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E-Secure Transaction Cluster in Normandy

  1. 1. 1 Sylvain DORRIERE Normandy, considered as the cradle of Secure Electronic Transactions, hosts the SET competitive cluster. Spearheading Normandy high technology, the cluster provides innovative solutions and develops skills and expertise in payment systems, identification/authentication, telecommunications, e-health, e-administration and daily life related fields. The cluster’s ambition is to become the European point of reference in terms of R&D, training and industrial development in the field of secure electronic transactions, as well as a pilot region, cradle of large scale product, service and usage experimentation. Located on the Effiscience Science & Technology park, the cluster brings together a multidisciplinary scientific community of researchers, teachers and businesses involved in R&D projects focused on Interactive Mobile Devices. Secure Electronic Transactions Competitive Cluster • 112 members • 7 training & research centers • 88 labellised projects • More than 290 million euros invested in R&D Secure elECTRONIc transactions Normandy – the European Reference for Secure Innovative Digital Solutions NXPCampus-Caen
  2. 2. 2 NFC Technology Automatics The Automatics project, which is labellised by the «Mov’eo» and «Secure Electronic Transactions» clusters, is working on providing new services to drivers via contactless technologies (car park access and payment, purchase of fuel, prepayment of tolls...), demonstrating the advantage of the «vehicle + NFC telephone» pair as a universal payment and passenger authentication tool. Payez Mobile Six major banks, together with the main French mobile phone operators have developed a common contactless payment system using a mobile phone in collaboration with Visa Europe and MasterCard Worldwide. System testing is underway with 500 customers and 100 retailers in the Greater Caen Area. This may lead to an international standard. The potential is huge - by 2012, several million French could be using this new means of payment. PRIIM Integrated Passive Devices Innovative System in Package technologies PRIIM (Platform for the Realization of Shared Industrial Innovation) defines new application requirements for very high-growth markets such as implantable medical devices (stimulators, defibrillators, motion detectors), multimedia chips and complex embedded systems. To meet these requirements, IPDiA and its technological partners plan to work on new materials, structures and innovating processes to produce: • high-performance silicon passive components capable of withstanding severe environments, • innovative assembly technologies allowing ultra-miniaturization of future products. Driven by IPDiA, this project has been labeled by Minalogic and TES compe- titive clusters and represents a global investment of 53 million euros from the following partners: CEA Leti, CNRS LAAS, CNRS Crismat, 3D Plus, ELA Medica, Gemalto, Kalray and MOVEA). By obtaining the European «Living Lab» quality label, the cluster has established the Normandy region among the most active in terms of innovation. Experimental projects developed within the framework of the NLL explore new usage within a context of increasing mobility, by involving the end user in the innovation process. Extensive Regional Facilities: The Region has numerous operational infrastructures: an IPv6 test platform, a monetics platform unique in Europe, a regional black fibre network, the Effiscience Science & Technology park, an experimental warehouse for m-logistics, a container test zone at the port, and the project for a logistic technologies campus in Le Havre. Normandy Living Lab’s Projects • Multiservice student card - Ensicaen: via a card integrating both contact and contactless technologies, tomorrow’s students will be able to borrow books from the library, pay their meals at the university canteen or even use the card as a public transport season ticket. • Contactless payment card - Crédit Agricole: a new fast, efficient and convenient means of payment for small purchases (below 20 euros). This operation is carried out with 2000 customers of the bank and 200 retailers in the Greater Caen Area. • AM4D-L: project carried out with Nov@log competitive cluster ; development of tools to improve working conditions for logistics operators. «LIVING LAB» LABEL NLL «Normandy Living Lab» Innovation, Projetcs, Experiments Major Projects e-citizen (health, tourism, transportation, city...) contactless technology (e-payment, e-ticketing...) e-administration
  3. 3. 3 Higher Education ENSICAEN’s Specific Engineering Degrees • 3 specialised Executive Master’s Degrees (Bac +6), accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles Secure Electronic Transactions and Monetics Business Intelligence Microelectronics System Design & Technology • 1 Engineering Degree (Bac +5) Specialized engineer in Electronic Banking and Information System Security Academic & Corporate Research Monetics & Biometrics Group: IT Security, Electronic Transaction Security, and Electronic Payment Systems, Biometrics The Monetics & Biometrics Group develops fundamental and finalised research on IT security in secure electronic transactions and automated payment systems. LaMIPS: Analysis and Characterization of Semiconductors and Materials LaMIPS is developing innovative methods for characterizing and analysing microelectronic systems. NXP: world research and expertise center for the miniaturization of semiconductors and contactless cards. IPDiA : Miniaturization of Integrated Passive Devices Integrated Devices for high brightness LEDs and Silicon based Integrated Passives for new markets such as medical, automotive, industrial, aerospace and defense. Orange Lab: smart cards, SIM cards, e-commerce, NFC, Intranet and Internet, cryptography and so on. ELITT (EuroLab for International Transaction Technologies), the sub- sidiary of GIE Cartes Bancaires «CB» offers expertise on all subjects related to Secure Electronic Transactions and more generally speaking in the field of trusted digital exchanges. Elitt is present in all areas of expertise in card transaction systems: from card issuing to card accep- tance by terminals, via acquiring sytems. Presto Engineering: RF and 3D-integration expertise and advanced test, reliability, fault-isolation and failure-analysis services. Presto Engineering Inc.has opened a new services hub in Normandy. The hub, which includes equipment and infrastructure acquired from NXP Semiconductors’ facility in Caen, offers comprehensive failure analysis and reliability testing for semiconductor companies in Europe. «This new facility is the springboard for Presto’s expansion into Europe and our introduction of the labless model to that key market, which includes some of the world’s top fabless design houses, fab lines, and other members of the semiconductor community,» said Michel Villemain, CEO of Presto Engineering. «For the first time, European chip companies have access to a state-of-the-art lab with a staff of highly skilled engineers and technology specialists offering advanced outsourced test and analysis capabilities», said Patrick Poirier director of operations. «We are open for business and we invite Europe’s diverse chip companies to meet with us and see how we can help assure the success of their next product».
  4. 4. 4 Sylvain DORRIERE Noncontractualdocument-NormandieDéveloppement-Source:PôleTES,Effiscience. June2009.UpdatedOct.2010.Photos:iStock,NXP with support from The Caen-based Effiscience Science Technology Park brings together high-tech industries, research laboratories and academics working on smart cards. The Technology Park positions itself as an international expertise center on interactive mobility, in all aspects of daily life (telecommunications, home automation, transport, information, entertainment, health, administration...). It affirms its position as the technological showcase of Normandy-based competitive clusters. Effiscience Park International Expertise Center on Interactive Mobility This educational platform based at ENSICAEN engineering school, a unique tool in Europe, simulates bankcard payment functions. It facilitates the understanding of mechanisms such as how an ATM or an EPT works. Every system has been replicated on the platform, i.e., authorisation, acceptance, card issue, and security. With the tool, businesses can test the compatibility of their software or new protocols, and recruit specialised experts that can conduct RD and innovation activities involving hardware and software issues. Monetics Platform From Theory to Application... RD and Training: Key Players The Channel Seine PARIS Alençon Saint-Lô CAEN Evreux ROUENLE HAVRE Mont- Saint-Michel Ouistreham Deauville CHERBOURG Dieppe Research Development Training Competitive cluster NXP Orange Lab Silicon Laboratories Elitt Fime Edsi ENSICAEN GREYC LaMIPS Caen University CNRT Materials Technodoc Gemalto Digital Airways CEV Group IRSEEM ESIGELEC ENSICAEN Caen University /IAE (NIMEC) The Science Park is an international laboratory observing and studying the world of nomad technologies and applications as well as an innovation accelerator serving innovative high-tech entrepreneurs, project sponsors, researchers, students and teachers. Jean-Claude SIX, NXP Innovation Campus Director For us, the campus is an ideal environment. We are surrounded by a wellspring of researchers, namely the scientists at NXP and the SET cluster. We can draw on a potential of interactivity and services with neighbouring businesses and local customers. Yves Randoux, General Manager - GIE Cartes Bancaires “ ” Innovation Support Corporate Assistance

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