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  1. 1. Do you have an antivirus program? What about using a free one? Though free, some antiviruses are competitive with paid-forproducts nowadays. Among them, Avast Free Antivirus download has been the choice of more than 150 million worldwide users for several years.unix hosting
  2. 2. Avast Free Antivirus, one of the best free antivirus protection fornon-commercial & home use in Microsoft Windows and Linux, offersquick scan, full system scan, removable media scam, and specific folderscan; hybrid cloud technologies for real-time streaming updates; filereputation system for evaluating file safety; "restore factory settings"option for wiping settings back to the default; remote assistance for asingle-instance, friend-to-friend remote tech support; AutoSandbox,browser protection and site blocking; and much more One reason forhot Avast free antivirus download is, its powerful real-time protectionshields, including: File System - Real-time protection against virusesand other malware threats Scans files as they run on your computer tokeep viruses from being able to execute
  3. 3. Mail Shield - Scans messages and attachments in E-mail/MicrosoftOutlook/Exchange for viruses Web Shield - HTTP protection ScansURLs unix hosting and incoming data for viruses, and aborts connectionsto the site if one is found
  4. 4. P2P Shield - Scans P2P files from file share programs IM Shield -Instant Message protection (Scanning of files transferred through instantmessaging applications) Script Shield - Scans web pages for maliciousscripts, and disables them from infecting your computer
  5. 5. Network Shield - Basic protection against well-known network wormsActs as an Intrusion Detection System Behavior Shield - Reportssuspicious behavior by analyzing the behavior of programs
  6. 6. Free download software, and you will enjoy these unique advantages: Prevent virus that other antivirus software did not; Work almostentirely in the background, and leave a little resource footprint; Updateits virus database near daily, so you know you're completelyprotected every day; Provide a "boot-scan" capability that can rescue acomputer from start up failure Nowadays, avast version 7 is releasedwith a better security front, that people can get away the anti-virus fromtheir PCs It also offers a cute funtion of Statistics module, that allows youto simply get a tech support package to send to the avast! personnel whoare trying to troubleshoot your problem
  7. 7. Avast Antivirus Free is offered in English, French, German, Italian,Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and alternativelanguages - free download avast in your language Once you finishAvast free download and installation, do a full system scan, and schedulea quick scan for every week
  8. 8. You will be pleased of its wonderful features: the simple and user friendlyuser interface, the low system resources occupation, rapid hard diskscanning, timely update virus library and efficient antivirus
  9. 9. unix hosting