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Step forward into growth


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A Nordplus Adult project, presented by Galina Kushanova at the NVL conference on competence development for teachers in Lund, September 2017.

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Step forward into growth

  1. 1. Step forward into growth Nordplus Adult Project 2016 - 2018 Galina Kushanova Vestifex Koolitus Estonia
  2. 2. In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth, or to step back into safety. Abraham Maslow
  3. 3. Partnership • • Adult learning centre Vestifex Ligatne Municipality Vilnius Adult Education Centre
  4. 4. Project aim • support self-directed learning in the workplace in order to increase opportunities for developing transversal skills and employability
  5. 5. Andragogical model Andragogical model emphasizes process, not content of learning. In this model, the facilitator, sets a climate for learning that physically and psychologically respects adult learners and then involves the learners in the planning, delivery and evaluation of their own learning.
  6. 6. Principals of adult learning • Self-concept • Relevance • Experience • Readiness to learn • Practice • Involvement • Orientation to learning • Multisensory learning
  7. 7. Self-directed learning • climate setting (creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and support, non-formal environment) • identifying learning needs • formulating learning goals • identifying relevant material and human resources • choosing and implementing appropriate learning strategies and activities (collaboration, mentorship, study groups, field trips etc.) • reflecting on the progress and evaluating learning outcomes
  8. 8. Question • How both employees and employers can benefit from application and promotion of self-directed learning in the workplace?