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  1. 1. 1 � Fun
  2. 2. Let�s face it cycling is fun when it�s flat, and it�s even betterwhen its downhill, but hills can really be a chore and for most people theyare also off putting For some the thought of going out for a ride anddreading that climb that makes them get off their bike will be enough toput them of starting their ride in the first place With an electric bike youdon�t have that fear, everything becomes so much more fun! I defyanyone that hasn�t tried an electric bike before not to get on it andstart smiling instantly
  3. 3. That feeling when you start pedalling and suddenly you�re propelledforward, it�s simply brilliant It�s enough to make you feel like achild trying to ride a bike for the first time with your parent is pushing youfrom behind If you don�t believe me then book yourself a test ride atyour local bike shop, Smiles guaranteed! 2 �Commuting 75% ofpeople in the UK have a daily commute of less than 30 minutes (ONS,Dec 2009) yet 71% of workers in the UK drove their own car to work! Ifyou are one of the 45 million with a sub 30 minute drive, ask yourself�what�s stopping me cycling to work?� then continue readingand see if I�ve covered any of your objections
  4. 4. When you consider that if you asked most people �would you like todo more exercise?� they would probably answer yes, but I bet a lot ofpeople will say they don�t have time 17% of the UK currently pays fora gym membership averaging �41 per month Is anyone else thinkingthat if they commuted to work they could be saving this money? Look,I�m not saying that UK has the best weather in the world, there arealways going to be days when you would prefer to use the car instead ofyour eBike, but what�s stopping you for 90% of the year? 3 �FitnessElectric bikes don�t do all the work, they just make the hard bits easier
  5. 5. So if you�re looking for something to get you fit why not try an eBike?With the newer models like the Storck Multitask you can vary the amountof assistance to suit your needs There�s nothing stopping you usingyour energy up during the start of the ride and using the assistance to getyou home when your legs are feeling tired A lot of diehard cyclists willsay that eBikes are cheating, are they right? Well a lot of Fixie bikeowners will tell you that gears are cheating, so are they right? At the endof the day you buy the product that�s right for you and to suit yourneeds
  6. 6. 4 � Leisure It�s amazing what you don�t see when you drivefrom A to B in your car There are so many great cycle routs in the UK toexplore (and plenty of great coffee shops along the way) In Germanythere are a huge number of eBikes sold in pairs to couples who want tospend time together enjoying the countryside and exploring new places
  7. 7. The benefit of an eBike is that you can do that comfortably, knowing thatyou can easily tackle any hills on the way You won�t have to worryabout being able to keep up or worrying about the possible hills ahead ofyou 5 �Join in No one wants to look silly in front of their friends orfamily
  8. 8. And a lot of people have concerns over their fitness levels that will stopthem joining bike rides with their friends or family With an eBike youdon�t need to worry about that, you can ride with confidence knowingthat when you need some support the system is there for you
  9. 9. You can say yes to going out with friends/family�s and clubs to enjoyan active day/afternoon/evening of riding