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  1. 1. I switched to Linux two years ago, your webhosting needs, and never looked back since then. I am so glad, I really did not intend to go back to Windows hosting. I am very pleased with it and was addicted to it ever since. I still use Windows hosting clients sites from time to time, but if I had it my way, in a perfect world I would like to use Linux all the time. No, I'm not Microsoft or Windows Hater, but I prefer Linux over Windows causes. I give you three reasons why I prefer Linux over Windows hosting your site's hosting
  2. 2. Open Source Linux uses open-source their hosting service that is notWindows Open source is great, because it is easier to apply patches,updates, etc too Linux supports Telnet Windows apparently does not Linux isoften referred to as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) With Windows isnot as flexible as Linux does not offer as much support and flexibility PriceLinux hosting is exactly the price of its competitor for a free Windows does not
  3. 3. True Super Power Windows, when it comes to software, but also commercial,Linux is an open origin and 100% free It makes sense that Linux hosting ischeaper because they do not the commercial This is usually 1-2 dollarscheaper than Windows More value Another great reason to switch to Linuxis cheaper So you may be wondering if you really get what you pay for Theanswer is, you get more than what you pay for, and costs less than WindowsIt's a no-brainer that Linux is hands down the best hosting available
  4. 4. Best Linux Hosting Linux web hosting is hands down better than Windowshosting I would recommend that you start to use Linux hosting, if you'renot already We strongly recommend that you read our review or ourHostmonster Review FatCow It is so wonderful blog hosting companiesLinux server is a huge benefit Its most important advantage is that theoperating system is almost free It is fully accessible to organize this kind ofserver and all applications are free
  5. 5. E-mail, MySQL database and the software requires that the host is completelyfree In addition, Linux can be a lot of hardware You can say that it is aportable operating system It leads to higher profits earned hosting service,which is Linux Since Linux is completely independent of your operatingsystem, it can provide a lot of choices Choose a web hosting company, andhardware With a competent Linux administrator, firewall, antivirus andantispam service email support can be easily used The market was also ableto offer, if he wants to make a few tweaks to the software user with a lot ofpatches
  6. 6. Tweaks can be made scripting language PHP and Apache If the user isrunning Linux software, then it can easily take care of her great support by thesupplier Linux server can also be adapted to meet the requirements for hostedsites Linux-based system may in fact be excellent in many areas because ofits easy configuration It also has a cheap hosting central reception softwareApache Web Server, which can be established in accordance with siterequirements On the Linux DVD / CD is a powerful advantage is the fact thatthey are relatively inexpensive It is therefore possible to test different versionsof those on the market
  7. 7. Web hosting company is one parameter that will be used to determine theweb server hosting package If your hosting company is efficient, it does notmatter whether you are using Linux or Windows Linux is a very common typeof server, so a lot of hacking attempts This is where the hosting company andits ability to cope with its reputation comes into the picture If Linux is awell-configured, then it can be quite safe
  8. 8. cheap hosting