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Shop evaluations


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Creative Crash Course Assignment 2

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Shop evaluations

  1. 1. N M Schwab – Oct 29, 2012
  2. 2.  ACE HARDWARE  Excellent APPLE  Outstanding AT&T  Mediocre Note: COSTCO  Excellent The rating is a summary of my overall FOOT LOCKER  Mediocre experience and assumed success of HOLLISTER  Excellent the stores strategy
  3. 3. • Warm welcoming exterior• Immediate service and welcome
  4. 4. • Cluttered Cash Register• Efficient store layout• Well marked pricing• Very clean with low cost ceilingand concrete flooring.
  5. 5.  The store has automated doors and no money is wasted on cosmetics – creates an economical feel In-store radios are used to announce arrival of customers – enables immediate customer care The products are grouped into specific functions with alternatives handy for you to evaluate The personnel are uniformed and yet it feels like you are sharing your problem with a friend A trolley of “old stock” is a “discount” attraction All seasonal products are displayed near the entrance and the impulse items are a “hit” due to the stark contrast with hardware items.
  6. 6. • Inviting atmosphere • Spacious layout • Great product demos • Hands-on displaysAlso see:
  7. 7. Super loungeWell grouped unutilized and presented products
  8. 8.  High ratio of salespeople to customers however customer needs create service bottleneck – particularly when an entire family required phones A salesman was completing a survey on the number of customers instead of serving long-waiting customers The comfortable lounge could not be used as customers feared they would lose their place in line – an opportunity presents itself here Service was outstanding and customers were even escorted to the door Great product displays sell the products
  9. 9.  Excitement oozes out the entrance and customers flow inside to sample the thrill High ratio of salespeople to customers that are applied perfectly to the customers needs Great use of their own products to effect point of sale transactions – no tills! Childrens play area innovative and well utilized Products are well displayed and the comfort of chairs and tables are welcoming and make the customer want to stay longer Wall displays enable shy customers to browse “Genius bar” repairs - innovative appointments system – no waiting!
  10. 10. • Exclusive access only• Warehouse atmosphere• Lack of signage creates“treasure hunt” experience• “Buy in Bulk” implies bargains• Cost/unit displayed honestly
  11. 11. Palletized Shoppingefficiency through cardboard tokens Tills and impulse Food purchases samples
  12. 12.  Innovative displays that make you feel like the more you spend, the more you are saving Free food is a big hit that appears to add no direct value but it will get customers to return Innovative sale of fresh food via mini cardboard btokens – a reversal of internet purchasing Customers seem to buy more than they really require and items they never intended buying Limited salespeople due to mechanized stocking via pallets and cleaning of wide corridors Clothing sold from stacked table – no hangers Costso sells all types of products - implies depth
  13. 13. Innovative shoe displays without prices Limited sportsclothing based onbrand name sales
  14. 14.  Trademark referee uniforms create authoritarian unwelcome atmosphere Modern shoe displays spin off an expensive/ exclusive taste that implies brand above practicality Very loud “gangster” music is very intimidating and feels like a “tattoo” parlor Customers were mainly young children drawing their parents inside The shop has many padded seats for trying on shoes – inviting A salesman prevented me from photographing
  15. 15. No signage outside the store – relies on customers coming to explorethe dark jungle for clothes. Appeals to young Bettys and Dudes.
  16. 16. Exclusive clothing highlighted in dark interior with spot lights and clear pricing.Novel till design with intriguingsurfboard backdrop
  17. 17.  Entrance lacks any sign of the brand name and therefore draws in customers that wish to explore The wooden deck, décor and strategic simplicity creates a dockside atmosphere Loud music suits the dark exciting atmosphere perfectly Young salespeople dressed in clothing being sold is a great sales initiative Clothing appears to be exclusive, high quality clothing The mysterious but exciting feel to the store makes you want to return for more