Bread project 1


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Bread project 1

  1. 1. Reframing a Loaf of Bread…By: Team 26050
  2. 2. BREAD CONTENT Bread is Ageless Bread is Universal Bread is Senseless Bread is Sensual Bread is Life Bread is Reframed Bread has Value Breads inGenius Uses
  3. 3. BREAD IS AGELESS Bread was first made 30,000 years ago Bread signified a quantum leap in cooking innovation that is evolving continuously Bread was the symbol of food, money and health – it continues in this role Bread has a short life-span and has essentially remained unchanged Bread is not cyclical it is a constant We cannot imagine life without bread even if we “reframe” life into the Mayan Calender
  4. 4. BREAD IS UNIVERSAL Bread is consumed throughout the world Bread is consumed by all genders and ages EGYPT UK Bread is not discriminatory Bread is used in religions Bread is often the most affordable form of food Bread can be used to USA determine the “relative cost of living” Bread brings families together and is security AFRICA S. AMERICA
  5. 5. BREAD IS SENSELESSBread cannot: Hear Feel See Smell Taste
  6. 6. BREAD IS SENSUALBread affects all our senses: Hear it being cut, rubbing and impact with a plate Feel its rough skin and soft content See the rich colors, spreads and packaging Smell the rich aroma of fresh or toasted bread Taste the various types of bread & spreads
  7. 7. BREAD IS LIFE !Bread starts your day Bread is Love Bread makes you crazyBread get you working In jail you survive off “bread and water”
  8. 8. BREAD IS REFRAMEDBread seems to affect all our senses, including the mostimportant sense our “sixth sense” called….. “OUR SENSE OF VALUE”How do we value bread…is it what we pay for it or is theresomething deeper?Worth a few cents? Worth $100? Worth its weight in Gold?
  9. 9. BREAD HAS VALUE!A loaf from the bakery costs anywhere from $1.99-$3.99.The purchase of bread helps the bakery - helping theeconomy, creating a job for somebody trying to make aliving, promoting small business.The purchase of that one loaf of bread helps the personwho bought it - fed a hungry family, fed the homeless/hungry, etc.So the action of purchasing just one loaf of bread, created"x" outcomes
  10. 10. BREAD’S inGenius USES Bread erasers (crustless white bread) were the only erasers until the eraser was invented in 1770 Remove scorched taste from rice by placing a slice of white bread on top of the rice while it’s still hot with pot lid on. Soften up hard marshmallows by sealing a couple of slices of fresh bread with the marshmellows for couple of days Absorb vegetable odors by placing a piece of white bread on top of a pot when cooking “smelly” vegetables. Soak up grease and stop flare-ups to prevent a grease flare-up when broiling meat by placing a couple of slices of white bread in your drip pan to absorb the grease Pick up glass fragments by pressing a slice of bread over the glass fragments Dust oil paintings with bread
  11. 11. How does BREAD move you?