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page 14, Weeping Mary Carries On in East Texas

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Medalliond January/February

  1. 1. Preservation News TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION January/February 2011 THEMEDALLION Galveston GoinG stronG Island is Building Back its Historic TreasuresAfrican American Legacy Honored in New THC Travel Booklet n Historic Courthouses Help Texas’ Economy Grow
  2. 2. PROGRAM FOCuS Banking on the Bankhead Classic Cross-Texas Roadway is Vehicle for Proposed Historic Highways Program Dear Friends, The rich heritage of our state is one of the reasons George and I are so happy to be home. Historic preservation has an important place in Texas, and all across America. As our nation ages, more and more places are at risk of falling into disuse or being cleared to make way for new construction. I In the 1940s and ‘50s, classic roadways such as Route 66 and the Bankhead Highway were major arteries through Texas, forever altering the development and cultural heritage of the Lone Star State. Decades later, Texas’ landscape changed with the introduction of interstates that bypassed Main Street communities. However, vestiges of the forgotten highways are still visible today, and “We expect a positive impact on the urban and rural communities in the counties (almost 50) along the Bankhead Highway route.” The Bankhead Highway—a trans- continental roadway running from Wash- ington, D.C. to San Progress is healthy, but it should be coupled with respect for the efforts are currently underway to Diego—had three places of our past. identify, designate, and promote these routes in Texas, two historically significant roads. of which connected Rep. Carol Kent of Dallas authored Texarkana to El Paso Restoring and protecting grand old buildings and two house bills during the 81st Texas and are roughly rep- The Bankhead Highway traversed Texas’ rural communities, including storied homes is one component of historic preservation. But Legislature that established a program resented by current Pyote in Far West Texas (photo courtesy Dan Smith). preservation goes beyond bricks and mortar. Preservation builds for the identification, designation, Interstates 20 and 30. interpretation, and marketing of Texas’ The original routes community partnerships, bringing together governments, historic roads and highways (the played important roles in the develop- the town square for service, drinks, citizens, and businesses to celebrate the rich heritage of a Bankhead Highway, in particular). ment of Texas by providing corridors and food. With the 1956 passage of community. And preservation educates a new generation about A partnership between the Texas for transportation, commerce, the Interstate Highway Act, however, Historical Commission (THC) and the and tourism. drivers soon opted for wider, safer, how people lived and played and worshiped in the past. and faster new interstates, which Texas Department of Transportation The Bankhead’s legacy in Texas (TxDOT) is expected to result in is immense, providing a scenic typically bypassed small-town main The Texas Historical Commission plays a vital role in research, preservation, and economic system for cross-country travelers streets. The THC and its partners development through heritage tourism to experience the real places and hope the Historic Highways Program preserving and saving the vibrant history of the Lone Star State. will rejuvenate interest in these dollars, providing a vehicle for new job real stories of the Lone Star State. I’m grateful for my fellow citizens of Texas and local leaders for creation in the state. According to a report compiled by historic roadways. sustaining THC and urge continued strong support. The Texas Historic Roads and historical researcher Jerry Flook of “Communities along the route Highways Program, dependent on Garland, the first auto excursion in will benefit from a new appreciation of matching funds from the 82nd Texas Texas is widely believed to have taken regional history, facilitated economic Sincerely, Legislature currently in session, would place in October 1899 on a rutted dirt development planning, and resources enable the THC to prepare a historic road that eventually became part of to attract heritage travelers,” Colley context for Texas highways, a survey of the Bankhead Highway between Terrell says. “Identifying historic sites and historic resources along the Bankhead and Dallas. In 1916, the Bankhead structures along the corridor will Highway corridor, and a Bankhead Highway Association was formed also help preserve them for future Highway travel guide. (named for Alabama Sen. John Hollis generations and create an important “This project would be a great Bankhead, the “father of good roads”) link between the transportation benefit to Texas’ rural and economically and in 1920, Texas State Highway 1 corridors of prior generations and disadvantaged areas and increase from Texarkana to El Paso officially today’s modern highway systems.” H marketing opportunities for expanding become part of the project. Flook notes tourism statewide,” says Terry Colley, the impact on Garland was significant, This article was written by Andy Rhodes, the THC’s deputy executive director. with 75 percent of drivers stopping on managing editor of The Medallion.TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Januar y/Februar y 2011 Januar y/Februar y 2011 TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION 2 3
  3. 3. PROGRAM FOCuS The most recent funding for community, and business Round VI of the Texas Historic leaders and collecting data for Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program Courthouse Preservation Program was included in the appropriations bill of research and analysis. A final report detailing the economic, Reinvests in Local Communities the 81st Legislature in 2009, approving the sale of $20 million in bonds, the environmental, social, and visual dividends accrued fromD smallest amount appropriated for the the restoration projects in program since its inception. both counties will be made Subsequently, a total of 44 available to the public throughDriving the highways of Texas, you The THC plays a applications were received the THC.can’t help but notice them. Their lofty key role in the process requesting more than $173 Preliminary findingsgothic spires, classical copper domes, through its Texas million in state assistance. In indicate the courthouseand stately silhouettes dominate the Historic Courthouse January 2010, 20 projects were restorations in bothskylines of many counties, luring Preservation Program. selected to receive grants. Three communities have served totravelers to leave the interstate and The agency submitted full restorations, three exterior stabilize and enhance tenant an exceptional item phased projects, four emergency demand for real estate in the Stunning architectural detailing featured in the prominentexplore the charm of downtown. towers of the Harrison County Courthouse in MarshallHistoric courthouses are a county’s request to the 82nd projects, and 10 planning grants vicinity of the courthouses, (above) and Denton County Courthouse in Dentonpersonal brand, advertising the promise regular session of the were awarded. and property values have (below) are enhanced through the Texas Historic Courthousenot only of a nostalgic return to the Texas Legislature for “The Texas Historic increased. Additionally, Preservation Program.hometown of our childhood memories, $20 million in funding Courthouse Preservation the restoration of these two for the program, Program has experienced some historic buildings, as opposed Graves adds that courthousebut also the opportunity to visit a place the same amount challenges during the economic to demolition or relocation, represents preservation projects help create adefined by family-owned businesses, appropriated in the a tangible commitment by the state to business-friendly environment throughvibrant social gatherings, and a sense of preceding biennium. both the community and sustainable improvements to infrastructure, suchcommunity. In short, courthouses are “The Texas Historic development in Texas. as enhanced parking and traffic flow,the centerpiece of a growing economic Courthouse Preservation This investment is represented increased pedestrian accessibility,boon to their counties. Program makes even in the 138 courthouse grants that expanded event hosting capabilities, The State of Texas, through the more sense in tough have been awarded to 82 Texas and the development of a unique andTexas Historical Commission’s (THC) economic times,” said counties over the last decade. To inviting historic context or “sense ofTexas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program Director Stan date, 42 courthouses have been fully place” centered upon the restoredProgram, is reinvesting in small towns Graves. “It plants restored and by the end of 2011, courthouse. They promote increasedacross Texas at a time when they need the seed for recovery in the rededication of 10 more historic visitation to the downtown businessit the most. The current economic communities courthouses will be celebrated. community by hosting events andrecession has taken a heavy toll on small across Texas.” According to Graves, a $20 million encouraging heritage tourism, intowns and their residents. In this time In the first six general revenue appropriation addition to creating a secure andof economic duress, Texas is providing a rounds of the program, extended over two years (fiscal year inviting environment that enticescost-effective example to the nation on the THC received 2012–13) would complete the courthouse visitors to stay and explorehow to refocus community pride, utilize 138 courthouse restoration of approximately five the square.existing assets, and The Maverick County Courthouse in Eagle Pass (above) and Lavaca County master plans, the first Courthouse in Hallettsville (below) have benefited from participating in additional courthouses. Of these The Texas Historic Courthousemaximize the step required in the the THC’s Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program. Both are projects, it is likely three would be Preservation Program can be thereturn on historic assistance process. Of prominent structures in their communities, drawing tenants, tourists, and second-phase interior projects to follow catalyst that encourages additionalcivic buildings related business investments to their downtown districts. those 138 plans, 127 their exterior restorations and the other public and private investment inin its county were approved. At two selected would have previously the historic downtown. There areseats. downturn, but we’re still trying to make this time, 72 counties still need been distributed between 2000–2010 received a planning grant. often vacant buildings in the central the most of what we have,” Graves said. program funding. Twenty- through five biennial appropriations of “This request is less than in commercial district when a courthouse “We believe the program has not merely seven of these have received as high as $62 million, with an average our earlier rounds, but is the same project begins, but vacancies dwindle been an investment in our past, but is either partial construction of $40 to $50 million per biennium. amount we received last session,” by the project’s completion. an investment in our future.” or planning grants, “The estimated current need to said Graves. “Because of the state’s “The preservation of Texas’ historic Two groups of graduate students and 46 counties with restore all remaining courthouses economic and budget woes we felt courthouses is an investment that offers at Texas A&M University are currently approved master plans that have approved master plans is compelled to request no more than immediate returns, yet continues to pay researching the metrics of preservation have yet to receive any approximately $250 million in state we received last time, knowing that generous dividends to the citizens of economics in Lampasas and Wharton program funding (many funds,” said Graves. “Those funds it won’t address more than a fraction tomorrow,” Graves said. H counties, both of which have restored have applied in four or would be matched, in part, by local their historic county courthouses of the need, but it will certainly keep This article was written by Mark Cowan more rounds). A total dollars creating jobs and stimulating through the THC program. Student the program alive and viable into and Sharon Fleming of the THC’s of $227 million has adjacent businesses.” teams are interviewing civic, the future.” Architecture Division.TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Januar y/Februar y 2011 TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION 4 5
  4. 4. PROGRAM FOCuS Let Freedom Ring Resounding Legacy of African Americans in Texas Is the Subject of a New THC Booklet and WebsiteBBuffalo Soldiers. Black SeminoleScouts. Civil Rights leaders. Educators.Spiritual advisers. Cowboys andranchers. Farmers. Legislators. Musiclegends. Sports champions. The GreatDebaters. A pioneering female pilot.These and countless more AfricanAmericans in Texas left behind therich and fascinating heritage that isthe subject of the Texas Historical history, a timeline of key dates and figures, and nine thematic sidebars. Organized by the 10 heritage regions comprising the THC’s Texas Heritage Trails Program, the booklet highlights famous and lesser-known sites in urban and rural locales throughout the state. The concept development and content were guided by an advisory committee made up of at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Dallas, one of the publication’s featured sites. To request a free copy of the booklet, visit or call 866.276.6219. The following excerpts from African Americans in Texas: A Lasting Legacy exemplify the statewide journey through this diverse and Texas’ rich legacy of African American heritage is represented in diverse structures throughout the state, in- cluding (clockwise from above) Fort Ringgold in Rio Grande City, the Connelly-Yerwood House in Austin, and Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas. students aspiring to future careers in the performing and visual arts. FORT RINGGOLD, RIO GRANDE CITy Established during the U.S.-Mexico War, this fort became the site of a racial confrontation in 1899. Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th U.S. Cavalry, freshCommission’s (THC) latest esteemed scholars of African vibrant heritage. Conner worked for the state’s Bar-B-Que. The site still features from victories in Cuba during theeducational travel guide, African American history in Texas, as Department of Health where, despite concerts and musical fundraisers. Spanish-American War, came to FortAmericans in Texas: A Lasting Legacy. well as THC staff members. A.C. MCMILLAN AFRICAN facing discrimination both as an Ringgold refusing to tolerate racial The 72-page booklet is the largest In addition to the printed piece, AMERICAN MuSEuM, EMORy African American and as a woman, BOOkER T. WASHINGTON HIGH segregation in the local communitytravel guide produced by the THC, the THC launched its first-ever Alfred Clifton McMillan was a notable she eventually rose to the position of SCHOOL FOR THE PERFORMING and harassment by its civilianwith 79 entries on sites of cultural or online companion guide, www.african teacher and administrator in Rains Chief of the Bureau of Personal Health AND VISuAL ARTS, DALLAS population. Tensions between thehistorical importance, a chronological The website County for 36 years. He received Services. Conner paid special attention Constructed in 1922, Booker T. troops and local residents resulted in aintroduction to African American features approximately 100 more sites degrees from Texas College and East to the problem of child and infant Washington High School replaced disturbance on the night of November than the booklet, a gallery containing Texas State University, spent much of mortality in Texas, which she the older Dallas Colored High School. 20, when Lt. E.H. Rubottom ordered stunning imagery photographed his career as a teacher and principal addressed through programs aimed The student body traces its origins his men to open fire with their Gatling specifically for the project, and of Sand Flat School (a Rosenwald at training midwives, providing to 1892, when the Dallas Board of guns. One person was injured and, additional resources that encourage school that the McMillan Museum is prenatal care, and expanding Education created the segregated although official investigations into the further exploration. active in preserving) and, later, was child immunization. city’s first African American high incident did not result in any charges, “We’re very excited to feature principal of Rains County Junior High school. During its first 17 years of the U.S. Army relocated the Buffalo other sites that were considered for School. His family has been central STuBB’S MEMORIAL, LuBBOCk operation, the often-overcrowded Soldiers to avoid further conflict. the print booklet but weren’t to the effort to tell the story of African Christopher B. Stubblefield was school served every African American Today, the remaining buildings of the included due to space Americans in this part of northeast born in Navasota, and his family student in Dallas County. In 1976, fort belong to the local school district constraints,” said THC Texas. The museum has exhibits and moved to Lubbock in the 1930s to facing court-ordered desegregation, and are still in use. H Deputy Executive Director artifacts on Reconstruction in Texas, pick cotton. “Stubb” learned to cook the Dallas Independent School District Terry Colley. “Even with Rosenwald schools, sports and art, in local establishments and, later, redesignated Booker T. Washington as This article (minus excerpts) was written by Rob Hodges the additional sites on and its collection is built largely from oversaw daily meal preparations for a magnet school for artistically gifted of the THC’s Marketing Communications Division. the new website, these artifacts donated by the community. as many as 10,000 soldiers as a staff resources provide only sergeant during the Korean War. In a glimpse into this CONNELLy-yERWOOD 1968, he opened a barbecue restaurant intriguing and enduring HOuSE, AuSTIN that became a center of Lubbock’s history. We hope This house was purchased in 1925 music scene, attracting regular people will be inspired by Dr. Charles Yerwood, an African performers such as Joe Ely, Jimmie to delve deeper into this American physician. Later, his daughter, Dale Gilmore, and Stevie Ray significant aspect of our Dr. Connie Yerwood Conner, took Vaughan. The restaurant burned state’s heritage.” ownership, resided in the house and in the 1980s, and Stubb moved it The booklet painted it the pink and aqua colors of to Austin, where it continues to beThe THC’s new booklet features Texas’ Buffalo and website her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, the a mainstay of food and live music.Soldier regiments, represented (above) by areenactor at Abilene’s Fort Phantom were launched oldest Greek-letter society established Stubblefield died in 1995, and aHill and (at right) a medal of honor on December 2 at a by African American women. memorial statue was erected in 1999at Brackettville’s Fort Clark. commemorative event Following in her father’s footsteps, on the site of the original Stubb’sTEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Januar y/Februar y 2011 TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION 6 7
  5. 5. T R AV E L T E X A S T R AV E L T E X A S National Register districts and was even placed on the repair or not operable can be moved by truck with enough National Trust for Historic Preservation’s 2009 list of preparation time. America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. Jones says “There were several aircraft left behind that we couldn’t the iron has an especially strong impact on historic structures move and artifacts from our hall of fame that didn’t survive because it expands and contracts, affecting the integrity of the storm—these were irreplaceable items,” Gregory says. the accompanying building material. “I can tell you that when we returned a few days later to all He adds that although Hurricane Ike had a significant the wreckage, it was completely devastating for us. It felt like impact on Galveston Island’s 20,000-plus historic properties, someone knocking you in the gut.”GoinG local preservationists have learned important lessons He adds that spirits were raised after a strong initial regarding future hurricane preparation. GHF’s plans will clean-up and restoration response from the U.S. Navy continue to emphasize boarding up windows, securing and community volunteers. The key was re-opening thestronG appropriate shutters, weatherproofing additional exterior museum as soon as possible (January 31, 2009) and offering elements, and prioritizing important files and furniture to be the museum’s signature flight experiences on World moved to upper floors. The group has also made adjustments War II-era aircraft. to its plans by implementing appropriate preparation levels as “The rides have picked up a bit (in 2010), but visitationTwo years after Hurricane Ike, soon as a storm enters the gulf instead of waiting to gauge its is still down slightly fromGalveston Island is on the Road to Recovery projected path. the pre-storm days,” According to Jones, GHF also learned valuable lessons Gregory says. “We’re just from Ike about which elements of historic buildings were trying to make the bestOn September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike slammed into most affected by prolonged exposure to standing water of it.”Galveston Island’s gulf shore, bringing images of destruction and how they can be responsibly addressed in the future.and devastation to the rest of Texas and the world. Thirteen For example, he points to the high percentage of damaged GallivantinGfeet of water submerged the historic downtown Strand heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, in GalvestonDistrict, hundreds of boats littered the island’s fractured most of which were Museum staffers androads, and nearby neighborhoods were decimated by located at ground preservationists claimthe storm. level and rendered the island’s cultural More than two years have passed since video footage completely inoperable attractions re-openedand photographs of these scenes reached the public, yet their after several days of much sooner thanpowerful imagery resonates. Visitors still ask about the status being submerged in expected after Ike.of Galveston’s abundant heritage attractions, and Hurricane seawater. Representatives fromIke water-line markers have been placed throughout town “We’re looking tourist destinationsto help guests gauge the severity of the storm’s impact. at ways to get these throughout town offerAccording to local preservationists, the news from Galveston things off the ground similar accounts, notingis primarily positive these days. The city recovered from and incorporate them that they still receivethe storm sooner than expected and even came away with Galveston’s most-visted historical attraction, Bishop’s Palace, was largely into historic buildings frequent calls fromvaluable lessons learned. unaffected by the storm. in an environmentally At left: The Galveston Historical people inquiring about “People are usually surprised to find out how quickly responsible way,” Jones Foundation’s Green Revival Show storm damage and sitewe returned from Ike—they still have images in their on a pier that once hosted legendary performers such as House in the historic East End district says, noting that GHF’s accessibility. is a model for sustainable residentialheads of boats in the streets and flooded buildings,” Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Duke Ellington. Green Revival Show The following brief renovation following Hurricanesays Dwayne Jones, executive director of the Galveston According to Jones, Hurricane Ike’s wrath was perhaps House (an 1890 cottage Ike-related damage. Above: The overviews of Galveston’sHistorical Foundation (GHF). “Fortunately, there’s been most significant in unexpected areas. He says the primary at 3101 Avenue Q) 1859 Ashton Villa is still undergoing premier historical sitesa lot of reinvestment here, especially in our historic district visible loss was the historic oak trees—most were planted after showcases these types of storm repairs. include storm-relatedproperties. Since a lot of damage was on the interior of the 1900 storm—which added to the character of the island’s plans. “Storms like Ike reports, along with athese structures, you can’t always tell what was affected. historic districts by providing a connecting canopy among are always going to be a threat on the island, so we’re making summary of their significance as destinations for heritageAs soon as you step inside some of the homes, sidewalks, and streets. evaluations now about how to make sustainable decisions for travelers from across the country.these buildings, though, you can see The combination of the storm water future occurrences.”recovery is still occasionally ongoing.” (with its salt, petroleum, and sewage) Other heritage-related businesses in Galveston are also BisHoP’s PalaCe Indeed, a glance inside the 1859 and an existing drought resulted in making alterations to their future hurricane plans. One of This stunning 1892 mansion—the most-visited historicAshton Villa residence reveals water weakened trees, which fell on homes, the city’s most popular cultural attractions, the Lone Star attraction in Galveston—sustained little damage fromlines on the walls, damage to a historic streets, and cars. Dozens of flat Flight Museum, experienced significant losses, from historic Hurricane Ike, much like it avoided the wrath of the island’smirror, and a floor restoration project in one of the stately stumps now occupy yards where mighty oaks once stood. aircraft to vintage vehicles to hall-of-fame memorabilia items. catastrophic 1900 hurricane. According to Jones, severalrooms. Another area of the mansion is slated for a major Jones says another Ike-related loss was Galveston’s Museum Director Larry Gregory says the aircraft, most of windows were broken and the home was flooded on thefloor replacement project. One of the island’s most notable noteworthy historic ironwork. The city’s cast-iron which are operable and available for guest flights, will be bottom floor, which affected the walls but did not causelosses was the gulfside Balinese Room, a 1940s-era nightclub architecture was recognized as a significant aspect of its flown off the island even earlier than before, and items under permanent structural damage.TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Januar y/Februar y 2011 TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION 8 9
  6. 6. T R AV E L T E X A S A National Historic Landmark, Bishop’s Palace is also Located at Pier 22 in the historic port of Galveston, the causing extensive operational damage (HVAC system,listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is museum also showcases the legacy of maritime commerce mechanical equipment) and resulting in the loss of manyconsidered one of the country’s most significant examples and immigration. Another popular museum attraction is permanent records.of a Victorian residence. Boasting a dramatic turret on its database exhibit, allowing visitors to search the names The structure’s extensive use of cast iron was consideredthe southeast corner, the mansion features an exquisite of more than 133,000 immigrants who entered the country revolutionary at the time of construction, and the buildinginterior, with marble columns, 14-foot ceilings, an octagonal through Galveston, once known as the Ellis Island of went on to become a courthouse and offices for federal mahogany stairwell, spectacular stained glass, woodcarvings, the West. agencies throughout the 20th century. Listed in the National and decorative plaster ceilings and walls. Bishop’s Palace is or call 409.763.1877 Register of Historic Places, the U.S. Custom House now open to the public for several tours throughout the week provides public access to the city’s architectural history offering varying degrees of access to the rooms. asHton villa through GHF services such as historic property research or call 409.762.2475 The famous 1859 Italianate mansion received fairly and technical rehabilitation guidance. significant storm-related water and mold damage on its or call 409.765.7834 tHe ELISSA interior (floors and walls) as well as its exterior, particularly Galveston’s remarkable the historic ironwork. GHF is working with the Federal tHe stranD 1877 tall ship emerged in Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on replacing Standing water was the primary issue in the Strand Mechanic remarkably good shape portions of the mansion’s flooring and HVAC system; as a National Historic Landmark District, Galveston’s downtown following Hurricane Ike. result, it is closed for public tours yet offers facility rental business center in the prosperous late-1800s and early 1900s. Anchored to the harbor floor in a limited capacity. Ashton Villa’s carriage house remains Some of the historic iron architecture was affected, and there with large steel pipes, the open as a visitor’s center, offering publications and personal was substantial flooding-related loss, including ground floor vessel lost several sails but advice about the island’s cultural attractions. damage and inventory destruction. It continues to house otherwise was unharmed, Known as the first of Galveston’s great Broadway Street shops, restaurants, and galleries and host annual events such prompting Jones to muse mansions, Ashton Villa is also reported to be the legendary as Dickens on the Strand and Mardi Gras. that he “may consider taking site of Union Gen. refuge in the Elissa next time Gordon Granger’s reading lone star FliGHt MUseUM there’s a big storm since she of the Emancipation Located on the island’s west end, the museum experienced weathered Ike better than Proclamation on June significant damage and losses from Ike, but it has recovered anything else in town.” 19, 1865. The elaborate thanks in large part to its As a British cargo ship, residence was originally flight program. Director Larry Elissa specialized in voyages home to James Moreau Gregory reports that new and to smaller ports of the Brown, who ran a returning visitors marvel at the Caribbean and the Gulf successful Galveston collection of vintage warbirds of Mexico, and she twice hardware business, and in the museum’s impressiveloaded cotton at Galveston. This local connection prompted was eventually sold to Above and left: The city’s Strand collection, including a rare operational SBD Dauntless, athe GHF to purchase the ship and undertake a dramatic the Shriners before being National Historic Landmark popular AT-6/SNJ Texan trainer aircraft, and a mighty B-17 District fared relatively wellrestoration in 1982. Elissa remains a fully functional vessel acquired by GHF in 1974. Flying Fortress. Gregory is especially grateful for the World following Hurricane Ike despitethat continues to sail occasionally, and thousands of visitors or damage to some buildings’ exte- War II veterans who continue to visit and fly the aircraft theyboard the decks of this floating National Historic Landmark, call 409.762.3933 rior ironwork and interior walls. once piloted more than 65 years ago.also designated one of America’s Treasures by the National Above: this AT-6/SNJ Texan “They always tell me it feels the same, looks the same,Trust for Historic Preservation. MooDY Mansion trainer aircraft still takes to the smells the same—everything is exactly how they remember it, skies from the Lone Star Flight “More than a century ago, her cargo was bananas and The massive 1895 Museum, though other aircraft other than the fact they’re not getting shot at,” Gregory says.produce, but these days she carries an even more important mansion had several feet did not survive the storm. “I ask them afterward what it’s like to get back in the cockpitcargo—education and history,” says James White, director of of standing water on its after 60-plus years, and the genuine smiles on their faces tellthe adjacent Texas Seaport Museum. ground floor following the whole story.” Hurricane Ike. As a result, the exhibit area and the gift shop hand-carved woodwork, coffered ceilings, family heirlooms, or call 409.740.7722teXas seaPort MUseUM were destroyed, and the mansion’s reception room cornice opulent furnishings, and stained glass. The mansion is open For additional information about heritageIke caused fairly serious damage to Elissa’s home berth, over the fireplace was damaged. for daily tours and is often rented for reunions, weddings, and tourism destinations in the area, order a free copy ofdestroying the wooden workshops used for ship maintenance Located on Broadway Street near Ashton Villa and special events. the Texas Historical Commission’s Texas Independenceand damaging the brick and wooden pier. However, the Bishop’s Palace, this 28,000-square foot, 32-room mansion or call 409.762.7668 Trail Region travel guide by calling 866.276.6219 ornearby building housing the museum was unharmed. was purchased by financial magnate William Moody visiting H The museum tells the story of Elissa’s rescue from immediately following the 1900 storm, reportedly for “ten U.s. CUstoM HoUsethe scrap yard and her meticulous restoration through cents on the dollar.” The limestone and brick structure This stately 1861 building, which serves as GHF’san engaging video documentary and intriguing artifacts. features distinct styles in each room, many of which contain headquarters, was flooded by up to eight feet of water, Article and photos by Andy Rhodes, managing editor of The Medallion.TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Januar y/Februar y 2011 TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION 10 11
  7. 7. PROGRAM FOCuS Lift Every Voice The program’s theme— to speak the names of the deceased so they could live Bull Hill Cemetery Marker Dedication Honors again—was particularly meaningful to friends and Forgotten African American AncestorsF family members who had been excluded from the cemetery for nearly half a century. With merelyFamilies, friends, and neighbors Many in the crowd were descended His remarks placed the history and seven intact headstonesfrom across the state celebrated from the Jones, Tomlinson, and closure of Bull Hill in the midst of remaining at Bull Hill, athe dedication of Bull Hill Cemetery Stallworth slave-owning families major political and social change and marker lists the 106 knownand the unveiling of its Official Texas and the enslaved African Americans epitomized the hallowed nature of names and acknowledgesHistorical Marker last summer. Nearly who came with them from Alabama the cemetery. the unknown.200 people attended the dedication in the mid-1800s. It was virtually Two of the area’s most prominent Styles felt stronglyto honor the long-forgotten African impossible for either group to tell African American groups—the Hopeful that the names of all 106American cemetery in Falls County their history without including the Masonic Lodge No. 78 and the Order identified people should benear Marlin and to reconnect with other, and for several hours both of the Eastern Star’s (OES) Peace read aloud. She helped readold acquaintances. groups shared food and memories Chapter 232—also participated in these names as Calloway, Cousins William Broadus and Ray of bygone days. the event. Many of those buried in Opposite page: Members of the 62nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion of Fort Hood participated in the Bull Hill Hawkins, and Mack sangHurd spent their childhood in Marlin Toni Anderson Kirk of Fort Worth Bull Hill were lifelong members of Cemetery ceremony last summer. Also taking part in the memorable event were (above) members of Marlin’s Hopeful softly alongside members said, “I thought that was big of them these organizations. Helen Woodson, Masonic Lodge No. 78 Prince Hall Affiliation.but had not seen one another in 44 of the Masons andyears. Both returned to pay homage (the Jones descendants) to come and Worthy Matron of the OES, remarked, Eastern their common ancestors resting in speak. Everyone seemed receptive “I just keep thinking, these are our prayer of dedication. Vocalists Alma Lee by saying, “I shall never forget “I am truly grateful to everyoneBull Hill. Hurd brought his daughter of them.” Harrell Williams of Austin people.” She led the Eastern Star Calloway, Shirley Hawkins, and their kindness, enthusiasm, and desire at the THC, the citizens of Marlin,Jayda to experience family history, agreed, adding, “The more powerful women in a remembrance of their Carlene Mack sang “Precious Lord” to shine a light on this forgotten and everyone that took time fromnoting, “I want her to see where she story for me was the descendants departed sisters with the placement and “Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah,” burial ground that contains so many their busy schedules to attendcame from, to know more about her of the slave owners who were there of a single white rose. Ronnie the latter involving forms of call and of my ancestors. They have been a the dedication ceremony,” Stylesgreat-great-grandmother Pearl Sneed with the descendants of the slaves. Jones, District Special Deputy of response—a bedrock of the African blessing to me and my entire family said. “Most of all, I thank God forPaul. (I want her to learn) about the That was a mark of how far we’ve the Hopeful Masonic Lodge No. 78, American church. Both songs invoked for generations to come.” the opportunity to be a part of anslaves and everything they went come. Standing on the same ground read a resolution saluting the group’s the crowd to remember the pains ofthrough to get where we are now.” under different circumstances and brethren with words of thanks for slavery and the trials and tribulations Christopher Jones and CourtneyJones Keady, the great-great-great-grandchildren of the original land enjoying one another. That was a beautiful situation.” Gary Bledsoe, president of their service. Sharon Styles, descendant of the Paul, Sneed, Bailey, and of obtaining freedom. The dedication program was a culmination of roughly three years “ The more powerful story for me was the descendants of the slave owners who were there with the descendants of theand slave owner Churchill Jones, the Texas chapter of the National Johnson families of the China Grove of research and preservation efforts slaves. That was a mark of how far we’ve come. Standing onechoed these sentiments. They Association for the Advancement community, along with Nedra Lee, spearheaded by the Summerleediscussed their childhood on the land of Colored People, joined family and doctoral student of anthropology Foundation and the Texas Historical the same ground under different circumstances and enjoying ”encompassing Bull Hill, which is now community members to recognize his at the University of Texas at Austin, Commission (THC). In 2007, theowned by the Summerlee Foundation. deep familial roots to Bull Hill and the began planning the ceremony in Dallas-based Summerlee Foundation one another. That was a beautiful situation.Although the homecoming was nearby China Grove community. One February 2010. Many Marlin residents purchased the 400-acre site that — Harrell Williamsbittersweet, the Jones descendants of six local and state dignitaries helped them throughout the process, includes Bull Hill, and its president Event Participantexpressed confidence the property offering remarks at the dedication including Hilda Blann and Trudie Lee John Crain (also a THC commissioner)would be well preserved. ceremony, Bledsoe asked the crowd Asbury of the Falls County Historical provided funding to support the rescue The real stories of Bull Hill event that brought so many people to remember the sacrifices of those Commission, who worked with Styles and preservation efforts at Bull Hill. and China Grove will be celebrated together. I believe God gave me this resting in Bull Hill. He recalled and Lee for nearly four months to Lee and Jim Bruseth, director in perpetuity on two historical assignment, and I did my best to the last Bull Hill burial was organize the ceremony. of the THC’s Archeology Division, markers—a THC marker with the complete it in a way that would be in 1961, a significant year The surviving kin of those worked closely with Styles to use history of this Historic Texas Cemetery, pleasing to Him and those resting in in many ways. Bledsoe buried in the Bull Hill Cemetery archeological, genealogical, and oral and a second marker listing the Bull Hill.” H noted that President Barack also were given an opportunity to history research to recover the names known names of the interred. THC Obama was born in 1961, honor the memories of their loved of 106 individuals buried in Bull Hill Vice Chairman David Gravelle and This article was adapted from a report by John F. Kennedy was sworn ones by participating in the dedication and to highlight the history of the the agency’s Executive Director Mark Sharon Styles and Nedra Lee. in as president, and the program. Minister Sanford Paul, Jr. China Grove community. Wolfe attended the ceremony with Civil Rights movement offered the opening prayer and Rev. Styles gratefully acknowledged the other staff members who contributed was gaining momentum. Will Miller, Jr. provided the closing support offered by Bruseth, Crain, and to the burial ground’s preservation.TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION Januar y/Februar y 2011 TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION 12 13