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SMART Norfolk Introduction, Context & Welcome


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presentation delivered at SMART event
please note this presentation was delivered as speaker support material and is intended for reference by attendees not for use as a stand-alone resource

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SMART Norfolk Introduction, Context & Welcome

  1. 1. Supporting Communities … Rural Advocacy… Developing Solutions 1st March 2012 South Green, Mattishall
  2. 2. Norfolk RCCSupporting CommunitiesRural AdvocacyDeveloping SolutionsToday is about all three…
  3. 3. Thinking… Fuel• Bulk Oil buying Level of 2010 2011• Community based savings• If you order 2,000 litres a year in Average 8% 11% average you would have saved £120 Lowest 4% 7% Highest 16% 16%
  4. 4. Overview of SMART• EU Grundtvig project• Learning Project• Netherlands, Iceland, Portugal• Amazing the similarities in rural issues• Looking at how rural communities can become more sustainable
  5. 5. • Sustainability is more than one thing• Egan wheel• Going beyond excellent individual projects to a holistic approach
  6. 6. A more local context• Communities want to do more things – 96% wanted to live in a vibrant community• The public sector is asking for more from communities
  7. 7. A more local context• Challenge of volunteering/involvement – Issue for 70-80%• Challenge of community activity – 54% said they did live in a vibrant community – Majority who didn’t saw no likely change• Challenge of multiple needs• Challenge of a back-drop of cuts
  8. 8. A more local context• Need to leave no community or person behind• Need to deal with messiness & completeness• Need for support broad and specialist• Need for adult conversations
  9. 9. • So.. How do we build SMART communities and kick start community activity?• Learn from each other• Reflect on what works well and what doesn’t• Look at new ideas• Get support from others along the way
  10. 10. Supporting Communities … Rural Advocacy… Developing Solutions 1st March 2012 South Green, Mattishall