Building The Internet Of Skis - Maker Faire 2013


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This ongoing R&D project at Normative is focused on the development of sensor-enhanced, network-ready skis capable of measuring various aspects of the skier’s performance, while also facilitating the sharing of this data within a community of interconnected skiers on a hill.

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Building The Internet Of Skis - Maker Faire 2013

  1. 1. P E K Building The Internet Of Skis
  2. 2. At Normative, we’re actively engaged in explorations and experiments around designing for a networked future. How can everyday objects, enhanced with the ability to sense their own internal states and ‘talk’ to one another, increasingly enrich our activities and social interactions?
  3. 3. How can we meaningfully connect people with  their ski data, and with each other, on a ski hill?
  4. 4. Peak is a total performance technology system to enhance your skiing, and fill your mind with the mountains. 
  5. 5. P E K Custom Skis Electronics App Peak features sensor-enhanced, network-ready skis capable of measuring various aspects of the skier’s performance. The system also facilitates the sharing of this data within a community of interconnected skiers on a hill.
  6. 6. The story so far ... Jan 2013 - Present
  7. 7. First, we wanted to gain a deeper understanding of ski performance data, gathered in real-world conditions. These parameters would later serve as a foundation for our design work.
  8. 8. While skiing style can vary considerably from one individual to the next, the actual performance of the skier is ultimately determined by the interplay of forces that they exert on different parts of the ski (front, back, and middle). From The Physics Of Skiing, by David Lind & Scott P. Sanders
  9. 9. Therefore, we decided to embed pressure and flex sensors inside the ski at key points, to measure relevant forces, and to shield them from the elements. Flex Sensor 1 Flex Sensor 2 Pressure Sensor Flex Sensor 3
  10. 10. We built a rough structural prototype simulating the inner composition of a ski -- MDF, plywood, epoxy.
  11. 11. We conducted stress tests approximating the forces that the skis would experience on the slopes.
  12. 12. We found a natural partner in Praxis Skis, a boutique manufacturer based in Nevada.  Praxis shared our eagerness to push the boundaries of what a ski could be. They also employed a hand-crafted approach to ski-making which dovetailed perfectly with the experimental nature of our prototyping process. Manufacturing The Skis
  13. 13. From the Praxis Skis website:
  14. 14. March 2013 The skis arrive at our studio.
  15. 15. With only a month left in ski season, prototyping begins immediately.
  16. 16. A Pelican case was used to protect and waterproof the electronics.
  17. 17. Our first breadboard prototype, employing an Arduino and a MicroSD shield.
  18. 18. Our second, soldered prototype.
  19. 19. A third, more integrated prototype.
  20. 20. Then, we went skiing.
  21. 21. Plotting the data yielded some interesting patterns.
  22. 22. We also made an app to cross-reference video with recorded data.
  23. 23. What are we working on right now?
  24. 24. We’re miniaturizing the electronics and adding bluetooth for a real-time data feed to a mobile device.
  25. 25. We’re designing a custom enclosure for the electronics.
  26. 26. Second design iteration, with various form languages.
  27. 27. Final round of designs for the enclosure.
  28. 28. CAD models of the final design, ready for 3D printing.
  29. 29. We’re designing an app around performance, flow state, and a skier’s relationship with the mountains. BackBack MothraMothra Add to listAdd to list Mountain NameMountain Name Location FEED ArizonaGuy Cupidatat irony pickled sed Bushwick American Apparel ArizonaGuy Cupidatat irony pickled sed Bushwick American Apparel 5 mins ago 5 mins ago Reply BackBack PeakPeak TODAY Smuggler’s Notch, VASept 14, 2013 ArizonaGuy Watch out for sinkhole near beginning of Jolly Rodger run. Ski safe! On average you ski 10 runs per day. Other Mothra skiiers ski 15, perhaps try taking shorter breaks. 5 mins ago ArizonaGuy Just skiied @Smuggler’s Notch 10 mins ago You earned the Speed Freak reward. 60 mins ago 1900 ft 1600 ft 900 ft 1000 ft 15:11 30:30 21:24 14:02 1600 ft 900 ft 21:24 14:02 TOP SPEED FEED TIPS REWARDS 50kph TOTAL DIST. 4300 VERTICAL FT. 300km 2500ft TOP ALTITUDE x3 x5 x1 30:30 1900 ft + add comment BackBack PeakPeak ArizonaGuy Way to go Collette, you are doing so awesome today. Keep shedding it up! 5 mins ago COMMENTS September 14, 2013 + add comment reply add photo 30 Georgia Peaks - Smuggler’s Notch VA 1900 ft 9:30am 10:02am 30:30 RUN DURATION 4km TOTAL DISTANCE 1400 VERTICAL FEET 60kph TOP SPEED 55kph AVG SPEED You push too hard when you carve. Ease up a little for better control. Set Goal > o MapSee run comparison TOP AIRTIME 2s AVG FORCE 52lbs STABILITY 75% AVG ANGLE 30 TOTAL AIRTIME 6s JUMPS 3 CARVES 79 RUN TIME 20:00 REST TIME 3:00 LIFT TIME 7:30 RUN TIME 30:30
  30. 30. See us at the ski show! Oct 17-20, 2013
  31. 31. Thank you.