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Positive and Negative Effects of Religion


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A document with a general answers to the effects of religion.

Published in: Education
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Positive and Negative Effects of Religion

  2. 2.  Charitable giving  Promote ethics in political life  Religion brings people together in a community Positive Effects  Religion is filling people with fear NEGATIVE EFFECTS  Religion is turning people against each other  Religions seek power Religion provides inner strength
  3. 3. POSITIVE EFFECTS  Charitable giving People are fairly good at making an effort to be casually kind to those who are in need. Many religions teaches the value of sharing in order to receive plentiful of blessings. Religion teachings emphasize the need for serving our fellow man.
  4. 4. Promote ethics in political life A high message of religion is that man is equal before God. This principle has inspired some religious reformers to campaign against injustice. For example, many of the opponents of slavery in the 19th century were motivated by a belief that racism and slavery were incompatible with religious teachings on the inherent divinity of all men.
  5. 5. Religion brings people together in a community It allows people to share a common goal of the religion and will make them feel united.
  6. 6. Religion provides inner strength Religious faith has often been a source of courageous action and can be a source of courage to fight oppression.
  7. 7.  Religion is filling people with fear by SOFO ARCHON The fear of hell is continuously in one’s mind, filling them with worry and anxiety, and this does not allow them to live spontaneously. As a result, most so-called religious people become neurotic and in some cases even schizophrenic.
  8. 8. To identify with a religious ideology, and call it the only truth and way, leads to tremendously negative consequences – hatred, racism, and all kinds of violence. Just think of how many wars have been carried out throughout history in the name of God and religion.
  9. 9. Religions are man-made institutions, just like for-profit corporations are. And like any corporation, to survive and grow a religion must find a way to build power and wealth and compete for market share
  10. 10. Conclusion Finally, with an understanding of the positive and negative effects of religion, it is easier to realize why religion stands out throughout all history as an undeniable power and force. It is also now possible to see how religion has had a great influence on everything from government to social order and family relationships.