NorthBridge Technology Overview


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NorthBridge Technology Overview
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NorthBridge Technology Overview

  1. 1. NorthBridge Technology Company Overview
  2. 2. NorthBridge NorthBridge Technology The Management Team President: Andrew Goodwin The Engineering Team NorthBridge Technology has a core engineering group of experienced engineers based in Ottawa Design Experience NorthBridge Technology has have over 120 years of system and FPGA design experience Engaged with over 500 global customers Completed in excess of 1100 designs.
  3. 3. Service Offerings NorthBridge Technology Product and Service Offerings NorthBridge Technology Design Services Board Services Management Services System Reference Boards Production Boards Project Management Rapid Response Semiconductor Suppliers FPGA In-sourcing Services ASIC Fabless Semis Training Services Board Design Embedded Firmware System on Module
  4. 4. Advantages of Outsourcing Immediate access to specialized skill sets Optimize design cycles intimate Knowledge of products Controlled Growth, no long term costly overhead Readily scale customers resources and costs Sharpen customers focus core competencies: Partner with world-class management with years of design experience Share the risks a nearshore/offshore design operation Flexibility, our services are fully customized to meet our customers precise requirements McKinsey & Co concluded six-month delay in getting to market cost a product one third of its lifetime potential profit
  5. 5. Design Expertise Digital Signal Processing Networking Test & Measurement Bus Interfaces & Protocols Digital Video and Imaging Telecom Automotive Medical Military Datacom Satcom
  6. 6. Nu Horizons Virtex 5 Reference Board Nu Horizons Virtex-5 Reference Board XC5VFX30T FPGA 1 SFP Module Port 2 sets of SMA ports for off-board GTX transceiver connectivity External Differential Clock to drive GTXs Single Ended General Purpose External Clock Dedicated MGT loopback path for easily design verification IDT ICS843001 Femtoclock Frequency Synthesizer for GTXs Marvell 88E1119 Gigabit PHY 24-bit Analog Devices high-speed Video DAC 64 Mbytes of Micron DDR SDRAM 16 Gb of Micron High Speed NAND Flash
  7. 7. Design Examples Floating Point Co-Processor Board • FPGA based PCIe to 8 DSP switch • 4 Lane PCIe • FPGA based DDR buffereing • For PCIe I/F • For DSP I/F PCIe Switch - External PCIe switch - 8 lane upstream port - 8 lane down stream port - 4x4 lane downstream port
  8. 8. Design Examples ARINC Processor Card AMCC PPC 405 core Coprocessor RAM (DDR) with ECC 2 Mb x 32 bit + ECC Flash 11 - ARINC 429 Tx/Rx Channels – Based on Actel FPGA 1 – ARINC 717 Rx Channel - Based on Actel FPGA Custom Channel Processing on FPGA PPC PCI Bus Interface – PC104 Bus. 2 – UARTs, one RS-232 and the other RS-422/485, Discrete I/O, 12 inputs, 4 outputs 2 Ethernet ports (optional) Airborne Location Transponder Marvell PXA320 quot;Monahans Pquot; processor, 800MHz 128MB of NAND flash memory 128MB of mobile DDR memory Removable SD card Ublox TIM-4H GPS module integrated onto the PCB Aerocomm AC4790-1000M RF transceiver
  9. 9. Design Examples PMC Card • Xilinx Virtex-4FX FPGA, • PCI/PCI-X interface, • configuration FLASH, control PLD • Two independent banks of DDR2 SDRAM, • Stratum 3 timing generator • Four SFP ports • Embedded PPC Video Processing FPGA •Frame rate conversion from 15fps to 29.97fps •2X horizontal and vertical scaler •400 x 240 input resolution •800 x 480 output resolution •False color generation •On screen display, battery icon, splash icon •Dual Port DDR image buffer
  10. 10. Design Examples Stereo Video Processor Development Board • ASIC Verification in FPGA •One component YPbPr input + Video Decoder •Two component YPbPr output and Video Encoder •MDIN3 for the SYNC signal •2 x 16 Mb SDRAM • Mcrocontroller with an RS232 to UUT. HDTV Video Processor •Multiple Video Formats •Utilizing PCI Core •Multi-PCI bus switch •Multi Video Cahannel swirch •Interface SDRAM @133MHz, •Transitioning Next Gen. to PCIe
  11. 11. Design Examples Multi Channel to PCI Interface Boards • 24 RS-232/RS-422 Channels • 24 16C954 UARTS • PCI 32bit interface • Implemented in an Actel FPGA FPGA DSP Application •MPEG 4 Pre-compensation Processor •Non-linear Edge Adaptive Spatial Filter •Polyphase decimation for image cropping and scaling •Luminance Enhancement, adjustable LPF/HPF emphasis
  12. 12. Design Examples Obsolete ASIC to FPGA Conversion • Original ASIC •a custom implementation 2 Cirrus CD1400 (4 ch UART) • plus custom Interface and logic • had to be H/W and S/W compatible •Used Altera Stratix FPGA to implement Module Design/System on Module • Replace obsolete ASSP/ASIC •Use FPGA and adapter board •Obsolete Motorola UART for phone systems • Footprint adapter boards
  13. 13. Project Support Weekly E-mail Status Updates Conference Calls Internal Engineering Defined Milestones Resources Tool Offering NorthBridge Design Supplier Ties Expertise On Line Project Tracking Regular E2E Contact Interim Design Enhancements
  14. 14. Why NorthBridge Technology … NorthBridge NorthBridge Technology Delivers: Complete high quality designs • Comprehensive project management experience • Immediate expertise in all the phases of the design cycle • Professional results oriented engineering team • Proven design methodology • Projects on time at cost competitive rates • NorthBridge Customers Hire NorthBridge Technology for: Our ability to immerse ourselves in our customers business • Robust execution capabilities • Responsiveness and depth of commitment •
  15. 15. NorthBridge Sales Locations… Asia United States •China •Alaska •Arkansas Canada •Florida •Alberta •Idaho •British •Louisiana Colombia •Nevada •Manitoba •Oklahoma •Ontario •Oregon •Quebec •Puerto Rico Europe •Washington •Germany •Italy
  16. 16. NorthBridge Technology Contact information Or call at: +1 613 228 6776 x111 NorthBridge Technology 2660 Southvale Cres., Suite 325 Ottawa, ON, K1B 4W5 Canada