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Experience Premchit Natural Detox Retreat At Paresa, Phuket, Thailand Guest Lo


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EXPERIENCE | PREMCIT Natural Detox Retreat at Paresa, Phuket, Thailand

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Experience Premchit Natural Detox Retreat At Paresa, Phuket, Thailand Guest Lo

  1. 1. Health Retreat : EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT : Natural Detox Retreat : Paresa Phuket Thailand Definitive wellness retreats. At selected exclusive luxury boutique resorts. In exotic destinations around the world.Utilizing eight safe, effective, enjoyable holistic natural therapies. As a positive response to the chronic ailments of modern life. March 1, 2011 All rights reserved.
  2. 2. CONTENTS … click to goPremchit Prateap Na Thalang Aromatic AlchemistChronic Toxicity Syndrome Why Detox? Detox SymptomsNatural Detox Retreat Benefits Of the Natural Detox Retreat Personal Wellness Consultations On-Site Retreat Leader Guest Retreat Boxes Natural Ambrosia Therapy Natural Breath Therapy Natural Elixir Therapy Natural Meditation Therapy Natural Movement Therapy Natural Music Therapy Natural Scent Therapy Natural Treatment TherapyDestinations - Paresa, Phuket Heaven of all Heavens Suites and Villas Wining and Dining The SpaPresents and Prices Complimentary Gifts Natural Detox Retreat Prices Suite and Villa PricesContacts EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT click to return …
  3. 3. Premchit Prateap Na ThalangPremchit is an internationally certified Aromatherapist,organic cosmetics Formulator, natural Perfumer,acclaimed Chef and inheritor of 12 generations ofancestral Siamese healing wisdom and secrets.More >>Premchit is the creator of EXPERIENCE | PREMCHITNatural Wellness Retreats, definitive wellness retreatsavailable at selected exclusive luxury boutique resortslocated in exotic destinations around the world, utilizingsafe, effective, enjoyable holistic natural therapies as apositive response to the chronic ailments of modern life.More >>To ensure the effectiveness, integrity, enjoyment andsafety of her Natural Wellness Retreats, Premchit hasengaged the services of nine professionals with significantknowledge, substantial experience and practiced skills, asMembers of an Advisory Board, to work with Premchit indesigning her Natural Wellness Retreats.More >>Premchit’s first retreat is the Natural Detox Retreat.
  4. 4. Health Retreat : EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT : Natural Detox Retreat : Individual and group retreats Why Detox? In today’s world, most people need to work actively on detoxifying their body, because: • Regular multiple-exposures to environmental, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and emotional toxins reduce the normal metabolic functioning and inherent self-healing capability of the body. • So called "modern lifestyles", characterized by unhealthy eating, insufficient physical exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle, pollute the body with chemical and emotional toxins, which cannot be neutralized due to a lack of necessary food nutrients in the optimal proportions. More >>
  5. 5. Detox SymptomsThe most common indicators of toxicity are:•Abnormal pregnancy outcomes•Allergic reactions•Anxiety and depression•Artherosclerosis•Cancer•Chronic fatigue syndrome•Constipation and indigestion•Fatigue and tiredness•Female and male infertility•Headaches and migraines•Immune system impairment•Inflammation and puffiness•Insomnia and sleeplessness•Irritable bowel syndrome•Joint and muscle stiffness and pain•Kidney dysfunction•Learning disorders, memory loss•Multiple chemical sensitivity•Over-weight and obesity•Parkinson’s disease•Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne•Susceptibility to cold, flu, infection, injuryMore >>
  6. 6. Benefits of the Natural Detox RetreatLearning how the body´s detoxification processesare of critical importance to wellness for a long lifeof joy and vitality.Experiencing and enjoying the detoxificationbenefits of nine Natural Wellness Therapies.Gently, effectively and safely detoxifying your bodyof accumulated toxins.Losing some of any excess weight.Acquiring "take-home" knowledge and tools tomake positive changes to protect against exposureto toxins and to implement the four keys tosustaining excellent health - a healthy diet,regular physical exercise, a healthy lifestyle,having healthy relationships.Having plenty of "me" time, time to do whateverbrings calm to your mind, relaxation to your bodyand joy to your heart, for this too is therapeutic!More >>
  7. 7. Health Retreat : ambrosia therapy : breath therapy : elixir therapy : meditation therapy : Personal Wellness Consultations Premchit offers pre-retreat personal wellness consultation with recommendations to enable you to maximize the benefits of your Natural Detox Retreat. Premchit’s comprehensive wellness support continues during, and also after your Natural Detox Retreat, with consultations, recommendations and home- care Ambrosias and Elixirs, to enable you to achieve optimal wellness every day of the year. More >>
  8. 8. Health Retreat : movement therapy : music therapy : scent therapy : spa treatment therapy :On-Site Retreat LeaderPremchit’s on-site RetreatLeader will guide you throughyour Natural Detox Retreat,including your private andgroup Guided TherapySessions, to learn andpractice: •Natural Breath Therapy •Natural Meditation Therapy •Natural Movement Therapy
  9. 9. Guest Retreat BoxesPremchit’s Retreat Leader willintroduce your Natural DetoxRetreat and present your threedistinctive Guest Retreat Boxes,each hand-crafted from exquisiteThai silk and designed to take homeafterwards as luxurious home décorpieces:•Retreat Guide Box: with a RetreatSchedule, Therapy Cards anddeluxe Retreat Guidebook to guideyou through your Natural DetoxRetreat, and the rest of your life!•Retreat Room Box: of accessories,Ambrosias and Elixirs for therapyperformed in your room and aroundthe resort.•Retreat Spa Box: of accessories andElixirs for your Treatment Therapyin the spa.More >>
  10. 10. Natural Ambrosia TherapyDiscover and enjoy thedelicious tastes andtherapeutic benefits of slowwhole real natural cuisine,including fresh naturalwellness Shots, Juices andTisanes, specially created byPremchit to enhance theenjoyment and theeffectiveness of your NaturalDetox Retreat.More >> More >>
  11. 11. Health Retreat : EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT : Journeys in retreat to wellness : Thailand life changing experience Natural Breath Therapy Understand good and bad breathing habits, optimal breathing, breathing with mindfulness. Learn and practice simple effective breathing exercises to facilitate digestion, metabolism, detoxification, excretion and overall wellbeing. More >>
  12. 12. Natural Elixir TherapyAppreciate the science ofaromatherapy and naturestherapeutic treasures.Experience a range ofluxurious 100%natural/organic Elixirsspecially created by Premchitto facilitate your NaturalDetox Retreat, including: •PURIFICATION Body Elixirs •NOURISHMENT Body Elixirs •REJUVENATION Facial Elixirs •SCENT Elixirs •CLEANSING Elixirs •EYE Elixir.More >> More >>
  13. 13. Health Retreat : Paresa Resort : Phuket Thailand : Luxury boutique resort and spa Natural Meditation Therapy Explore silence and stillness, the 101 benefits of meditation, the mystery of the auspicious rudraksha mala, how to sit and breathe during meditation. Learn and practice easy simple meditation techniques, whilst listening to sublime bamboo flute music as you meditate, all to assist your Natural Detox Retreat experience. More >>
  14. 14. Health Retreat : meditation retreat phuket : spa retreat phuket : yoga retreat phuket Natural Movement Therapy Read about movement through time across cultures, therapy through movement, as well as movement for detoxification and music for movement. Learn and practice simple movement poses designed to improve your digestion, enhance your detoxification processes and strengthen your immune system. More >>
  15. 15. Health Retreat : EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT : Best Destination Spa : Best Detox Retreat : Natural therapiesNatural Music TherapyRealize the healing effects ofmusic, music therapy throughtime across cultures, musicbeneficial for detoxification.Enjoy the melodic sounds of andbenefit from the therapeuticqualities of music speciallyselected by Premchit to enhanceyour relaxation and improve yourfood digestion, blood circulation,immune system function andboost your detoxification andelimination processes.More >>
  16. 16. Health Retreat : EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT : Wellbeing and rejuvenation at a luxury spa in Thailand Natural Scent Therapy Sniff out the body-mind- spirit scent connection, the science of scent, the sources of scent, the properties of scent, the history of scent. Enjoy the aromas and benefits of the Aromatherapy properties of 100% natural/organic scents specifically created by Premchit to enhance the effectiveness of your Meditation Therapy and Movement Therapy, as well as helping you have a good sleep every night during your Natural Detox Retreat. More >>
  17. 17. Health Retreat : Thailand health : health retreats and health holidays : island retreat :Natural Treatment TherapyExperience different types ofspa Treatment Therapy andluxuriate for 3½ hours in thespa, every day, enjoying arange of wonderful effectiveTreatment Therapyprotocols, in combinationwith a range of 100%natural/organic ElixirTherapy products,specifically designed byPremchit for your delight andtherapeutic benefit inenhancing your NaturalDetox Retreat experience.More >> More >>
  18. 18. Health Retreat : Healthy cuisine : Detox retreat for optimal weight : Detox retreat in ThailandHeaven of all HeavensExtending outdramatically from thestunningly sculpturedcliff tops of Kamalaover-looking thespectacular azure bluewaters of the AndamanSea, Phuket, Thailand,surrounded by lushtropical forests andgardens, Paresaembraces the exclusivityof its naturalsurroundings to createan oasis of relaxingtranquility andunrivalled luxury, theperfect place toEXPERIENCE |PREMCHIT NaturalDetox Retreat.More >>
  19. 19. Health Retreat : Detox Thailand : Detox Phuket : Weight loss Thailand : Health vacations Phuket Suites and Villas Comprising 49 luxurious and elegantly appointed guest suites and villas, each offering uninterrupted 270° views across the Andaman Sea, Paresa’s accommodation reflects a newfound respect for the environment and nature, with modern open plan design spaces and natural finishes and furnishings, the most relaxing of places to stay for your Natural Detox Retreat. More >>
  20. 20. Health Retreat : EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT : Holistic natural therapy : health holiday : health vacation Wining and Dining Paresa offers distinctive and unsurpassed dining experiences in support of your Natural Ambrosia Therapy: •Diavolo - fresh modern and traditional Italian flavors. •Talung Thai - authentic Thai cuisine. •Infinity - amongst the stars above and the sparkling fiber optic pool below, on your own island in the middle of the Infinity Pool. More >>
  21. 21. Health Retreat : Phuket luxury hotels and beach resortsThe SpaThe Spa at Paresa offers aheavenly sanctuary foryour daily 3½ hours ofwonderful NaturalTreatment Therapy.Featuring five doubletreatments suites withbaths and steam showers,you may relax after yourNatural TreatmentTherapy on your privatebalcony overlooking theAndaman Sea.More >>
  22. 22. Health Retreat : EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT : Premchit Prateap Na Thalang To enable you to EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT Natural Detox Retreat I am delighted to gift you a complimentary PREMCHIT | PRESENT in conjunction with luxurious Paresa and my preferred airline partners. Option #1 - AIR TICKETS Present* Complimentary round-trip economy or business class Air Ticket(s) to Phuket, from: ASIA - Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Taipei AUSTRALIA - Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, SydneyEUROPE - Athens, Berlin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Zurich MIDDLE EAST - Tel Aviv UNITED STATES - Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco Option #2 - EXTRA NIGHTS Present* Complimentary Extra Nights, basis: 4-N/3-D Retreat = 1 Extra Night 15-N/7-D Retreat = 5 Extra Nights 8-N/7-D Retreat = 2 Extra Nights 22-N/7-D Retreat = 7 Extra Nights 11-N/7-D Retreat = 3 Extra Nights 29-N/10-D Retreat = 9 Extra Nights Option #3 - ROOM RATES Present* Complimentary 20% discount on all Room Rates. * As some terms, conditions and availability may apply, please email me your desired Present, departure city, preferred travel dates and reservation code, before making a reservation, and I shall be delighted to send you alldetails, advise availability of your Present and assist you in making your reservation. I look forward to gifting your PREMCHIT | PRESENT and supporting you as you journey in retreat to wellness … Premchit
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  26. 26. Health Retreat : EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT : Natural Wellness Retreat : Natural Detox Retreat Premchit Prateap Na Thalang Limited Creator Bangkok . Hong Kong Email: Telephone: +66-2260-2915 Facsimile: +66-2260-2916 Website: