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Equipment list and budget for late bell


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Budget and equipment list

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Equipment list and budget for late bell

  1. 1. Equipment List and Budget For Late Bell Equipment /Item Reason for Choice Qua ntity Price Source Canon 600D camera Higher resolution movies than 1100D 2 £698 http://www.ama -Digital-3-5-5-6- discontinued- manufacturer/dp /B004MPQXZA Transcend Class 10 SD card Class 10 needed because any lower would not be able to deal with high frame rates 2 £21.38 http://www.ama t/view.html/ref= gno_cart Velbon DF61 Tripod Has 3 way pan system 2 £59.98 http://www.ama -DF-61-Heavy- Aluminium- Tripod/dp/B00B1 Q5R2S/ref=sr_1_ 5?ie=UTF8&qid= 1427361912&sr= 8- 5&keywords=trip od Walimex Tripod Wheels Easy set up and small space taken up 2 sets of 3 £58.36 http://www.ama ex-Tripod- Wheels-Pro- Set/dp/B000LWC EAG/ref=sr_1_3? ie=UTF8&qid=14 27362103&sr=8- 3&keywords=trip od+wheels Stanley 151621 Fibreglass Curved Claw Hammer As prop for finger-breaking scene 1 £8.85 http://www.ama y-151621- Fibreglass- Curved- Hammer/dp/B00 2SHSZZU/ref=sr_ 1_2?ie=UTF8&qi d=1427362267& sr=8- 2&keywords=ha mmer
  2. 2. Car (Skoda Octavia SW) Location for car conversation scenes, rented for 4 days, chosen for less obviously being from the modern day 1 £215.90 https://www.her /reservation/#ve hicles Total £1062.47 Budget:  Total Equipment Budget: £1062.47  On-set refreshments for cast and crew:  Water (4 per cast member, 10 cast members max.)-£10.00 (Tescos, Aqua Pura Water 5 8-packs)  Sandwiches (2 per cast member, 10 cast members max.)-£44.00 (Tescos, BLT) 