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The adult educator in co-created and facilitated learning processes


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Presentation by Dorthea Funder Kaas at the NVL conference on professional development of teachers, Lund, Sweden September 2017

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The adult educator in co-created and facilitated learning processes

  1. 1. The adult educator in co-created and facilitated learning processes Adult educator and innovation Workshop 5, Lund september 27 -28 2017
  2. 2. Our workshop today Welcome and a short presentation by Dorthea Funder Kaas, assistant professor at University College Capital, Bornholm, Denmark Presentation by Latifa Guennon, integration assistent, Kompetenscentrum Gotland Presentation by Larissa Jögi, Tallin University Discussions based on the inspirational presentations and inputs from workshop participants An invitation from Dorthea to share a critical incident: What do you take with you from today’s workshop?
  3. 3. Short on the Transformative Learning Circle: Integration af nyanländara (newcomers) Participants from Bornholm and Gotland – two communities with some of the same geografical and demografical terms Both Bornholm and Gotland have recieved quite a few newcomers from The Middle East and Africa over the past years Opportunity for learning, developing and transforming practises and integration processes Opportunity for fundamental changes and/or realizations in identity through critical reflection, dialogue and paying attention to context
  4. 4. Our common vision/view Integration starts (and ends) with meetings between people based on values Equality Curiosity Security Trust Dialogue – also in multilingual settings Open mindset …
  5. 5. Facilitating Learning Circle – relations as one out of many important dimensions and responsibilities Creating and maintaining authentic, commiting relations in the group Meetings in the circle mirror our vision and view on integration = close to practice (‘praksisnær’) Changes in identity involve both regressive and progressive processes  demand a supportive and secure atmosphere in the circle
  6. 6. ”Why don’t you just do it? I believe you can!”
  7. 7. Critical incident / afgørende begivenhed Part of the TLC evaluation design Described as an incidence pertaining to personal or organizational transformation Described as an incidence that has had a decisive impact on a transformative process or itself has embodied a transformative event Gives concrete expressions to the different work practices from which we in our circle derived and constructed what learning or even transformation that took place – personal and/or organizational. A complex process – we used tools like metaphors, pictures, collective written brainstorms, story telling etc.
  8. 8. How can we transform this ws into a ‘critical incident’? Please write a note-to-self on your puzzle piece: What do you take with you from this conference and workshop, that you can use in your daily work with adult education? How can that specific learning be part of a co-creative or collaborative process you take part in right now? Please share with the person next to you 