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  1. 1. By Norman M. Schwab November 2012
  2. 2. Hat Experiences The concept of approaching life and tasks with different hats is refreshing and stimulating My experiences with different hats is reported from my mining industry background Using this concept in business is powerful, however the entire team needs to understand the concept Setting up rules that everyone abides by is critical to the success of this Hatitude above Aptitude! concept
  3. 3. Objective Hat The white helmet signifies seniority (management)on a mine and concurs with the data rational view Managers analyze past trends and use this to try predict outcomes White = Data = Right Managers that use creativity feel very constrained by this view The hat removes emotions and makes the wearer comfortable and secure when confronted
  4. 4. Negative Hat The black helmet depicts the unhappy worker and their point of view Workers represent resistance to Black = Resistance = Bad change and management often start planning from this perspective of their employees The weakness of a plan becomes clear when you see it from the workers point of view A plan that withstands this view is normally a strong, successful plan
  5. 5. Intuitive Hat The red helmet is associated with FIRE on a mine and is clearly emotional and wild A miner with a red helmet represents PASSION and action, which is what Red = Fire = Action! management require for high productivity The leadership represented here is necessary when facing hazardous challenges The intuitive view will generate creativity and unique results
  6. 6. Process Hat The blue hat is worn by the engineering staff that perform a “service” function on the mine The cool blue helmet on service personnel makes them neutral to the Blue = Peace = Cool production process The rational approach to maintenance signifies calm dispassionate reliability Structure is required for optimum results and calling on the views of others
  7. 7. Positive Hat The yellow helmets are normally construction workers and on a mine are the technical services people The eternal optimism of professionals Yellow = Bright = Solutions! point out “where the gold” is and expect the miners to extract this with ease The bright, sunny disposition can be infectious but can also leave realist people perplexed at first The optimistic view save the day!
  8. 8. Creative Hat The green helmets are rarely used on a mine (militaristic), where creativity is frowned upon A miner is uncomfortable outside the rules however once he is allowed to Green = Growth = Wild be creative, he is liberated and highly innovative The green movement has created many innovative approaches to environmentally friendly mining Thinking green is mining reframed which has re-engineered the mines
  9. 9. Conclusion Mining Engineering requires you to wear many hats to consider the conflicting requirements of men, machinery, rock, ventilation, water, electricity, communications, costs, markets, labor, housing, climate etc… this is a necessary skill for success The colored helmets on a mine define which level or shift you work on – much like the different view signified by the thinking hats I am most comfortable in a Yellow Hat as miners are eternal optimists I am least comfortable in a Black Hat as that negatively impacts the team and production