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  1. 1. Learn more about the changes to northmarq.com
  2. 3. Key change: Streamlined list of all NorthMarq services New flash file and video that support the 2010 ad campaign New description of NorthMarq that supports the company’s brand platform New quick links to focus areas that span the company
  3. 4. Puts all NorthMarq Executive Leadership on a single page Shows the two operating companies within NorthMarq more clearly
  4. 5. Retains all NorthMarq Capital links and content
  5. 6. Reorganizes the Real Estate Services business into the two new business units
  6. 7. New organization for all company case studies. Check back soon, as more are coming.
  7. 8. Provides more “branding” language to help clients and prospects understand the difference between NorthMarq and its competitors
  8. 9. All NorthMarq employees are included in this database
  9. 10. NEW MAP: Shows which services are offered in each city or from a regional or headquarters team
  10. 11. A new feature that shows employees who have niche expertise and work across business lines to offer this expertise to clients
  11. 12. Newly organized page showing all transactions, bylines and other news from NorthMarq
  12. 13. Visit northmarq.com