Norma Ardila’s PR program 2012


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This is a summary of all Public Relations activities planned and executed on behalf of Discovery Networks by Norma Ardila in 2012.

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Norma Ardila’s PR program 2012

  2. 2. Conference Call for Sobreprotegidos Elenore Skenazy (Show Host) • Brazil – Zero Hora and Crescer Magazine • Chile – Diario Publimetro • Colombia – El Tiempo + El Pais • Mexico – Padres e Hijos Magazine and Reforma (Gente)
  3. 3. Zero Hora, Brazil Folha de Sao Paulo, Brazil
  4. 4. Reforma, Mexico
  5. 5. • Argentina – Terra & Yahoo sites • Brazil – Gloss Magazine • Chile – Las Ultimas Noticias • Colombia – El Pais • Mexico – Diario Inteligente Conference call for PRINCESS Gail Vaz-Oxlade (Show host, specialist)
  6. 6. Las Ultimas Noticias, Chile El Pais, Colombia
  7. 7. Revista Dinero Inteligente, Mexico
  8. 8. My Strange Addiction Las Ultimas Noticias, Chile El Espectador, Colombia
  9. 9. Coverage for TLC Conozca Mas, Mexico
  10. 10. Reforma, Mexico
  11. 11. “A Taste Off” Local Filming (Mexico and Brazil) On Location in Rio, May 31, 2012
  12. 12. On the set with Candice Olson, April 2012 Toronto, Canada El Tiempo, Colombia
  13. 13. Toronto, Canada. April 11, 2012 Buen Hogar (Mx) Entre Muros, Reforma (Mx) Oh-La-La (Arg) Morar Bem, O Globo (Br) Alo, El Tiempo (Colombia)
  14. 14. Morar Bem – O Globo, Brazil
  15. 15. Entre Muros supplement – Reforma, Mexico
  16. 16. Buen Hogar, Mexico Oh La La, Argentina
  17. 17. Revista Alo, Colombia
  18. 18. GUERRA DE LAS SUEGRAS – GINA SOLE El Pais, Colombia Folha de Sao Paulo, BrazilEl Universal , Mexico Sabado Show, Uruguay
  19. 19. VelozMente 2 Meet and greet for DLA/USH employees This event had a live stream on Facebook. A first for DKids!
  20. 20. Recording with Estudio Uno (New Doki songs) Estudio UNO, Med ellin, Colo mbia April-May 2012
  21. 21. El Tiempo El Pais This initiative garnered 23 high quality clips in Colombia, which include radio, print and open TV. Story got additional pick up in August, when the new Doki album was released.
  22. 22. Estudio Uno’s Daniel Escobar providing live interviews in Medellin.
  23. 23. CSR Launch in Colombia July 17 Diego Molano, ICBF director, Maria Clemencia Rodriguez de Santos, First Lady of Colombia and Angie Recio Sondon at the launch of Kids en Accion in Bogota on July 17.
  24. 24. El Espectador, Colombia
  25. 25. 2nd Doki Album
  26. 26. La Guarida Secreta – Celeb Guests Promoted special episodes of La Guarida Secreta which had local known personalities from Argentina and Mexico. El Norte, Mexico
  27. 27. Veloz Mente 2 Colombia- Mexico Publicity Tour
  28. 28. Pagina 12, ArgentinaEl Colombiano, Colombia Caras, ArgentinaMexico Mexico
  29. 29. Discovery Kids 2013 Calendar Calendar to be sent to press and clients to maintain Discovery Kids top of mind all year long in 2013. These will be sent as a Christmas gift.
  30. 30. 2012 LYFESTYLE PRESS JUNKET September 10 and 11, NYC 14 Journalists attended, 10 of which were from some of Latin America’s top media outlets: Mercurio (Chile), La Nacion (Argentina), El Espectador (Colombia) , Revista 15 minutos (Colombia), Claro TV (pan regional), Reforma (Mexico), El Universal (Mexico), Monet (Brazil), O Globo (Brazil).
  31. 31. 2012 LIFE STYLE PRESS JUNKET September 10 and 11 Two day junket where media was exposed to an unprecedented number of shows/talent than at any other lifestyle junket organized to date. Shows promoted: TLC premieres Next Great Baker, NY Ink and Swinger Wives and DHH’s hit series Say Yes to the Dress (Vestido de Novia). Present at the activity was Jon Sechrist, DNI VP and Executive producer, who has been in charge of productions featured on DHH and TLC in the past including Cake Boss and Sister Wives to name a few.
  32. 32. 2012 Lifestyle Press Junket September 10 and 11 The press and Randy Fenoli Meeting the cast of Swinger Wives Our press visits NY Ink, meets the cast Interacting with the Cake Boss
  33. 33. El Universal, Mexico Mercurio, Chile
  34. 34. Monet Magazine, Brazil
  35. 35. Reforma, Mexico El Espectador, Colom bia Mercurio, Chile
  36. 36. O Globo, Brazil Mercurio, Chile El Universal, MexicoEl Espectador, Colombia O Globo, Brazil
  37. 37. Beauty Month Coverage (October) La Prensa, Argentina El Espectador, Colombia La Nacion, Argen tina La Tercera, Chile Reforma, Mexico Clarin, Argentina
  38. 38. Claudia Bentacur Interviews (Beauty Month, October) Revista Infashion, Colombia Revista Fucsia, Colombia