NWRA Q1 Program


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Master Burnett presents, “Recruiting Trends to Watch and 2013 Predictions”
Northwest Recruiters Association Q1 Program
May 20, 2013 at Starbucks HQ

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NWRA Q1 Program

  1. 1. Recruiting Trends 2013 NWRA | March 20, 2013 Master Burnett Director of Strategymaster@bravenewtalent.com | @masterburnett
  2. 2. My Paradigm ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
  3. 3. Agenda• My Paradigm• Context for future thinking• Fundamental Changes• Enabling Future Success• Questions ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
  4. 4. CONTEXT FOR FUTURE THINKINGForces Driving Change in Greater Business Environment
  5. 5. Five Forces Define ContextTransparency Demographics Internet Access 69% Mobile Access 94% StationaryBlurring Roles Economic Shift ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
  6. 6. FUNDAMENTAL CHANGESLong Term Trends Your Talent Strategy Must Adapt To
  7. 7. Four Fundamental Changes1 Agility is key success factor Innovative, Emerging Market, Customer Centric, Cost Contained2 Nature of work has changed Collaborative, Project Oriented, Virtual, Time Pressured (Flatter Org, Shorter PLC)3 Consumer Internet trends influence expectations Monologue>Dialogue, Authentic, Transparent, Responsive4 How organizations allocate work has changed Massive growth in alternate labor types (contingent, OSP), (MIT, 1984) ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
  8. 8. ENABLING FUTURE SUCCESSNew Thinking & Best Practices to Thrive in the New Reality
  9. 9. Understand Your Talent EcosystemUnless you terminate your entire workforce and start over fromscratch, your future workforce will always contain:Converting/New College Service Strategic Contractors Intern/Early Providers Partners Experienced Current Alumni External Employees ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
  10. 10. Understand Your Talent Ecosystem ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
  11. 11. Talent Engagement LifecycleUnknown Known Talent Qualified New Hire / Candidate Alumni Talent Talent Lead Lead Employee Recycle Recycle Redeploy Rehire High Value Engagement Loop 80/20 or more likely 90/10 rule applies. Talent has no knowledge of your identity, relevance to them, or an informed perspective. 53% of the talent that makes it through the apply process indicates having a prior relationship with the organization. Source: Talent Board - Candidate Experience 2012 ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
  12. 12. Analytics Evolution1 Transaction Counting Declines Historical focus has been on enumerating reach i.e. number of applicants, number of fans/followers, with the end goal being conversion.2 Touch Point Aggregation Modern tools enabling evolution to understanding flow of talent across numerous touch points to the organization. [Social Reporting, Flow Analysis]3 Conversion Expands in Scope As the models by which organizations leverage talent expand, so too does the scope of conversion. Applicant:Hire path expands to Known Talent Engagement Rate.4 Recruiting ROI Easier to Calculate With the aggregation of data points identifying and valuing how talent engagement impacts the capability/capacity of an organization becomes significantly more clear. ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
  13. 13. Key Trends: Unknown Talent1 Segmented Messaging / Positioning (Context) Dividing target audience into subsets of talent with professional needs and applications for their knowledge, skills and abilities.2 Content Marketing (Content) Marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of influencing conversion.3 Targeted Referral Outreach (Connection) Proactive referral marketing designed to support and augment the network reach of the existing talent ecosystem.4 SEO/SEM/SMM/MM (Omnipresent) Cross platform integrated campaign management will enable organizations access to and insights from talent their digital footprint.5 Reputation Management / Social Proof (Trusted) The science of monitoring and influencing your perception among people that influence your target audience and mitigating the impact that influence may have on your desired outcome. ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
  14. 14. Key Trends: Known Talent1 Employee Referral Proactive targeted referrals designed to filter and grow early stage relationships with known but non- affiliated talent.2 Content Marketing (Content) Marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of influencing conversion.3 Talent Relationship Management (ATS Repl) Holistic management of the interactions and data produced by interactions that helps you better understand and articulate your ability to meet the needs of known talent.4 Talent Network Opt-in communication channel(s) that provide news about the organization. Should be highly segmented to retain relevance.5 Lead Nurturing A method of consistent and evolving communication designed to deeper the conversation with known talent and strengthen influence so that when conversion is possible it is more likely. ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
  15. 15. Key Trends: Engagement Loop1 Talent Community An online community that allows like minded professionals affiliated with an organization to engage with one another in professional discussions relevant to the organization.2 True Employer Brand Management Brand management isn’t about communications or messaging/advertising, it is about influencing perception, something largely impacted by interaction experience.3 Crowdsourced Ideation/Projects Leveraged a highly targeted body of affiliated talent to engage in discussion around innovation and solution discovery. (Opportunity Board)4 Online Mentoring Connecting highly targeted internal and external talent with internal mentors and subject matter experts for joint development.5 Distributed Website Tracking Code snippets placed across aspects of your digital footprint provide insight into online interaction and information seeking behavior. ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent
  16. 16. THE END (STILL AWAKE?)Master Burnettmaster@bravenewtalent.com@masterburnett(415) 738-8000 x301 ©2013 Master Burnett | @masterburnett | @BraveNewTalent