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Teacher networks in non-formal adult education in Denmark


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Presentation på Tine Sahlgren, FOF, in Lund, September 2017

Published in: Education
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Teacher networks in non-formal adult education in Denmark

  1. 1. Teacher networks
  2. 2. National activities Regional/local activities Inspirational forum Courses for teachers Teacher networks
  3. 3. Indlæser…
  4. 4. Objective and vision for teacher networks - To meet a wish for a ‘teachers room’ - Knowledge sharing across FOF-associations - To strengthen teachers’ connection with FOF - New ideas for course and combinations - Recruitment of new teachers
  5. 5. Indlæser… An example Language teacher network: - A devotee among the language teachers takes on the role of a leader (paid) and forms a professional focus for the network - 7 language teachers meet (participation is free of charge) - First time: - The network explores needs and wishes - Shares ideas and inspiration - Date and format for the following meetings in the network - The group discusses: Pedagogical methods, communication, shares ideas for courses and activities, tests exercises etc.
  6. 6. Which devotees do you find among your teachers?
  7. 7. Regional networks
  8. 8. Which experiences do we have now? Major interest from engaged teachers Participants discuss their subject, the promotion and the communication of their courses Participants share ideas for exercises, new formations of teams, practice etc. The teachers show enthusiasm and willingness to form networks Teachers show interest in meeting FOF colleagues outside the local area Express wishes and ideas for teacher courses Challenge with getting into contact with the teachers
  9. 9. Goals for teacher networks - 10 initiated networks ultimo 2013 - Test different types of teacher networks, e.g.: - For language teachers - For cooking teachers - For workshop teachers - For music teachers - Network for pedagogy in special needs - Pedagogical network for new FOF teachers - Teachers who work with sustainable material - Teachers with focus on creative communication - And …?
  10. 10. The secretariat is in charge of - To find the devotee in collaboration with you - To form the network and its framework in collaboration with the teacher - To reward the teacher who is in charge of the network - Bear all expenses (transportation excluded) - Invite participants from other FOF associations - Receive sign ups, communication etc. - Meals for participants