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  1. 1. Written BY: Norvia Kilpatrick
  2. 2. Link Slide Scientific name Habitat Diet Physical Appearance
  3. 3. Scientific Name : Sagitrio
  4. 4. Range and Habitat
  5. 5. Diet of the Chupacabra They eat goats and other farm animals They also eat larger birds
  6. 6. Physical Appearance They are sometimes shown as bat like creatures They are depicted with large spikes
  7. 7. Physical description 3-4 Ft. tall Leathery/ scaly skin Large sharp teeth Very strong Sometimes compared to the bat
  8. 8. Breeding Info El Chupacabra is a made up creature so there is nothing for this slide BUT here is a fat cat
  9. 9. Special Behaviors and Habits They are known for the slaughtering of many farm animals
  10. 10. Weird Info This Animal is believed to be a urban legend Some people think its an alien It’s name in literal translation means: the goat sucker
  11. 11. Video
  12. 12. Conclusion THE END… OR is it …