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Household investigation result

Musha sector

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Household investigation result

  1. 1. Toilet without a roof and dangerous pit Toilet was broken by strong wind. Roof was broken by strong wind. Some houses are easy to broken and hard to live comfortably.
  2. 2. Average amount of water use is very little. 12L 220L Musha, per person in a day(n=104) 5.4%
  3. 3. 0~19,999 11% 20,000~29 ,999 59% 30,000~39 ,999 17% 40,000~ 13% Average family income =27,785RWF This is not enough for healthy life. RWF, n=84
  4. 4. Improved spring water 62% Public water tap 20% Public water tap & improved spring water 8% Water tap in the house 9% Water tap in the house & Public water tap 1% Many people are still using improved spring water n=126
  5. 5. Farming 88% Mining 4% Service 3% shop 2% jobless 2% others 1% Most people are farmers. The other jobs should be promoted. n=126
  6. 6. once 89% twice 11% Many people eat only once in a day. n=82