counseling ser- Every FEI client benefits from our This call center must be equipped to vices to employees. On-site teams extensive experience in responding handle a very large number of calls are available for deployment world- in a short period of time. FEI’s in- wide. bound call center will be activated Page 5
  6. 6. FEI Updates FEI Crisis Ongoing FEI Responder Portland, OR ········ May 2008 Management Training… Seattle, WA·········· May 2008 FEI will be conducting a number of Salt Lake City, UT ·· June 2008 training sessions around the country Minneapolis, MN ···· June 2008 in the coming months to continue to Cincinnati, OH ······ July 2008 grow our network of Field Respond- ers. Columbus, OH ······ July 2008 FEI’s responders are all Masters’ Pittsburgh, PA ······· August 2008 level or above licensed behavioral Philadelphia, PA ····· August 2008 health professionals. Our network Anchorage, AK······ Sept 2008 of responders average over 15 years experience in the field. Fairbanks, AK········ Sept 2008 The training dates and locations are Miami, FL············· October 2008 as follows: Houston, TX ········ Nov 2008 Dallas, TX············ Nov 2008 We’ve Moved! The New York office has moved. Our new address is: 247 W. 35th Street, 5th Floor New York, NY 10001 FEI Behavioral Health FEI Behavioral Health Visit us on the web at: 11700 West Lake Park Drive New York Office Milwaukee, WI 53224 247 W. 35th St, 5th Floor Email: Phone: 1-800-782-1948 New York, NY 10001 Phone: 1-800-424-6268 Page 6